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Magikarp Splash Attack

June 29, 07

A totally hilarious – in a lame-o kind of way – animation found at Newgrounds here. Contains mild expletives.


                                         EPIC BATTLE!!


                                I choose you – Magikarp!


                                 Magikarp, use Splash Attack!


                     Magikarp, hit him with a Splash Attack!

The flash animation consists of several segments strung together at random. After a while, you’re gonna see some repeats. But how many different segments are there?

If you’re not a Pokemon fan, you should still find the video funny in an idiotic way. But if you’ve ever played Pokemon much, you’ll likely have gotten your very own Magikarp and quickly discovered how utterly useless it is.

To put it bluntly, the only ability it starts with is Splash Attack which does… Nothing. Really, it doesn’t do anything – no damage, no effects. Oh, well. At least the dumb fish eventually evolves into the powerful Gyarados

In the anime too, Magikarp is a real dog. Can’t fight, can’t save you from drowning, can’t even swim! And in the Japanese anime it has a sound like a cross between gulping air and choking as it flops uselessly on its side, exactly like the googley-eyed fish on dry land it is. Ironically, it still makes the same can’t-breathe sound even while sinking into water.

You can see the moronic fish hear the English dubbed voice on youtube , which is suitably lame like the Magikarp it is, but not quite the same.



Lolcats is teh WordPress Top Blog

June 29, 07


Consistently among the top blogs of WordPress, I wondered what I Can Has Cheezburger? is all about and why it’s so popular. All the pics is from theres.


Cute things with silly, childish, cats-ish netspeek captions is why. With lots of Lolcat lollollollollolz. Read the References at bottom of the Wikipedia article to be more informdeded.


Cats is cute and teh sillierz! See my previous post at here too. Or if you just wants the cute kittenzr, go to Random Kitten Generator. Yayz!



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