Nahoul the Terror Bee Teaches Animal, Uh… Kindness

Well, it seems Nahoul the Hamas Bee has been busy since she took over for Farfour the Jihadi Mouse (who died at the hands of the infidel Jews a while back).

Taking a break from her usual teaching kindergarteners about violently subjugating the dhimmis, Nahoul was recently spotted ‘swinging cats by their tails’ and ‘throwing stones at lions’.

But everything’s all right. Those are probably Israeli cats and Zion-Lions, which makes it morally imperative that they be punished in the name of human rights and justice!

View the video I found out about at Sweetness & Light, with some screen shots below:


                            Clearly stated intention right here


           Cat-flail: weapon of choice for scourging Jewish prophets


           Oh, I’m so sorry poor kitty… It was all merely a mistake…


                                          FOOLED YA!!!!

Luckily, Nahoul’s head doesn’t seem to fit that wel on the acto… I mean, Nahoul must have a headache (the pingpong-sized brain bouncing around in that spacious skull). Otherwise, she’d have used both hands to wreak cat-astrophe on the poor kitties.

(I thought Muslims generally liked cats, and disliked dogs and pigs? What gives, insurgent bee?)

After practise time on the helpless kitties, it’s on to the big game.


                                   Take that, lions of Judah!


I’m a get-get-get you enraged, get you enraged while you stuck in da cage (to the tune of the Black Eyed Peas’ song My Humps)

And at the end of the sketch, the young hostess of the show wraps up by TELLING THE KIDDIES NOT TO DO THESE VERY THINGS. Uh-huh.

“Do as we say, not as we do.”

Seems that apart from ripping copyrights off Disney, Hamas is also ripping off the trademarked hypocrisy of nutty global warming holier-than-thouers.

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