Robbed, Hijacked and Saved by Johor Police

So the Johor criminals have merely been lying low all this while. They’re still as daring and inhumane as ever, only keeping their profile lower due to the increased police presence.

Two things must be said regarding the apprehension of one of the suspects: One, the stolen car had an anti-theft system that shut down the car in mid-chase.

Two, the robbery was interrupted by the arrival of a polcie patrol car. Whether the police patrol was doing the rounds or was specifically summoned, the report doesn’t say. But kudos to the police, who seem to be taking their responsibilities seriously (despite there still being a red-light catching team of several cops at the Taman Century traffic lights some nights).

So while the scum of Johor are still lurking under the rocks, waiting for their chance to strike, the police are waiting with their thick botos ready to stamp out the problem of crime once and for all. Kudos to the reinvigorated Johor police force!


From The Star 20 Aug 2007:

Robbed, taken on terror ride

JOHOR BARU: It was a terror-filled morning for a retiree and his family. He was abducted and assaulted by several men. And then the culprits raided his home and tied up his wife and two children. 

The robbers grabbed some money and jewellery and attempted to flee in the family car. 

But one of them was caught in a high-speed chase that followed, with the police firing several warning shots at the Proton Perdana.  

Another getaway car sped in a different direction, carrying Goo Tiam Chye, 69, in it. 

Injured: Goo being wheeled into the Sultanah Aminah Hospital yesterday.

He was later dumped at an undisclosed location.  

The drama unfolded when Goo left his house in Taman Skudai Baru at 6.15am yesterday to buy newspapers. 

Four men waylaid him and forced him into their car at knifepoint and demanded that he hand over the keys to his house.  

When he refused, they hit him. The victim, whose son Sin Kok is the Gelang Patah MCA public complaints bureau deputy chief, then surrendered the keys. 

The suspects drove him back to the house and while one of them held the victim in the car, three of them stormed into Goo’s house and tied up his wife, 60, and two of his children, both in their 20s. 

They ransacked the house and grabbed about RM3,000 worth of cash, jewellery and mobile phones. The suspects then demanded the key to a Proton Perdana and as two of the suspects tried to drive the car out, a police patrol car arrived.  

The four suspects, in two cars along with the retiree, sped off in different directions. 

A high-speed chase ensued but within minutes, the Perdana’s anti-theft security system kicked in and the car stalled by the roadside. 

Sin Kok said his father was injured on the leg and head and had been warded for observation. 

State CID chief Senior Asst Comm Roslan Ahmad confirmed the arrest of a man in his 30s.  

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