Top Posts Since I Started Blogging (And How to View It In Wordpress)

Below are the hits for the top 20 most popular posts on my blog for its entire existence.


As you can see, my ever-popular post WRYYYYYY!!! Dio Brando The World far outstrips any other, with almost double the hits of the runner-up!

My brag-adelic recounting of my best Magic: The Gathering days is at number two, and my source for One Piece manga at number three.

At third is the controversial Datuk Azhar Mansor, probably higher still because of the inclusion of the tiltillating word hot thongs.

My very early posts on Russell Crowe in South Park and Tom & Jerry have always been popular search engine fodder.

But glad to see that after another Azhar Mansor post, at number 7 is a relatively young post featuring cartoons mocking global warming mindless fearmongering. Yay! Take that, Gore and IPCC truth-manipulators!

And rounding up the ten most popular are my post on the horrific rape case that awakened Malaysia to Johor’s terrible crime rate and my mum’s very helpful advice on how to stop chilli burning your skin.

For any of the rest, you can find and view them by using the Search function at the right side of the main page.



To view the Top Posts for your blog’s entire history, first get into the WordPress Dashboard. Click on the Blog Stats tab near the top.



Now click the Top Posts link, it should be under the graph.



Now click the link for 30 Days (you can use 7 Days too, but I’m using 30 Days for this example).



Go to the address bar near the top of the screen. See the number 30 near the end, that’s highlighted by my red box?



A close-up shot of it. Select that number.



Replace the number with any figure. 10000 works for me.



Press Enter/Return and walah! A summary of all my posts’ hits for the last 10000 days (or since the year 1980, which is before WordPress started).

4 Responses to “Top Posts Since I Started Blogging (And How to View It In Wordpress)”

  1. unitedcats Says:

    I didn’t know this, too cool for words, thanks.

  2. hsudarren Says:

    Thanks Scott. I oso did not know and have been trying hard to figure out how to view the entire history.

  3. hsudarren Says:

    Scott, I wonder if there is a way to view the blog stat graph for a longer period than 30 days? say, past 100 days graph? I am sure a lot of people using wordpress would be interested to know.

  4. Site news, earthquakes, omens, Mars, calicos, and other random weirdness « Doug’s Darkworld Says:

    […] than the life of your blog, enter, and voila…the all time most hit posts. A hat tip to Scott’s Blog for posting this […]

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