Super Mario 64 Speed Run

In an overdue continuation of my old post on Super Mario Speed Runs (with Youtube links that still work), here is the awesomeness of an absolute PRO rushing through Mario in 3D!


Click this link for the Youtube speed run of the groundbreaking Super Mario 64 (64 stands for the N64 game console that it was first made for, not that there are 63 earlier Mario games!) from here (note how the player manages to avoid talking to time-wasting Lakitu)…


To here!


Thanks to my brother, who sent me the link with the following (very apt) description:

Even better than the Super Mario one. This one has parts that will definitely make you go “?!?!!?!?!???!!!?”

Yes, the player definitely takes advantage of various glitches in the collision detection to pass through the polygons. It must have taken tons of experimentation to find all the necessary ones.

When you hear a ‘click’ sound like a camera shutter, he is changing the camera mode. Maybe that makes the glitches possible as the angle zooms in? You hear in often enough just before some freaky collision detection happens. 

The stuff he does may seem impossible. And trust me, as someone who’s played Mario 64 to the finish, IMPOSSIBLE IS PUTTING IT MIDLY!

Most especially at 6 minutes 35 seconds into the video, where he finishes the stage by grotesquely breaking the laws of nature! You don’t need to have ever played Mario 64 to have a clue that this is definitely NOT how the game is meant to be won!

The guy runs and leaps throughout the stages blindly, not slowing down or shifting the camera angle to see where Mario is heading. He obviously has the entire layout of every stage mapped out, allowing him to head directly for out-of-view platforms, just barely reaching them! No wasted movement at all! And to save time between paintings, he enters a completed stage and uses the quick-exit command.

After he gets each star, Mario comes out of the painting and text appears describing what mission was just completed. That gives you some clue as to how the game designers meant that particular star to be gotten – which of course the pro player bypassed completely. (The text when Mario jumps into the painting is irrelevant – you’re meant to finish the stated mission next, but the player ignores it.)

For example, ‘Blast Away The Wall’ at 1 minutes 59 seconds into the video ordinarily requires you to launch Mario from a cannon into the brick wall. The impact destroys the wall, allowing you to grab the star encased within. But with some camera angle changing, the player grabs the star by phasing through the wall!

And finally, in the game’s ending credits you can see just how many levels the player skipped by taking advantage of the infamous reverse-long-jump butt-slide to skip minimum star requirements for doors.

This is the definition of hardcore pro player. Now, if only there were some way to make money from such l33t single player gaming skills…

PS. Via Dueling Analogs, 16 minute speed run.

One Response to “Super Mario 64 Speed Run”

  1. Yi Lun Chen Says:

    OMG this was the best ever!!!!!! not. um. hello. TK EMPIRES WOULD DIE. YO yO yO yO yOy OYoyeor terot; t’he
    wr wbc2t

    fweotwitb j t

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