Crime in Johor Has Affected Tourism

Well, DUH!

Although most of the crime happens in Johor Bahru city and surrounding suburbs and roads, and there isn’t really anything for tourists to see or do in JB itself anyway.

But all of us know where the Johor government’s priorities lie – making money off visitors, saving face with visitors, staying in power and comfort.

Crime in Johor has affected tourism – SO much worser and horrible-er than schoolgirls getting raped  and everyone else getting murdered.

There’s this Visit Malaysia Year 2003 signboard near the traffic lights with the catchphrase: “Johor – Keseronokan tak terhingga-hingga!” (Johor – Endless enjoyment) or something to that effect. Johor having nothing much to do at all, I wondered what keseronokans the sign refers to.

Of course. The lackdaisal attitude of the police and the selfish priorities of the government mean that for the criminals, it truly is Keseronokan Tak Terhingga-hingga. Especially the rides featuring defenceless women.

Still, I bet if a Caucasian lady got gang raped by the usual JB wolves, the problem would be cracked down on much sooner than ‘just’ another Chinese girl getting attacked.


From The Star 21 June 2007:

Crime in Johor has affected tourism

MUAR: Issues related with the spate of crimes and the people’s protests reported in and around Johor Baru have some adverse effects on the states’s tourism industry. 

Deputy Tourism Minister Datuk Donald Lim said although the ministry had yet to gauge the damage, the issues had to some extent affected the tourism sector. 

Speaking to reporters here he said the ministry welcomed the decision by the Cabinet on Wednesday for Johor to have additional policemen to curb crime more effectively. 

“We are concerned over the several crime incidents, especially of rob-and-rape in Johor Baru, and hope efforts will be taken to curb them. 

“We also hope the people will be more alert and try to protect themselves from any such incident,” he said before opening the Muar MCA division meeting on Wednesday. 

Lim said besides, they should also act fast in alerting the police if they happened to spot criminal activities in the areas, adding that, everyone should be committed in curbing crime. 

He said the people should also know the police hotline numbers besides the Emergency Line 999, or call the nearest police station for speedy action. 

Lim also urged Malaysians, especially those in the tourism frontlines such as immigration officers, taxi drivers, traders, and hoteliers, to be courteous and friendly to all tourists. 

He said compared to the Thais, who always treated tourists with smiles and courtesy, Malaysians were still lacking and he hoped Malaysians would be courteous and smile. 

He said the ministry had launched related programmes to educate those in the frontlines on the proper ways to treat foreign tourists, including teaching them the English Language. 

“We have also adopted the slogan ‘Malaysia Welcomes The World’ last year and provided the necessary courses to some 20,000 front liners, including taxi drivers. 

“It is up to them to apply what they have learned when they meet with foreign tourists but we hope they will be friendly and put on their smiles,” he said. 

“It is important for the tourists to see our good sides and they will spread the good word, that Malaysians are friendly and always willing to help to others, in their countries,” he added.  

One Response to “Crime in Johor Has Affected Tourism”

  1. SF Says:


    endless fun,
    loot, rape and run.

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