The Sun: Fuzzy Facts on the Climate

After a hiatus, due to there not being any articles in the papers about global warming (yech!) consensus, I’m back with another activist letter to inform the Malaysian public about the -!!!UNPROVEN!!!- status of anthropogenic global warming.


The letter in context, from Sun2surf’s online PDF version 9 August 2007:


My full letter (hurray for 1 gb storage space):


From The Sun Speak Up! 8 August 2007:

Fuzzy facts on the climate

Sometimes I wonder if I am wrong to be sceptical about global warming. After all, the majority seems to believe it’s happening. The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) claims concrete evidence of it. And the environmentalists tell me that sceptics are immoral for denying the “undeniable truth” while the world dies.
However, each time I start to feel that way, I learn something that vindicates my cautiousness and riles me up about the fanciful ride we are being taken on.

In the study of global warming, one method used to measure and record worldwide temperatures is the ground based climate record station. Each station is a small unit containing a sensor that automatically measures and records the daily temperature.

With many such stations spread across different locations, a worldwide temperature database can thus be compiled. This allows us to compare the global temperature over years and decades, and thus check for rising temperatures – that is, global warming.

However, many of these stations are located near rapidly urbanising areas. Thus their readings may be affected by the “urban heat island” effect – heat realeased and reflected by people, vehicles, industry, concrete, asphalt and glass windows.

Global warming sceptics claim that the convenient location of stations in and near cities has caused errors in the temperature records. The temperature in cities may be rising quickly, but that doesn’t mean that the average global temperature is rising as fast.

The IPCC contends that the urban heat island effect has been identified and accounted for in their reports on global warming.

The skeptics counter that the effect hasn’t been accounted for enough, and thus the average global temperature has not really risen as much as the IPCC claims.

Whatever the verdict on that, a quick browsing on and various blogs will turn up shocking photos of the actual climate record stations, revealing serious flaws in the very research methodology.

Stations are placed on low poles, surrounded on all sides by concrete structures, steel towers, brick walls, asphalt roads, sun-reflecting glass and bare tennis courts. Anyone can tell you that standing next to these things in daytime results in unbearably hot temperatures.

Some stations are located near parking lots, complete with bare tarmac and car radiators exuding heat. One even has a heat-emitting incandescent light bulb in the same shelter as the temperature sensor!

Many stations are mind-bogglingly located right next to air conditioning exhaust vents. As anyone who has passed behind office buildings will know, these vents continually blow out a stream of hot air.

One such station’s temperature record graph shows a sudden, disconnected jump of several degrees. What caused this alarming increase in temperature? Could it possibly be due to the air conditioning unit that was installed nearby at around that time?

There are even several stations located mere metres away from barrels used to burn trash and barbeque pits that are used three times a week. Take note everyone, charcoal-burning barbeques cause global warming! Utterly absurd!

Many of these stations had originally been placed in open spaces, but were not shifted when development came creeping along. We thus see a corresponding rise in recorded temperatures as the urban sprawl engulfed the area.

By contrast, stations in locations that were not subsequently urbanised show no great change in temperature. So what happened to the purported global warming, as opposed to merely localised warming?

Quite frankly, the location of climate record stations in these heat-rich places is careless, ignorant, apathetic, or even intentional and misinforming. The same can be said of the continued acceptance of the stations’ temperature data that is so greatly biased by their location.

And it gets worse. As if the addling of temperature measurements wasn’t bad enough, the scientists in charge of recording and interpeting the data take the liberty of “adjusting” the final result for their reports.

The United States Historical Climate Network reports that from 1940 to today, the average temperature in the US rose about 0.6¼C. It seems a stunning indictment of man’s contribution to global warming.

That it, until you take a closer look at how the researchers arrive at this figure. It turns out that they took the recorded average temperature rise of 0.1¼C and added 0.5¼C for “adjustments” and “corrections” from various “factors”.

Amazing! Not only is the actual recorded rise of 0.1¼C probably due to the urbanisation described above, the scientists see fit to arbitrarily increase the “real warming” by 500%! And what are the “factors” that they believe warrant such a large tweaking of the data? Of course, they do not say.

If such a simple, practical study can have the experiment so badly botched up and the data so blatantly skewed, what does it say of the reliability of other global warming studies such as using ice cores and tree rings to determine the concentration of atmospheric CO2 tens of thousands of years ago?

Unusual weather is being reported more and more often. But is it really due to global climate change? Has the world really heating up catastrophically over the century, or is today’s weather report merely a seasonal fluctuation?

When the truth is sacrificed for any cause, the integrity of that cause is compromised as well.
Scott Thong Yu Yuen
via e-mail


To see some of the disgustingly sloppy ‘science’ I mention in the letter, see my post Ground Based Temperature Recording Stations: Stupid Locations For Measuring Global Warming, where you can the abovementioned air-conditioner = sudden jump in temperature as below:




Restecp (sic) to Coyote Blog‘s most excellent research & reporting for the 0.5 degree temperature add-on. The link has graphs. Ooooo, graphs.

And of course, not to forget the main website

The version of my letter that appeard in the New Straits Time is found here.

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