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Ratatouille Movie Review (No Spoilers)

August 21, 07


We just watched Ratatouille last night. It was great enjoyment, reminiscent of the great ages of Disney cartoons past (especially the little rats running around and working together to do things us big humans take for granted).

And yes, the star rat Rémy is cute! Little roedent paws.

I especially enjoyed the perspective, with the camera following the rat’s-eye-view around without making me dizzy. I remembered fondly the food, kitchen and waiting tables of Bagan. I really loved the music, IMHO the best in a Disney film for ages – orchestral, jazz, European, fusion, and absolutely NO R&B or hip hop!

And I was most touched by the scene of a diner taking a bite of food… And being transported back to when he was a child, upset over something unhappy… And momma fed him a delicious dinner. So touching!

It reminded me of my own mom, who cooks lovely and special meals for us. This review is for you, Mummy! I love you!

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