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Youtube Video Warning For Namewee (Negarakuku)

August 30, 07

UPDATE: for Namewee’s new rap F*CK RACISM IN MALAYSIA / NAH! , see Namewee’s Video Blasting Racism = Racism?.


Yep, if the video and audio is real, Malaysia now officially has its own brand of submit-tape-to-Al-Jazeera holy warriors.

Watch the very short, but still disturbia-ing Warning For Namewee on Youtube.

A disclaimer though: As a skeptical investigator, I note that there are no visual clues to determine if the video is genuine, or simply a voice-over dub of an existing video.

The entire video could be nothing more than a hoax, a joke, a show of macho bravado, or an agent provocateur style fake to stir up contention within the nation.

Cons (tricking people) + Piracy (dubbing over other people’s jihadi video) = Conspiracy!

Nevertheless, that such sentiments exist (or exist to be parodied) is something that ought to worry all law-abiding Malaysians. When groups or individuals decide to take the law into their own hands, no one is safe from their personal interpretation of ‘justice’.

Heh… I might even be beheaded for this very posting! *Shudder*!

You have to wonder if these guys even actually bothered to find out what the song lyrics were or meant. There is in fact nothing that insults the religion of Islam. The closest that comes to it is a no-insulting-words remark about the cultural practise (not stated in any Muslim religious texts) of projecting the morning call to prayer (Azan) over loudspeakers.

You can see for yourself the lack of blasphemy by studying the Chinese and Malay lyrics of Negarakuku.

Or the Negarakuku music video with Chinese and English translation subtitles, for you international blogphiles. Please do note, part of the controversy is due to the fact that ‘kuku’ can also mean ‘male sex organ’.


And here are the ninjihadis (ninja-jihadis) for you:


“Let us poke, stab, tell boring stories to, and beat Namawee repeatedly!”

Well, that’s not really what they say. In fact, they never mention any violence. The knife and balaclavas coulda fooled me though.

What they actually say is this:

Bismi-llahi ar-rahmani ar-rahimi.” (In the name of Allah, Most Gracious, Most Merciful)

“Kami ingin memberi amaran kepada Namawee. Sekiranya kamu kembali ke Tanah Melayu, kamu akan menerima hukuman di atas penghinaan kamu terhadap Islam.” (We want to give a warning to Namewee. If you return to Malaya [lit. Malay Land], you will receive punishment on your insult towards Islam)

Takbir! Allahu Akhbar!” (Allah is great) x3

CREDIT 1: Thanks to SF for alerting me to this video, which he found out about through

CREDIT 2: Animated ninjihadis courtesy of the excellent animated gif maker at Try it out yourself!

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