Submachine Gun Cops to Do Rounds

It almost makes one hopeful that things will really change for the better here in JB. The cynical pessimistic pragmatic realist in me says, the criminals will just lie low until the enthusiasm of the police wanes again.

And if the Rambo cops turn out to be only effective during the day, well, the Government might as well hire me to walk around town with a broom hande – ‘cos I’d have the same effect on the crimes which take place mostly during dark!

On the other hand, the Personal Murphy’s Lawyer in me says that Johor will become liveably safe just around the time I move out of here.


From The Star 22 June 2007:

Show of force in JB

JOHOR BARU: Policemen will be out in strength on the streets of this city, making themselves highly visible to keep crime down. 

Starting tomorrow, more than 300 policemen will take over the policing of crime-prone areas in the district. 

A total of 160 General Operations Force (GOF) personnel will join the 150 men from the Federal Reserve Unit (FRU), who have already started their tour of duty in the city. 

Dressed in general duty uniform (navy blue), the GOF men will go on crime-prevention rounds in teams of three armed with submachine guns, and also help in the manning of roadblocks. 

GOF Fifth Battalion operations officer ASP Wan Tien Kwang (right) briefing his men at their base in Simpang Renggam, Johor. More than 300 policemen will take over the policing of crime-prone areas in Johor Baru district from Saturday. — ABDUL RAHMAN EMBONG / The Star

State police chief Deputy Comm Datuk Hussin Ismail said the number of patrol cars on the roads has also been increased by more than a third – to 93 from the previous 68.  

The additional cars are already patrolling in the Johor Baru (North) and Johor Baru (South) districts. 

DCP Hussin said the 160 GOF personnel would set up two district police headquarters in Nusajaya and Seri Alam, which would temporarily be housed in shoplots. 

“The 300-plus men (from GOF and FRU) will be divided between Nusajaya and Seri Alam.  

Armoury personnel L/Korp Yusop Salleh handing out arms to his colleagues from the GOF’s Fifth Battalion at their base in Simpang Renggam, Johor, Thursday.

“For example, under Seri Alam, there will be a total of 11 police stations. Four are already operational while another four will be opened soon. The extra men will be based at these stations,” he said. 

DCP Hussin added that the GOF personnel would serve in the city until the end of the year, when a fresh batch of police trainees would have finished their training. 

“There are currently 400 in training, who will graduate by the end of the year. But I cannot wait, and the IGP (Inspector-General of Police Tan Sri Musa Hassan) has agreed to source personnel from the GOF as an interim measure,” he added. 

GOF Fifth Battalion commanding officer Supt Md Rusli Mat Junus said his men would start work in Johor Baru tomorrow evening. 

“We will be helping out with crime prevention, including patrolling and helping out with roadblocks. My men will be armed, and they will patrol GOF style, in teams of three. 

“It will be up to the OCPDs (of Johor Baru North and Johor Baru South) to decide which areas to deploy my men,” he added.  


From The Star 22 June 2007:

JB residents glad to have more cops in their area

JOHOR BARU: His house has been broken into twice and even his 11-year-old son had been held up when robbers raided his tuition teacher’s house. 

So when businessman Teh Kee Sin heard about the Cabinet’s directive to increase policemen in the city, he breathed a sigh of relief. 

“They should send out the army too,” he said. 

Teh said many residents were living in fear, as anyone could be the next victim of crime. 

“It is very worrying. It makes us very fearful. Even to go to the car porch, my son carries an umbrella or a golf club. He was traumatised after the robbery last year. I am sure other crime victims are, too,” he said.  

Teh, who is also the Southern Johor Small and Medium Industries Association president, said potential investors were sceptical about venturing into Johor Baru due to its reputation as a hotspot for crime. 

“Businessmen, especially those from Singapore and abroad, tell me that unless we solve the crime issue they are not too keen on investing here,” he said. 

Some resident associations have resorted to hiring guards to protect their homes. In Serene Park, six guards patrol the neighbourhood on motorcycles from 9pm daily. 

Serene Park Neighbourhood Watch committee chairman Raymond Koh said it was impossible to expect the police to watch over every area in the city 24 hours a day. 

“We have had very good success in keeping crime in check through our patrols. If our guards see any suspicious characters, they do not confront them, but alert the police immediately,” he said, adding that the police always responded quickly. 

“The system works for us and is worth the money spent,” he said.

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