Johor: Robbed of RM27,000 at 12.30 in the Afternoon

These robbers were obviously waiting and watching the bank, ready to pounce on anyone who withdrew a large enough sum of money.

But seriously… Who carries 27k in cold, hard, non-password protected cash without any guards or even a few burly guy friends to keep watch? This isn’t an insurance scam setup, right? (Not to accuse…)

Why weren’t they spotted scouting the premises earlier?But it must be ntoed how daring they were – 12.30pm is the middle of the day, and they swooped in with parangs in broad daylight on a public road.

But with our newly reinforced and skill-level-upped Johor police, I have good hopes that these men will be brought to justice soon. That’s how much the situation seems to have improved since just a few months ago.


From The Star 23 Aug 2007:

Teen robbed after leaving bank

JOHOR BARU: A teenager was robbed of RM27,000 shortly after she withdrew the money from a bank in Kulai. 

The girl, 19, had entered the bank at 12.30pm and left in her car to pick up a friend nearby. 

While waiting in the car for her friend, three men armed with parangs came up and robbed her of the money, which was wrapped in a plastic bag in the glove compartment. 

The men, wearing caps and sunglasses, then escaped in a car. 

The victim was unharmed. 

Johor Baru (North) OCPD Asst Comm Ruslan Hassan said police have identified one of the robbers after viewing the bank’s closed-circuit television (CCTV) system. 

“I advise the public not to carry big amounts of cash, and to be careful,” he added. 

Those with information can call the police at 07-221 2999.

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