Irrefutable, It-Is-A-Fact Global Warming Causes ‘All-Time’ High Antarctic Ice

An article that made me go: “Stoopid half-truth storytelling manipulating global warming propagandists, DOH!

Climate Skeptic: Antarctic Sea Ice at Record High reports that while National Geographic trumpets that Arctic ice is at an ‘all-time low’, the ‘all-time’ mentioned is from 1979 to present. Wow, like, less than 30 years ‘all-time’.

That’s like, I dunno, 0.00000006667 of ‘all time of the Earth’s existence’. Or even 0.00000002189 of ‘all time of the Universe’s existence.’

Kinda small for ‘all time’, don’t you think? It’s actually ‘all time since measurements of the ice started being taken by satellite.’ Or perhaps even more accurately, ‘all time’ as far back as is convenient for GW proponents’ arguments.

Misleading global warming zombie-speak aside, while the Arctic ice may be at its lowest in the mere past 28 years, Antarctic ice is at its highest in these 28 years!

In fact, it appears that there has been no measured warming in Antractica for the past 50 years

Explain that away, Al Gore and your film an Inconvenient Truth! The real inconvenient truth in this case is that Gore most likely knew about the fact that Antarctic ice has NOT been melting.

But in order to bolster his film and dupe us gullible viewers, he cherry-picked the location and portrayed only the tiny 2% of the Antarctic that was actually showing some slight warming.

Let me guess, 2% is enough to make a consensus, right? After all, it works for scientific papers on climate change, where only 45% of the papers agreeing with global warming fears is enough to be a ‘consensus of ALL scientists’.

And as for the Arctic ice all melting and the polar bears disappearing… Someone actually took the fairy tales for real and got stuck in the thick Arctic ice!

Oh, but wait… If global warming can be blamed for both oceans getting saltier and oceans less salty, I suppose it can cause both more ice and less ice. And both higher temperatures and lower temperatures. And both more rain and less rain. Which are, of course, both bad for us somehow.

Global warming really has this win-win-win-win obfuscation all planned out.


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4 Responses to “Irrefutable, It-Is-A-Fact Global Warming Causes ‘All-Time’ High Antarctic Ice”

  1. CobblyWorlds Says:

    There is no evidence to show that the Arctic has been seasonally ice-free for 800,000 years (Overpeck 2005). Yet we seem to be heading towards a summer ice free Arctic(Overpeck/Serreze/Wadhams/Holland/ etc etc).

    The Arctic is a floating ice sheet in a land locked ocean.

    The Antarctic is a grounded high ice sheet on a continent in the middle of the Southern Ocean.

    So why would you think they’d behave the same?

  2. Scott Thong Says:

    I don’t.

    I just would like more balanced reporting on the issue of global warming/climate change, such as less vilifying of every scientist whose research does not support the ‘consensus’, and maybe jumping to conclusions that everything bad (climate-related or not) is the fault of global warming.

    Heart attacks –

    Cougar attacks –

    But of course, the fair and unbiased IPCC do not want even that. Since in their mind, global warming is a settled fact.

    Since when have ‘settled facts’ like Newtonian physics, Einsteinian relativity, spontaneous generation, the steady state universe theory, and been exempt form questioning?

  3. Yamaneko Says:

    A possible mechanism for increased ice and increased temperature would be increased snowfall since warmer air holds more moisture. Increased snowfall means more snowfall and thicker ice.

  4. » Blog Archive » Anthropogenic Global Warming Smackdown Says:

    […] 24. West Antarctic ice sheet “unstable” Antarctic ice is at its thickest in nearly 28 years. […]

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