JB Shoppers Nab Knife-Wielding Teenage Muggers

Citizen power! Show these no-gooders that crime doesn’t always pay in Johor.

Did the shoppers act out of altruism, justice, concern for the victim, or out of vengeance for the crime committed against ordinary Johoreans by scumbag criminals like these? If I had been there, it would have been a bit of each.

If they had not been teenagers, the righteous anger of Johoreans against crime might have led to a mob pummeling before the police arrived.


From The Star 15 September 2007:

Shoppers nab three teenage muggers

JOHOR BARU: Members of the public overpowered three teenage muggers who tried to rob three other teenagers in a shopping mall here and handed them over to the police. 

Acting Johor Baru (South) OCPD Supt Zainal Baharom said the robbers, all 15, were armed with knives and had approached the three 14-year-olds at a shopping mall here at 4.30pm on Thursday. 

He said the robbers forced the victims to hand over three mobile phones and cash.  

“One of the victims’ father saw the commotion and shouted for help. The father and a group of shoppers then converged on the suspects and disarmed them,” he said, adding that the stolen items were recovered and the suspects, all students, were handed over to the police. 

Supt Zainal said no one was hurt in the incident. 

“We are grateful for the public assistance and we hope for more co-operation in the future.”  

Supt Zainal urged those with information to contact the police hotline at 07-2212999 or the nearest police station.  

2 Responses to “JB Shoppers Nab Knife-Wielding Teenage Muggers”

  1. debbiewhoelse Says:

    It’s an eye opener to read all your posts of the crimes going on in Johor.

    It’s really disturbing to find that the number of crimes in Johor are on the rise. Recently, my own relatives were victims of a crime there. A man had come after the husband, with a parang, as he got off the bus, coming home from work. The wife tried to stop him. The husband was injured quite badly and the wife had a close call as the man tried to slash her neck.

    I really wonder what is going on there. It’s such an unsafe place to be. I go to JB every once a month in fear! I just pray everytime that the blood of Christ will cover me the entire journey there and back. Let’s pray for this state.

  2. anonymous Says:

    Hang the 15-year olds and expose them in public naked. Fin. Or stab them first then every shopper buat tak tahu let police answer to media bout the kids who bled to death.

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