Youtube Video Warning For Namewee (Negarakuku)

UPDATE: for Namewee’s new rap F*CK RACISM IN MALAYSIA / NAH! , see Namewee’s Video Blasting Racism = Racism?.


Yep, if the video and audio is real, Malaysia now officially has its own brand of submit-tape-to-Al-Jazeera holy warriors.

Watch the very short, but still disturbia-ing Warning For Namewee on Youtube.

A disclaimer though: As a skeptical investigator, I note that there are no visual clues to determine if the video is genuine, or simply a voice-over dub of an existing video.

The entire video could be nothing more than a hoax, a joke, a show of macho bravado, or an agent provocateur style fake to stir up contention within the nation.

Cons (tricking people) + Piracy (dubbing over other people’s jihadi video) = Conspiracy!

Nevertheless, that such sentiments exist (or exist to be parodied) is something that ought to worry all law-abiding Malaysians. When groups or individuals decide to take the law into their own hands, no one is safe from their personal interpretation of ‘justice’.

Heh… I might even be beheaded for this very posting! *Shudder*!

You have to wonder if these guys even actually bothered to find out what the song lyrics were or meant. There is in fact nothing that insults the religion of Islam. The closest that comes to it is a no-insulting-words remark about the cultural practise (not stated in any Muslim religious texts) of projecting the morning call to prayer (Azan) over loudspeakers.

You can see for yourself the lack of blasphemy by studying the Chinese and Malay lyrics of Negarakuku.

Or the Negarakuku music video with Chinese and English translation subtitles, for you international blogphiles. Please do note, part of the controversy is due to the fact that ‘kuku’ can also mean ‘male sex organ’.


And here are the ninjihadis (ninja-jihadis) for you:


“Let us poke, stab, tell boring stories to, and beat Namawee repeatedly!”

Well, that’s not really what they say. In fact, they never mention any violence. The knife and balaclavas coulda fooled me though.

What they actually say is this:

Bismi-llahi ar-rahmani ar-rahimi.” (In the name of Allah, Most Gracious, Most Merciful)

“Kami ingin memberi amaran kepada Namawee. Sekiranya kamu kembali ke Tanah Melayu, kamu akan menerima hukuman di atas penghinaan kamu terhadap Islam.” (We want to give a warning to Namewee. If you return to Malaya [lit. Malay Land], you will receive punishment on your insult towards Islam)

Takbir! Allahu Akhbar!” (Allah is great) x3

CREDIT 1: Thanks to SF for alerting me to this video, which he found out about through

CREDIT 2: Animated ninjihadis courtesy of the excellent animated gif maker at Try it out yourself!

18 Responses to “Youtube Video Warning For Namewee (Negarakuku)”

  1. Malaysians Anti-Terrorism Association (MATA) Says:

    Dear fellow Malaysians,

    5 days ago a group of criminals posted a Taliban-style threat against Namewee on YouTube.

    Malaysians Anti-Terrorism Association (MATA) would like to invite you to fight against terrorism in Malaysia!

    To show Malaysians’ hatred against terrorism, MATA has posted three anti-terrorism videos on YouTube. Check them out, and spread them to your friends!

    Let’s tell the terrorists that Malaysians DO NOT tolerate terrorism! Tell them to get out of Malaysia!

    Peace, and Happy Merdeka!


  2. highlander Says:

    I do feel sorry for this cute fella but at the same time i dont agree with his action and what he did is wrong. He allowed himself to be propelled to the extreme in the name of freedom . It is not worth belittling other religion. History has clearly shown us the consequences in store for you for trying to redicule. Take the Pope himself as an example. He was blasted and condemned for making a statement. Even Rushdie Salamn is now still living in fear . Look what happened to the Koreans? it like as if they are potting their head into the lion’s mouth.

  3. Scott Thong Says:

    Is violence or death a proportionate response to spoken words that some interpret as an insult against a religion? Albeit, a very mild and no-rude-words insult?

    Besides, if you study the lyrics of Negarakuku carefully, you’ll realize that Namewee does not actually insult the religion at all. All he does is criticize the cultural (not Koranic) practice of transmitting the morning Azan over loudspeakers (which definitely are not prescribed in the Koran or Hadith), often 2 or more of them overlapping an area simultaneously.

    He also makes fun of certain racial habits, which naturally caused some concern. But he has also mocked other races before, including his own, and no one made a peep until now. Strangely, no Cantonese-language threats of death by kung-fu were made and uploaded.

    All in all, what Namewee did can only be considered ‘extreme’ depending on the relative situation. In America, with Eminem and regular US flag burnings, Negarakuku would be considered totally mild!

    And while Namewee gets death threats posted around for what he did, local politicians who threaten bloody genocide with an unsheathed keris not only retain their position, but justify their behaviour. So where are the Youtube threats of violence against them? (As if they wouldn’t get all of Youtube banned in Malaysia.) Double standards are standard fare around here.

    Speaking of double standards… Salman Rushdie may have (debatably) mocked Islam, same goes for the more recent Mohammed cartoons in the Danish newspaper, but authors since centuries ago have regularly mocked Christianity, Judaism, Buddhism and more.

    They regularly mock and smear Christianity directly even today – Richard Dawkins with his book ‘The God Delusion’ and Dan Brown’s ‘The Da Vinci Code’ being bestseller examples. But you seldom (never) see offended Christians rioting in the streets smashing shops and burning cars, or cardinals and pastors issuing death warrants for the authors.

    What happens instead? Christians lose their rights and die for their meekness.

    It has gotten to the point where ‘ridicule’ has become a completely relative term… If I question the actions of certain organizations or individuals who just happens to be of a certain religion, I can be accused of religious intolerance and ‘ridiculing’ the religion!

    Meanwhile, the beliefs of others can be bellitled and spat upon as ‘false’ and ‘wrong’ by these same individuals, all in the name of ‘philosophical debate’ and ‘freedom of speech’. In official university lecture halls seating 500 unsuspecting students, no less!

    And then they even have the political-incorrectness to tell us: “Ini bukan pandangan saya, ini adalah fakta” (this is not my opinion, it is a fact).

    Should not all religions, all races and all political views be treated with the same standards – be it complete acceptance and tolerance, or oppression and censoring? Fairness is all I ask.
    I mean, just compare the different reaction to two cartoons in the same comic strip, referencing two different religions: One mocking the late Christian preacher Jerry Falwell’s mainstream Christian beliefs, the other about a certain other religion:,2933,294779,00.html

    You can see and for more related examples.

    Namewee questioned the use of loudspeakers that reach for kilometres, sometimes for hours on end – they are not used just for the short calls to prayer, but also for hours-long speeches and even clearing-thoat practice sessions! Are these things an integral part of the religion, or merely cultural/local/specific practices?

    And can we even raise queries on this matter, or will we be barred from the media and arrested under the ISA? How do we know where the red line is, what is safe to ask innocently about and what is untouchably taboo? We don’t know anything.

    And the Koreans were there as charity aid workers, not as dedicated protelysers. They helped anyone of any religion who wanted aid, without requiring them to convert to Christianity at all.

    If the Taliban wants all non-Muslims to stay out of Afghanistan, the Afghan people will suffer greatly… Because I don’t see the super-rich Middle East oil states sending many charity aid teams there.

    Quite frankly, I feel the Taliban kidnappers used the Christian faith of the Koreans as an excuse. They just wanted money, and they got heap loads of it – 100 million USD, I hear.

  4. highlander Says:

    Scott, i know what you mean and i do understand clearly . Like i said ….Please for our own sake …dont ever try to use religion(especially ‘this’ religion ) in your expressions as it could trigger unforseen circumstances like what is happening now? whatever reasons or evidence you are trying to make the people understand but reality has proven to be pointless. Well its another story if you are in USA. I do feel sorry for him but what can we do as they have already passed judgement on him.

  5. highlander Says:

    It is very unfortunate for the young Koreans as they were still young and innocent. They came all the way with athe hope to build a trully peaceful way of life and tolerance among religion. Like i said before they are putting their head into the lion’s mouth. It is not worth sending our people but to comeback lifeless. ANyway they have gained something in return, that is the blessing of God for being true Christian.

  6. Scott Thong Says:

    Thanks for the friendly warning, highlander. But as for the Koreans and any other follower of Christ who chooses death over denying Him, it is never a waste. The 10 Apostles and Paul who died professing His name and John exiled to Patmos testify to the fact that the more we are cast down, the more we grow.

    After all, how many people read and were touched by the account of the Koreans who gave up comfort, wealth, health and even life to minister to complete strangers in a hostile land… For no reward other than the joy of the Afghan people?

    “In the blood of the martyrs lies the seed of the Church.” – Tertullian, 2nd & 3rd-century church leader

  7. highlander Says:

    Scott , reading the Book Of Mark we will come to know that Jesus was greatly tempted, distraught and troubled while serving the Father but He won this victory and at the same time won mankind. Jesus had the way which brought Him victory what else if not by humble submission. Through His obedience He glorified God. Thats what Christians should do in order to overcome the Satan. As we humble ourselves in obedience to God’s commands, God gives us grace and the ability to face fiery trials like what we are enduring now. “God resisteth the proud, but giveth grace to the humble. Submit yourselves therefore to God. Resist the devil,and he will flee from you.” James 4:6-7
    So we must have faith especially now that we are enduring a tormented life, being marginalized by those who have power and ridiculed . Jesus is the best example who suffered silently and ended up being executed, cruxified in the hand of human. He had the power to do what he wanted but He gave his life for this ungrateful humanity and He suffered anguish in his soul but His obedience took Him to where it is almost impossible for us human to follow. Its almost similar to what is happening today. but we still have faith . Faith will lead us to an obedient life which eventually lead us to the kingdom of God. “Through Him we have received grace and apostleship for obedience to the faith among all nations for His name” (Rom 1:5).
    Scott, something special about Jesus is that His grace and love for all humanity irrespective to the believers or the non believers. In His prayers He never forgets to say with great love even till the end of His painful life.

    “Father forgive them, they don’t know what they do”.

    I’m sure this is what He wants us to do for now and till the end of time which is to forgive others for the bad things they have done to us..

  8. Scott Thong Says:

    Agreed. One only has to look at what Jesus said about His tormentors as He lay dying on the cross: “Father, forgive them, for they know not what they do.” (Luke 23:34)

    I would make comparison to other persons’ last, dying words directed at the ones responsible for their death, but that would likely invite the ISA to my slumber party. So I’ll leave it at that.

  9. jeffrey Says:

    Those cowards are hiding their identity under the masks, very typical Islamic terrorists style, they do not have the guts to show their faces to the world , what kinds of Muslims are them? Come on, show your dog @$$ faces by taking off those masks in your next video. quack! quack!quack!

  10. Crossmatch56 Says:

    As much as the audio lyrics are insulting, the video clips are more deragotary and denigrading, therefore, it cannot be other then a racist act.

    This portly lad is nothing but, a fat racist.

    Racists have no place in Malaysia or anywhere else in the world.

  11. Crossmatch56 Says:

    Well, I have no worries, it won’t take those pseudo-terrorist to do the job,
    the fat in him will do them the favour.

  12. Scott Thong Says:

    So Crossmatch56, you’re saying that most of our Malaysia UMNOputras should be kicked out of Malaysia and off the entire planet?

    List of UMNO racist remarks

  13. lord Says:

    well scott, i think i agree with you regarding those putras…and putries hehehehe…but who will do the kickin’ hehehehe…….and which planet wants them anyway hehehehe……….

  14. RaiulBaztepo Says:

    Very Interesting post! Thank you for such interesting resource!
    PS: Sorry for my bad english, I’v just started to learn this language 😉
    See you!
    Your, Raiul Baztepo

  15. PiterKokoniz Says:

    Hi ! ^_^
    I am Piter Kokoniz. oOnly want to tell, that I like your blog very much!
    And want to ask you: what was the reasson for you to start this blog?
    Sorry for my bad english:)
    Piter Kokoniz, from Latvia

  16. Nasaei Ahmad Says:

    Some people want publicity..even at the expense of nation’s harmony ? needs basic needs – food, clothes, shelter etc, beside security, love/belonging. Anyway..”publicity” is not included in Abraham Maslow’s theory

  17. diet Says:

    Oh my goodness! Incredible article dude! Thank you, However I am encountering difficulties with your RSS.
    I don’t understand why I cannot subscribe to it. Is there anybody having the same RSS issues? Anyone who knows the answer can you kindly respond? Thanx!!

  18. Ur worst nightmare Says:

    I think people need to get over it! His rapper for crying out loud what do you expect love songs? Bunch of numpties. Namewee is awesome leave him alone

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