SPP Interview Expose – Interview With the Very Condescending Bigshot Rich Datuk

The following is re-posted on a request from a friend… And because I too cannot tahan such condescending, superficial, self-correct, ARROGANT nonsense!

Are you a Malaysian blogger, or a blogger who takes interest in Malaysian matters? Do you disapprove of self-important Datuks using their rank, influence, power and wealth to bully and insult others into meekly bowing to their inane perception of relaity?

Then I ask you to re-post the following testimony, and call on all Malaysian or Malaysia-interested bloggers you know to follow suit! Tell everyone you know about it.

It’s time to let the Very Condescending Bigshot Rich Datuks know, this is the era of IT, where all the little mice can make their voices heard through blogs and non-mainstream media! No more do you control all the channels of communication.

Bullying of the masses will not go unspoken of or unprotested any longer. Try it, and we will make you… ‘Famous’.

Power to the Bloggers!


SPP Interview Expose – Interview With the Very Condescending Bigshot Rich Datuk

(name of interviewee has been omitted to prevent retributive action)

I was at Jabatan Perdana Menteri yesterday, for an interview with the Suruhanjaya Perkhidmatan Pelajaran. It was an interview to confirm my placement into the government service as DG41.

The interview letters stated that we should wear “formal berlengan panjang.”

From http://www.spp.jpm.my/temuduga-faktor.php:

Perawakan Dan Penampilan Diri.

Calon-calon dikehendaki hadir temuduga dengan berpakaian kemas dan sopan. Calon-calon lelaki dikehendaki memakai baju kemeja berlengan panjang dan bertali leher, manakala calon-calon wanita memakai pakaian yang bersopan.

I wore my grey slacks, dark blue long-sleeve shirt, and a silver tie.

Upon arrival at Bilik Temuduga 10, we were told by our room’s interviewer that we need to wear a coat.

Nobody brought any coats from our room. We went out to search for a coat. Around 5 other guys in the entire interview had coats. So we borrowed their coats and passed them around.

When my turn came, I put on the coat and went in.

Right after I said “Selamat pagi Dato,” he asked me where I got the coat from. I said I borrowed it. He said how come I don’t even own a coat. I said the letter did not state that I have to wear a coat, or else I would’ve found one before I came. He scolded me and said I did not know how to interpret the letter.

He asked what kind of pants I was wearing. I said my grey slacks. He said how can that be formal. I said only have 2 pairs of slacks. One black, one grey. The black one, I wore to school on Monday, and now it is being washed. So, today I’m wearing my grey slacks.

He chased me out of the room.

He called me in again after a very long time. It wasn’t an interview. It was a dressing-down, humiliation session. He didn’t really ask me anything much. Here’s the gist of what he said:

“Bapa kamu tahu tak, you seluar hanya ada dua? Kalau dia tahu, dia malu tak, anak dia macam ini?”

I said, hidup saya susah. I explained my family background. And why I have banyak tanggungan.

“You are wrong!! Saya pun tak pernah tanggung orang macam itu. You must change the way you live.”

He looked at my shoes, and he said:

“Kasut kamu tak gilap”

I said, I cycle to school everyday. How to gilap?


Well, if I don’t have a car, and my school is nearby, and I can’t afford to arrive in an Alfa Romeo, what’s wrong with cycling to school?
“You pakai baju apa itu. Cina tak boleh pakai gelap.”

I said I’m a Christian, I don’t abide by such superstitions. I said by the way, my shirt is blue. Not black.

“Kamu bukan Cina kah? You must be proud to be Chinese… Malaysian Chinese…”

What does he know about being a Malaysian Chinese? We don’t get Datukships and awards like him. We can’t afford to be wearing designer clothes like him. We are not supported by the government’s silver spoon in our mouth from the day we were born. We have to struggle to take care of our families. What does he know?

He said, “Dalam PIPP, ada dinyatakan kita harus memartabatkan profesion keguruan. Apa yang kamu faham tentang itu?”

That is the Teras Kelima in the PIPP. I explained that according to the PIPP blueprint, we are supposed to upgrade the intake system of teachers and improve the working environment of teachers. I wasn’t taking rubbish. That was the textbook answer.

He said, “Tak payah, tak payah. Kalau untuk kamu saja, macam mana?”

I said, “Kena memperbaiki imej, kalau menurut dato.”

He said “Gaji satu bulan berapa? Pergilah beli seluar…”

He even stood up to show me his slacks. He said must buy a pair that costs seratus lebih. That would be a good one.

I cycle to school everyday. My shoes aren’t shined. I can’t afford a pair of slacks that cost over a hundred bucks. I don’t have a coat. I guess I’m not fit to be a teacher.

Well, if they can pay me 4 grand a month, certainly the profession guru’s martabat will be dipertingkatkan, isn’t it?

If what I wear matters so much more than how I teach, my workplace is not in a musty classroom. I should be on the catwalk runway.


Dato’ Haji Abdullah bin Haji Abdul Kadir


Here’s the instigator. I want his arrogance taken down a peg or two. Help me.

– A Little Mouse (real name withheld)


Testimony ends. Please re-post the above and invite all your Malaysian/Malaysia-interested blog contacts to do the same. The following are bloggers who have also taken up this cause:

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Ghostline: Bullying in The Civil Service

clara @ good girl: read it…

If you have had a personal experience of extreme rudness and belligerence during your SPP Interview, feel free to post a comment.

Power to the bloggers! Power to the Little Mice!

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18 Responses to “SPP Interview Expose – Interview With the Very Condescending Bigshot Rich Datuk”

  1. SPP interview expose - a very condescending Bigshot « Dr Hsu’s Forum Says:

    […] – a very condescending Bigshot I am posting the story, at the request of my blogger friend Scott Thong,  about how a Datuk interviewer treated a poor  interviewee trying to apply for a post in the […]

  2. patrick teoh Says:

    Hi Scott. Thanks for the link to this. Interesting reading. How did you manage to transcript what the guy said to you? If yours is a fairly accurate account of what took place in that office then I agree that you should take action against this person and the treatment you received which from what you described was grossly unfair. But then it might affect your chances of getting work with this ministry and it might mean costly legal proceedings. Are you prepared to go the whole nine yards? If you are I am sure that there are organisations and people who would help correct this alleged injustice done to you.

  3. The "little mouse" Says:

    Dr. Hsu and Patrick Teoh,

    I am the interviewee referred to as “the little mouse.” Please advice on how I can proceed. I am ready to forfeit this interview and delay my seniority by a year.

    I can be contacted at johaste@yahoo.com.

    Social justice can never be attained if people care more about their rice bowl than true righteousness.

    -Little mouse with lion’s heart-

  4. Nazri Wags His Mouth Off « t.he. r.e.b.e.l w.i.t.h.i.n u.s Says:

    […] https://scottthong.wordpress.com/2007/09/26/spp-interview-expose-interview-with-the-very-condescendin… […]

  5. Is that what you look for in a teacher, Malaysia? « t.he. r.e.b.e.l w.i.t.h.i.n u.s Says:

    […] https://scottthong.wordpress.com/2007/09/26/spp-interview-expose-interview-with-the-very-condescendin… […]

  6. SPP Interview Expose - Interview With the Very Condescending Bigshot Rich Datuk « Jamie is blogging…? Says:

    […] Copied from Scott’s Blog: […]

  7. ghostline Says:

    Well well. Let’s kick mr. haughty pants off his ivory pedestal then, shall we?

    Kudos to your courage, ‘little mouse’. Will post in support tonight.

    Piece of advice if I may: please document the events and transcribe the conversation as accurately as you can. Compile one purely factual record of the dialogue in addition to the one above which has your later input. Also compile any and all other documents relating to your interview. This documentation will be important if you intend to pursue this.

    Also, if you can, try to find out if there are others like you who have had to endure verbal abuse from this character. I’m certain that there are others; getting others to join you in coming forward will greatly strengthen your cause.

    Unfortunately I am not a lawyer, but perhaps you could try asking Malik Imtiaz at http://malikimtiaz.blogspot.com or Haris Ibrahim at http://harismibrahim.wordpress.com for advice. They are heavily loaded at the moment but may be able to refer you to people who can help you.

    No criminal offence in this case (yet) but it is thoroughly disgraceful and unbecoming conduct from a senior civil servant. In Japan, his immediate resignation would be expected.

  8. ghostline Says:

    Hello Scott,

    I sent an email to the ‘little mouse’ at the address given above: johaste@yahoo.com

    but the email bounced. Is there a typo in the address?

  9. ghostline Says:

    Hello Scott,

    I’d like to help publicise this but I’d like to verify a few details first with ‘little mouse’. Would you mind asking ‘little mouse’ to contact me through my blog or at ghostline2501@gmail.com?


  10. The "little mouse" Says:

    I actually had an idea to bring in an mp3 player to the interview. Just for the fun of it.

    On that day… I forgot.


  11. Scott Thong Says:

    Hopefully, things will work out so that the ‘mouse’ will be replaced by a roaring lion of justice!!!!

  12. Condescending Bully of a Senior Civil Servant « [ g h o s t l i n e ] Says:

    […] is Teacher A’s account, reproduced from Scott Thong’s blog: SPP Interview Expose – Interview With the Very Condescending Bigshot Rich Datuk (name of […]

  13. megaman Says:

    hi little mouse,

    Respect you for your noble heart and intentions.

    But I would advise you to think twice before bringing this to the next level.

    No, I am not a crony or anyone related to the stupid goons in the government. Just a concerned blog reader.

    All whistleblowers or truth talkers have to endure lots of pain, emotional sufferings and injustice even in countries like USA and UK where they have a good judiciary that protects these people.

    People here may encourage you and fire up your spirits to bring this to the next level but at the end of the day, if you get unfairly treated because of this, I doubt any of the people that spurred you on initially would be around to help.

    Yeah, it sucks and it’s frustrating. Getting treated like this and yet don’t have any ways of making it right. Most likely won’t get an apology at all. Remember the MPs that made the “bocor” joke? Did they apologize ? Both are Datuks oso.

  14. Hedonese Says:

    walau eh!

  15. honey driew Says:

    walau !!!
    i quite agree with u lah so pity


  16. orly Says:

    Hi!, first of all i am saddened by the incident that had happened to you mousey. May i offer you some ways to channel this misconduct of senior civil servant? if ur story is genuine, and you wanted to correct this so that in future such undesrving people won’t be around, please 1. email to ksn at sidek@pmo.gov.my; 2. warkahuntukpm.com.my; or 3.bpa.jpm.my. these are the best channels for teachers aside from keeping it to themselves.

  17. Adifferentview Says:

    This is a SCAM….ignore it. Don’t be greedy and get cheated. Scott, please delete it…

  18. Scott Thong Says:


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