Ground Based Temperature Recording Stations: Stupid Locations For Measuring Global Warming

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These pics from really struck me with the absurd selective blindness of global warming researchers. It shows the location of ground-based temperature sensors whose recordings are currently used as ‘proof’ that global temperatures have been rising.

The urban heat island effect is often cited as one reason ground-based temperature readings are higher than atmospheric readings taken by sattelites (see point 4 of my post on that).

Basically, the heat generated by cities full of vehicles, people, steel, glass and concrete cause cities to be much warmer than other areas.

Global warming skeptics contend that most of the ‘global warming’ detected by ground-based temperature recording stations are located very near (or inside!) cities, thus skewing the data.

Global warming supporters say that the urban heat island effect has been accounted for in the interpreted data. The skeptics counter that the effect has not been adequately accounted for.

The gist of it: Skeptics feel that global temperatures have NOT been rising nearly as much as the alarmists claim. The perceived and much-touted data showing tempeature increase is mostly due to inaccurate data from badly-placed recording stations.

Take a look for yourself at a small selection of sensor locations from the page and tell me if the stations are badly placed in utterly idiotic (or intentionally biased to get high temperature readings) areas.

Explanation follow pix:




Apparently the firefighters use that BBQ can 3 times a week. Wonder if that (or the concrete or steel tower or air-con vents) has ANY effect on the temperature readings?


Close to an air-con vent and VERY close to a steel chain-link fence. Quiz for you: What happens to the temperature sensor when it’s a hot day and the house owner switches the air-con on while the fence absorbs and radiates heat from the sunlight?


Out in the middle of bare ground, a few feet away air-conditioning vents, where planes land after running their engiens for hours. Does this location skew the temperature readings AT ALL?


No? Then how about close-up of the same box, showing a non-fluorescent light bulb located inside the temperature reading station shelter itself? After all, everyone knows that light bulbs switched on for hours do NOT get hot enough to burn your hand.


Coyote Blog’s post also has the accompanying temperature measurement graph…


Which shows a sudden, inexplicable spike. Just around the time the air-con unit was installed! MUST be coincidence, because global warming is DEFINATELEY PROVARN AND REEL, right?

Just like in this case where:


Temperature graph shows a sudden spike in 2000…


Which just happens to be, pure coincidence, cannot possibly affect the data, the time when the temperature sensor was shifted to a totally inappropriate urban site contaminated with hot asphalt, car radiators, nearby buildings, air conditioning exhaust, etc.


ADOI… Sitting right next to a barrel used to burn trash. Burn = fire = heat = higher temperature recordings, yes no?


Oh look… I don’t suppose that being surrounded by hot aphsalt and brick walls – that reflect sunlight and heat at the sensor – would in any way affect the temperature data? But wait! Look what’s on the other side…


Why, it’s the good old, heat spewing, data distorting air-conditioner exhaust vents. Huge ones at that! If you doubt that these vents can really affect the temperature recordings, just stand in front of one for five minutes and tell me if you change your mind.

Heck, why don’t they just set up stations next to active volcanoes or the open wood fires at Kenny Rogers restaurants? Heck, why not set up stations in Heck? That should gatehr some really convincing alarmist data to jolt the masses into acknowledging global warming!


Seriously folks, even I in my thesis – with my lazy disposition, lack of interest and disregard for the proper procedure of sitting on my butt looking at bugs every day – never ran an experiment as uncaringly or ineptly as the researchers monitoring those temperature sensors.

Just listen to what the IPCC says: Urban heat island effects are real but local, and have a negligible influence (less than 0.006°C per decade over land and zero over the oceans) on these values.

So concrete hot enough to fry eggs on, raw steel, hot-air spweing air conditioners and point-blank filament bulbs have a negligible influence on temperature reading values, eh?

If you still aren’t convinced that the surroundings affect the data, then take a look at this posting that compares two sites – one pictured above that has rising temperature records, and another one which has FALLING temperature records.

Does any ‘scientific’ body give a care about the falling temperature graph? About any of this invalidated data? Not the IPCC, that’s for sure! Why include information that runs contrary to your pre-formed conclusions? All that will do is foster rational debate, and the IPCC don’t want none of that shikes. It might lessen their funding and paycheques! Horrors!

Temperature recording stations – as ineptly planned, shoddily executed and downright falsified as most of the rest of global warming pseudo-science.

See also this post for more ranting against the moron machine.

See also NASA rocked by global warming rebellion – Fifty top astronauts, scientists and engineers at NASA have signed a letter asking the agency to cease its global warming buffoonery.

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15 Responses to “Ground Based Temperature Recording Stations: Stupid Locations For Measuring Global Warming”

  1. Sofia Says:

    tell me about it, hahaha

  2. Global warming scam? - Page 13 - Debate Politics Forums Says:

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  3. Paul Zannucci Says:

    This is fantastic. I’m going to use this in a future post on the subject. I’ve been working through figures all day on global warming and have noticed something extraordinarily strange beyond, as you have shown, the locations of some of these weather stations.

    I’ll throw up a link, if you don’t mind, once I’m done and link back to here. My site is here: Annuit Coeptis

  4. Scott Thong Says:

    Right on! If the MSM would start being objective for once in their existence and show these stations on prime time, global warming sheepness would fall another 10%.

  5. Pat Kean Says:

    AP released a story today citing ground based data points to prove claims of global cooling since 1998 are false. It was notable the story claimed Satellite data does not synchronize with ground based. It also didn’t account for upgrade of dozens Russian sites after 1992 removing unreliable Soviet era thermometers for more accurate western ones. Many ex Soviet stations spiked upwards during this period. Thousands of sensors around the planet have been upgraded over the last decade. Far as I can tell changed accuracy was not factored into global warming data points.

    You missed locations outside Vegas another in Chicago. AP issued a satellite photo of the site to dismiss claims ground based sensors are affected by urban heating. The photo showed the site at a Fire Station was far away from any urban buildup. In Chicago AP showed the location of its sensor on a farm.

    In Chicago the farm was sold, commercial buildings added, paving, and an AC unit was positioned ten feet away.
    Near Vegas the station paved its parking lot a few years ago right up to the edge of the sensor’s location.
    Temperature data for these sensors were not broken down before and after paving took place. These data points show up in the AP story background info.

    That said, some warming is taking place. One must also be aware 1690 and 1875 were the coolest years going back to about 3000 BC. At this time global temps are 1.6 Degrees F lower than the time JC was alive. (Maybe God did respond to Rome’s role in his crucification for severe cooling followed possibly helping along its collapse) Joke. It warmed again before starting to cool around time of Columbus. Dozens of studies show current rate of warming is occurring at the same pace as it did coming out of two other cooling periods during this interglacial period. Notable civilization has responded well to a 20 inch rise of sea level since 1690. (British Royal Navy data) At current sea level rise according to NOAA we have about 200 years for it to rise that much again. Carbon Dioxide increase by 100 PPM is also spurring plant growth,around 16% of increased food production since the industrial age began is linked to this.

    Cost benefit analysis has never been done. Why? Most proponents of global warming hysteria are socialists, or even communists who have taken up this issue in order to continue the revolution by other means. Reasoning people don’t support socialism, they do not want that to factor into their plans…

  6. Scott Thong Says:

    Right on – as they say, many Green movements are ‘watermelons’ – they look green and enviro-friendly on the outside, but they’re actually communist red on the inside.

  7. Just Politics..? » Dishonesty Regarding the Associated Press’ Seth Borenstein’s Global Warming Headline Says:

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  8. Kris Chiron Says:

    Every poor fool who has ever listened to the claims of Al Gore and his acolytes should be forced to read this ten times. (It would take that many repetitions for the meaning to sink in.) Al Gore’s Oscar and Nobel Prize should be revoked and the Nobel Prize Committee who gave it to him should be flogged. The Committee who gave Al Gore the Oscar should be force fed raw onions for 2 weeks. Any member of Congress and the Senate who has ever voted to fund anything related to global warming initiatives should be forced to engage in a menage a trois with Barbara Mikulski and Harry Reid and Barney Frank should serve as water boy. GLOBAL WARMING IS AND HAS ALWAYS BEEN A HOAX! Al Gore is a CROOK (just like his father whose grave was dug with a cork screw). Mr. -0bama’s Cap & Trade bill is no more than a ruse to confiscate more tax money from US citizens and to bring the US down to the level of third-world nations. WAKE UP AMERICA!

  9. Airman Says:

    Hey Chiron,

    One other thing: Everyone who agrees with you should write to their Congressmen and Senators to let them know we know WE know, and if they don’t straighten their act out and vote against Cap & Tax, we’ll vote their butts out of office.

    Same thing applies to Obamacare


  10. Suddenly Finds Out: ”global warming data skewed by heat [from technology]” « Knight's Christian Commentaries and Worldwide News Says:

    […] info is over 2 years old, and yet Telegraph, who has pushed the global warming nonsense, and still does, acts like this is […]

  11. tower 200 Says:

    Can I order more then one at a time?

  12. Dishonesty Regarding the Associated Press’ Seth Borenstein’s Global Warming Headline | Capitol Commentary Says:

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  13. Steve Slawson Says:

    How did you find these locations and data? Do you have a listing of the measuring stations? I have always wondered if there are not more southern sites now than there were say 60 years ago, before A/C was available, thus skewing the data. But not sure where to go to find out if the number of sampling spots haven’t also crept south with population growth?

  14. Frank Antonowitz Says:

    May I suggest that you run a Spell Checker over all your writings . . . It would help your credibility greatly . . .
    Right now it looks like you could simply be a disgruntled teenager trying to make a point.
    I’ve known about these badly placed sensors since the beginning of the Global Warming Movement so I’m always looking for good solid evidence against Global Warming ( NOTE: Not using Climate Change as that’s just falling into “Their Verbal Trap” ).
    Your info would be good except it is poorly written.

    Thank you for your effort to put all this together.

  15. Scotttcast Says:

    Thanks for the feedback! I did this post more than 10 years ago, at a time when my output was too prodigious to proof and edit everything.

    Now that I’ve mostly shifted to it has only gotten worse, since there is no Edit Tweet button.

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