Iran Prez Ahmadinejad Sez: “There Are No Homosexuals in Iran” (And Why There Ain’t Any)

President of Iran Mahmoud Ahmadinejad was in Columbia University on Monday. Furthermore, he has stated his intetion to visit Ground Zero – the site of the 9-11 World Trade Center attacks.

The controversial leader naturally caused a strong reaction among those Americans who contend that he is a self-avowed enemy of America.

Ahmadinejad was asked various questions during his appearance on stage at Columbia, but get this snippet…

—Asked about widely documented government abuse of women and homosexuals in his country, Ahmadinejad said, “We don’t have homosexuals” in Iran. “I don’t know who told you we had it,” he said.—

And this is why not, as aptly put by Cox and Forkum:


Photos of Ahmadinejad’s ‘humane methods of establishing peace’:


Yes, that is a real gay person ‘hanging out’ in the American Democratic-Liberal’s utopian free-love paradise of Iran.

But don’t worry, heteros… The wonderful wonderland of Iran executes you if you’re raped by the opposite gender, and also executes if you resist rape by the opposite gender. You really can have it both ways!

And if you’re caught performing adultery, the feminist nirvana of Iran will execute the woman (mothers of trhee kids included) while just whipping the man! Progressive!

‘Tis truly strange how American liberals who doggedly fight for gay rights, women’s rights, non-racism, separation of church and state, and religious freedom (including the right to be atheist) show so much support and solidarity with theocratic nations where homosexuals and apostates are summarily executed, women live in the shadows of society and Jews are routinely demonized by the nation’s leaders.

I simply cannot get this Liberalogic.

Cannot. Get. It. Utterly mind-boggling.

Via The Jawa Report:


For more updates regarding Mr. Iran’s visit, speech and interview:

Video of that gem of a moment “We have no homosexuals in Iran.”

Michelle Malkin’s updates with tons of links and snippets. More updates on Ahmadijenad’s UN appearance, timing of release of Iran-held activists, and irony/hypocrisy of allowing Ahmadinejad to speak on the grounds of ‘freedom of speech’. Responses to the moonbat responses to the unfriendly response to Mad Jenad.


Shiri Negari condemns you, Ahmadinejad and Columbia U.

Sweetness & Light with video embed of Ahmadijenad’s remark about non-existence of Iranian homosexuals and pics showing why.

Ann Coulter weighs in on how free Columbia and other universities’ idea of ‘free speech’ is.

Classical Values has some videos of the non-existant Iranian homosexuals.

Scott Adams, writer of Dilbert, has a short summary of and gives his opinions about Ahmadijenad’s points.

Red State Update: Ahmadinejad Hearts NY gives us a video take on the redneck Right-wing reaction to Jenad’s NY visit.

Ahmadinejad: Has Anybody Seen His Gays?, a musical ‘tribute’ to Mad Dijenad.

CNN’s report on Ahmadinejad’s speech and interview.

Full transcript of Ahmadinejad’s speech (no interview).

Right Truth: Columbia University’s ransom to Iran – UPDATED. Did Columbia University invite Ahmadijenad over to speak freely in order to persuade Iran to release a Columbia U alumnus being held in Iranian prison? Ironically/hypocritically, the alumnus was being held because Iran’s authorities didn’t like his ‘free speech’.

The Jawa Report embedding a video that shows a series of still photos of Iranian compassion, mercy and progressiveness (opposite of).



Transcript of Ahmadenijad plus the Q & A session, where this transpires:

QUESTION: Mr. President, the question isn’t about criminal and drug smugglers. The question was about sexual preference and women.

AHMADINEJAD (THROUGH TRANSLATOR): In Iran, we do not have this phenomenon. I don’t know who’s told you that we have it.

Go to the link and search (CTRL + F) for ‘homosexuals’ to get to that part.


And now for the editorial cartoons.

An interesting pic below. Can you spot the hidden message?


Go to Cox and Forkum to find out what it is and the story behind its creation. Very interesting read, lots of examples of editorial cartoons.

From Gary Varvel:


From Michael Ramirez:


From Larry Wright:


From Mike Lester:


Two from Red Planet Cartoons:



From Freedom’s Watch:


From The Peoples Cube, come listen and learn with Ahmadinejad’s version of the hit song ‘New York, New York’:


And ending with something more serious: Via Moonbattery on Ahmadinejad’s credentials.


Correlate at Wikipedia article and comparison with a newly discovered picture at


And another uncovered pic from Gateway Pundit:



See also my old post UN-Enforceeeeeers for some cartoons on the long-standing, continually cartooned issue regarding Iran’s nuclear ambitions. Honestly, there are too many on this subject to hunt down and collect!

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15 Responses to “Iran Prez Ahmadinejad Sez: “There Are No Homosexuals in Iran” (And Why There Ain’t Any)”

  1. mikey Says:

    This blogspot is aweful. It is all one sided, and american propganda which people just dont believe. I take it the person who wrote this is american. The question I have is people are easy to judge others by what they believe is to be true, when infact what they believe is just what they have been brainwashed. The western media does this. The worst is Fox News! I am British, and have travelled the world as most people do these days. I had a concept of Iran as much as everyone else, so I decided to go there and see for myself. I stayed there for 5 months because it is such an amazing place. Yes there are restrictions and the laws are seen by others as wrong. But That is culture. Iran is more free than saudi arabia. Women can drive in Iran, women can vote, women can be elected into parliment, in fact, there is even a parliment with elections. In saudi there is none of that. So where is your blog on saudi? All government condition their society to think and act of how they want them to think. But everyone I know have woken up to the american government and how they are the axis of evil. I used to love america, and so did everyone I know. But I dont know 1 person who can say a good word about the american government. They are the axis of evil. They say they are democratic, but internationally, the are autocratic, and are bullies and dont believe in others say. The american people are sheltered, dont know what is going on in the worl, they just know america. I met americans the other day in Dubai, and they told me they had never heard of the place. I was so shocked, I thought americans were educated? Again, the government sheltering their people. This is why america is dying, it is dying from within. Its a shame this happend, because I really believe america should lead the way forward, and lead by example. But you are only a leader if people want to follow. and no one wants to follow anymore. The president of Iran is seen as a joke from within Iran, and things will change, but it took 100’s of years for the western world to develop, so how can we expect developing countries to change over night. Give them space, give their culture respect, and always understand both sides before being naive and repeating something you heard a random guy saying on a news channel one time. Gullable or what?

  2. Scott Thong Says:

    1) This is WordPress mate. Quick check of the URL would show that, if the standard WordPress blog design didn’t already.

    2) I’m not American, as the second sentence in the About link at the top of my main page would reveal.

    3) I beg to differ on which news media is the worst. My vote goes to the liberal channels, i.e. NOT Fox.

    4) I bash the Saudi bad men too. What DO you have against them? I also bash the Sudanese bad men, the Egyptian bad men, the Malaysian bad men, and everyone else whose views I feel are unjust and lame.

    5) “The American government under George W. Bush is good”. There, that’s one person. Here are some more: Americans enjoying a boom economy, and Iraqis enjoying not being killed or tyrannically dictated:

    6) Most people don’t know where Malaysia is either. But they do go “Aha!” if you mention it is north of Singapore. Whose fault is that? The entire ignorant world’s, or Malaysia’s own unimportance on the world stage? Same goes for Dubai. Btw, how could Americans be visiting Dubai if they’ve never heard of it? Do I detect a fib somewhere?

    7) I’m just bashing Iran’s current president, Mahmoud Ahmadenijad, and the harsh laws he supports, not Iran as a country. And it’s based on his own words at Columbia U. on plentiful news channels. What, that not both-sides enough for you?

    PS. And while you’re busy travelling the world and bashing the Yanks, your dear old Blighty is going down the drain. Don’t get me wrong, I love what Britain USED TO stand for. Unfortunately, it seems the British don’t want to stand up for themselves anymore. Goodbye bulldogs, hello burqaed and non-carbon emitting poodles… It’s sad.

  3. hutchrun Says:

    I met americans the other day in Dubai, and they told me they had never heard of the place. – mikey

    Hey man whom you kidding. You must have been smoking hasheesh with them. Any damn fool getting off the plane/car/train would know where he/she is. Come to think of it they would know it when they buy the ticket.

    Mikey confirms that he too is from the land of ID – an idiot.

  4. hutchrun Says:

    Fretting about overpopulation is a perfect guilt-free — indeed, sanctimonious — way for “progressives” to be racists. — P. J. O’Rourke

    And Mikey your NHS is under severe stress, what with turning around the beds 5 times a day to mecca. You should go help them `stead of sanctimoniously pontificating.

  5. Scott Thong Says:

    Hutch, the land of ID as opposed to OZ?

    Here’s your British healthcare links:

    Five times daily bed turnings:

    Restoring fake virginity:

    Burqa gowns:

  6. hutchrun Says:

    Yes there are restrictions and the laws are seen by others as wrong. But That is culture. – mikey

    Scott seems like this mikey is taking the mickey out. What culture is he talking about. That`s a whole load of poppycock. Culture has nothing to do with it. It is plain religous ordained bigotry and was introduced by the ayatollahs when they replaced the Shah in Iran. Of course these idiots from the UK played a large role in giving succor to the Khomeini nut job when he was in exile.
    Just as they are now doing to the Chechens. I look forward to the demise of the Brits. They deserve it.

  7. hutchrun Says:

    Scott, Yeah maybe the land of Id ( should be reserved for others 🙂

    You may be right on OZ – seeing as how much the mikey likes to fly around:

    Little is known about these evil creatures from THE WIZARD OF OZ, but let me tell you one thing. They’re scarier than Hell! I was lucky enough to interview NIKKO, the head Flying Monkey from the 1939 classic film and ask why they are so damn freaky.

  8. Scott Thong Says:

    Hey mikey, guess what…


    Oh well! So much for your well-informed, both-sides-of-the-story narrative.

  9. wits0 Says:

    On the web, I would prefer to surf to Fox. It’s a blardy shame that Astro cannot offer Fox, just mainly CNN, BBC and Jazzy. BBC is just about the most irritating with its regular mention of Global warming like Gospel Truth everywhere and every time any smallest opportunity appears.

  10. hutchrun Says:

    French physicist calls Al Gore a ‘crook’ over global warming issues

  11. hutchrun Says:

    Brits cut their own necks:

    What has become of my homeland, the land my forefathers fought and died for on the battlefields of the world when one of their children is forced into the position of facing years in prison for standing up for what is right and just within British society.

    At least my words of truth have obviously now reached people’s eyes and ears, with the powers that be now intent on silencing me – Third World Tyranny in a supposed 21st Century democracy!

  12. Scott Thong Says:

    hutch, may I highly recommend to you

    I always submit the Moonbatty idiocy I find to him, including news of growing dhimmitude.

  13. hutchrun Says:

    Right. Have done it. Notice the troll mikey never came back.

  14. Global Warming Editorial Cartoons Pt 3 « BUUUUURRRRNING HOT Says:

    […] Iran Prez Ahmadinejad Sez: “There Are No Homosexuals in Iran” (And Why There Ain’t… for Ahmadinejad’s visit to Columbia University and denial of both the Holoaust and the […]

  15. press releases Says:

    article submissions…

    Iran Prez Ahmadinejad Sez: “There Are No Homosexuals in Iran” (And Why There Ain’t Any) « LEADING MALAYSIAN NEOCON…

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