Osama Bin Laden Declares Jihad Against Global Warming!

Breaking news! Osama Bin Laden, of wordwide terrorist group Al Qaeda, has declared holy jihadi war on global warming!

We must all stop greenhouse gas emissions now! I mean, one of the world’s foremost terrorists cum mass murderers believes in global warming and is asking us to believe it too… Who can argue with that logic?

Is Al Gore really Osama hiding in America and using global warming madness as his latest terror weapon? Should we call him Osama bin Gore or Al bin Laden? Alsama bin Goreden?


“Your denial of global warming and the Kyoto accord are evidence of your crimes.” (From Doug Ross @ Journal)

Ah, that would explain why ‘Osama’ talks like a standard-issue liberalbecause he IS one!


Above from The Ryskind Sketchbook. Below from Henry Payne.


For the video, go to My Pet Jawa and judge for yourself how genuine the start-stop-oops-static-image tape is. Go to Fox News for the full PDF transcript of alleged Osama’s speech. Definite proof of global warming (since Osama is a prophet of Al Qaeda and prophets are perfect and don’t lie) at the start of page 5.


Dozens more Global Warming Editorial Cartoons here!

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