My Kenwood IM280 Ice-Cream Maker

UPDATE 24 JUNE 2013:

This is to inform all past commentors on my blog that Groupon is offering Kenwood Ice Cream Maker with free delivery in these 2 weeks:


I’ve finally got my own ice-cream making machine!

After browsing online and concluding that only Singapore has ice-cream makers for sale, I stumbled across one in Carrefour Johor Bahru!

Here it is, the Kenwood IM280 1.5L Ice-Cream Maker:



                                   1 Power unit release lever
                                   2 On/off switch
                                   3 Power unit
                                   4 Lid
                                   5 Paddle
                                   6 Freezer bowl
                                   7 Outer bowl

Price: Around RM 280 (I got discount to RM 259)

Buy at: Carrefour Johor Bahru, Lot 138 Batu 7 1/2 (along the Jalan Tebrau-Kota Tinggi main road, at the newly opened flyover), 81100 Johor Bahru, Johor, Malaysia

It holds maximum 1.5 litres of mix (standard Nestle ice-cream box is 1.7L). Most cartons of cream come in 1L size, so with extra ingredients added to the mix, it should fit just right.

Stick the freezing bowl in the freezer for 24 hours, chill your prepared ice-cream mix, stick the freezer bowl in the machine, add in the mix and switch on. In under an hour, your ice-cream is ready to soft-serve or transfer to a box to freeze harder!

Before this, I had to make ice-cream the old-fashioned way – put the ice-cream mix into a plastic bag, put that bag into a bigger bag full of salt and ice, and massage until ice-cream mix is sufficiently frozen.

That method relies on the forced melting of the ice by the salt. In order to melt, the ice needs heat from an outside source, namely the ice-cream mix. Thus as the ice melts, the ice-cream mix freezes and your massaging keeps the ice crystals small and fine.

Four problems with that by-hand method:

1) Costly. Salt costs money, ice costs electricity bill money to freeze or money to buy from 7-Eleven. And a lot of both are needed for sufficient freezing.

2) Messy. The first times I did homemade ice-cream, a little bit of salt solution got into the ice-cream mix. Of course, the person who was ‘lucky’ enoguh to get that part of the ice-cream was inevitably Kevin Ho.

3) Cold! The salt+ice is supposed to sap heat from the ice-cream mix, but it also drains the warmth from your hands! Even with oven mitts on, the super-chilled melted salty water numbed my hands enough to warrant breaks in between massaging.

4) Unguaranteed results. Perhaps most importantly, making the ice-cream might not succeed. Not enough salt and ice, not enough massaging before giving up and stuffing the mix in the freezer… And you end up with rock solid ice-lump, not ice-cream!

Well, no more! The automated ice-cream maker really takes a lot of work out of making homemade ice-cream. Now all I need to worry about is making the ice-cream mix correctly and yummily.

I’ve already made a batch of Gula Melaka Santan ice-cream that went well (my own experimenting with recipes). And before, plastic-bag-method made hazelnut ice-cream (best flavour ever!). And plenty of experimental recipes coming up soon…

A note on finding and purchasing the IM280: I went to JB City Square (no anchor tenant???), Plaza Pelangi, Pelangi Leisure Mall, The Store and Jusco Tebrau City to look for ice-cream makers and compare prices. None of them had any. Jusco had multiple rows of fruit juicers and blenders, but no ice-cream maker.

So kudos to Carrefour! (pronounced kar-fur and not kar-foo according to Wikipedia and the BBC World service)

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79 Responses to “My Kenwood IM280 Ice-Cream Maker”

  1. Boon Queen Says:

    I’m lovin’ it!! Thanks

  2. happygrub Says:

    Hi, considering buying one.. Its 100 Singapore dollars. Are u satisfied with it so far?

  3. Scott Thong Says:

    It works quite well. Best to nearly freeze the ice-cream mix before transferring it to the maker however.

    Come over to JB and get it for under 150 SGD!

  4. happygrub Says:

    Oh, where exactly in JB? And whats the capacity of the one under $150? If the mix is almost frozen can it still churn? Have u made ice cream from scratch with out the mixes?

  5. Scott Thong Says:

    As my blog post says above, the place to get it is at Carrefour Johor Bahru. From the Causeway into JB City, just keep going straight along Jalan Tebrau until you see Carrefour on your left after about 30 minutes driving under the speed limit (70km/h).

    It costs RM 280, which is about SGD 121.54939 at current rates.

    It can fit 1.5L. When close to frozen, it still moves – but too solid and the machine will shut off to show it’s ready. Most ice cream mixes I put into the freezer when its semi-solid.

    By ice-cream mix I mean the do-it-yourself recipes, where I mix cream, egg yolks, sugar and flavourings together before ice-cream makering it. I’ve tried just pouring Anglia Shandy straight into the ice-cream mixer to make iced Shandy, but it didn’t turn out smooth consistency. Was still yummy.

  6. happygrub Says:

    In that case, I think it may be slightly cheaper here at $101. I will get mine soon, thanks for being so helpful!

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  8. Christina Says:

    Can i ask? if i buy this ice-cream mixer would i get some ingredient’s for making ice-cream?

  9. Scott Thong Says:

    Yes, it comes with a few recipes for ice-cream, but I mostly use online recipes.

  10. melissatsang Says:

    Wow! My philips ice cream maker was a 2001 model, didn’t work at all!!

    I wanted to buy an ice cream maker for under $100, is it available?

  11. Scott Thong Says:

    I’m not sure… The type I got is the cheapest type, rather than the one which comes with a built-in refrigeration unit…

  12. organic recipes Says:

    I’m looking for an ice-cream maker too. Would love to buy this. But JB…… so far. I gotta ask my local electrical shop to try get one for me.

  13. Hazy Says:

    “best to nearly freeze” 1st.. ah no wonder I churn 2 hours still no ice-cream 😦

  14. Scott Thong Says:

    Best way I’ve found – Freeze the ice cream mix in freezer. Take out, let thaw a bit. Churn it manually with a spoon. Switch on ice-cream maker, pour in ice-slush. That will result in fluffy, airy ice-cream that is frozen.

  15. mie sid Says:

    dear scott,

    could you tell me what is the production rate?
    perhaps it’s practical to produce for selling at our housing area.

  16. Scott Thong Says:

    It is very slow!!! You have to put the Freezer Bowl back into the freezer to become completely cold before making another batch of ice-cream. This can take several hours.

    Definitely better to buy a unti which has its own refrigeration function if you want to make ice-cream to sell.

  17. mie sid Says:

    i thought that machine could produce 40-45minutes/liter.

    complete unit as you suggest is cost about rm10k.
    i’m not be able to take the risk if my recipe is not good as wall’s, nestle, etc.

    that is why i’m looking for a small scale first so that i can do try & error with my ‘unproven’ recipes (prior to start commercially).

  18. Scott Thong Says:

    Yeah, I guess it can do one litre plus in under an hour, if the Freezer Bowl is already cold.

    But then you’d have to re-freeze the Freezer Bowl for hours to prepare for the next round!

    I suggest you test recipes the easiest way: Mix up your recipe. Put into freezer for a few hours. When the mix is starting to freeze, take it out and stir it up nicely. Repeat every 30 minutes. You should get a passably smooth ice-cream, good enough to test your flavors.

  19. mie sid Says:

    thanks for sharing the idea.

  20. Cheah Wei Says:

    this look nice. i have a kenwood breadmaker machine, also bought at carrefour. it does have lots of fancy electrical appliances. having read about this, make me think i want to get one too

  21. Scott Thong Says:

    Lol, due to laziness, I seldom use my ice cream maker… Only for extra special occassions.

  22. Maggie Says:


    I just bought a Kenwood ice-cream maker Model IM280 (1.5 litres)

    I washed the freezer bowl (as per instructions) before using it and found that there are water inside the bowl when I hold it. May I know if this is normal or have the water leaks inside the bowl while washing it? Will it short-circuit?

    Would appreciate your comments before I start using the ice-cream maker.

    Thank you.

  23. Scott Thong Says:

    The freezer bowl contains a non-water liquid between its walls that chills well and is used to freeze the ice-cream mix. This is normal. The liquid should never leak out, nor should any actual water get inside.

  24. Aneesa Says:

    Thanks a lot 4 d info!

  25. afeem Says:

    I got at harvey norman ….rm270 …today!!! Hooray!!! how to freeze the bowl…will u show the picture?

  26. Peggy Says:

    Dear Scott Thong,

    I was brought this Kenwood ice-cream maker Model IM280 on last week and i try a recepi but i would like to ask if i put in my ice cream batter in the freezer to fully chille and i leave it melt only i pour in this ice cream maker but after 20 minute the ice cream batter look not big difference before i pour in ice cream mixer, so actually what is the problem is it something wrong with my step or how please advise Thank !

  27. Scott Thong Says:

    From my experience, here is how to get the BEST result:

    First, freeze the bowl of the Kenwood for many hours.

    In the meantime, prepare your ice-cream mixture. Then half-freeze your mixture so that it has chunks of frozen parts, but every now and then take it out and use a spoon to stir it (so that it does not become a hard lump).

    Now here is the part where you can see the big difference: Set up the Kenwood. Pour in the half-frozen ice-cream mix. Switch in on and wait.

    From my experience, the almost-frozen ice-cream mix started to become solid in the Kenwood. Suddenly, the ice-cream became light and fluffy – I could see it in the colour, it became lighter coloured than the wet mix!

    The result was very smooth, very fluffy ice cream! Give it a try, but it takes lots of patience and waiting to freeze for the perfect result.

  28. Peggy Says:

    Thank you very much!

    So actually after 20 minute the ice cream batter also will still in the wet mix and i have to transfer to the container to freeze it to fully froze right!

    And another question, the maker speed is slow one right not like the speed when we use the cake mixer right!

  29. Scott Thong Says:

    Yes… The ice-cream batter is almost frozen, but what the Kenwood does is freeze it fully while mixing air into it. That is how commercial ice-cream is so fluffy, compared to if you freeze milk in the freezer.

    Yeah, the Kenwood turns the mixing arm very slowly compared to a cake mixer. Note that, sometimes it will get stuck and just stop. This is because the ice-cream is too frozen and hard. When this happens, the ice-cream is about ready!

    If the Kenwood stops by itself but you feel the ice-cream is not really fluffy enough yet, just stop the machine and push the ice-cream batter off the sides with a plastic spoon (don’t use metal as it can scratch the Kenwood bowl!). Then turn it on again.

  30. KY Says:

    That sounds bad to me~!

    Im in penang, and i wish to have one!

  31. sandrar Says:

    Hi! I was surfing and found your blog post… nice! I love your blog. 🙂 Cheers! Sandra. R.

  32. megan fox topless Says:

    Sign: gfndc Hello!!! pchhp and 5382kmrrzmmnsd and 995 : I like your blog. cool post!

  33. Ju Ong Says:

    Could you email me the recipe for:

    Gula Melaka Santan Ice-Cream & Hazel Nut Ice Cream

  34. Scott Thong Says:

    Hazel nut, this works ok:

    Gula melaka santan, I couldn’t find. What I did was use a basic ice-cream recipe and modify to use gula melaka instead of white sugar and replacing some of the whipping cream with santan. Turned out so-so only.

  35. azreen Says:

    Hi.. I just learned tht for all penangites ice cream lovers… u can get the kenwood IM280 ice cream maker at Harvey norman Queensbay Mall…
    hope tht helps….

  36. azreen Says:

    so no need to travel all the way to JB…

  37. Scott Thong Says:

    Thanks mate! Good information to know.

  38. gina Says:

    Scott, was wondering whether i can post my BRAND NEW KENWOOD ICECREAM MAKER 1.5LTR MODEL IM280 which i like to post it for sale over here at this website.
    If yes, pls let me know so i can post online here.
    Thanks a lot

  39. Scott Thong Says:

    Well, sure… But there’s not much point I think, I get max 2000 or so hits a day and half are from overseas.

    Forums, or might have better luck. Or even e-bay.

  40. monica Says:

    i bought one yesterday (29-3-2010) from kuwait from alganim it was for 15 kd(1kd=170rupees)now calculate….

    tanx 4 ur information

  41. Theresa Says:

    Hi Scott, I’m in Brunei. No luck in getting an icecream maker here. My nephew is going to Singapore for a short holiday. I’ve asked him to help me buy that Kenwood Icecream maker that you have posted. Where do you think he could get it? How much would it cost? Please email me at tessievw at yahoo dot com. Thanks.

  42. mok Says:

    where can i buy this ice cream maker?
    i’m at sabah…

  43. Scott Thong Says:

    Try shopping complexes, electricals section (near the blenders and other kitchen appliances).

  44. monica Says:

    i am so sad to say my ice cream was in the same way as i put after 30min. help me please……………..

  45. Scott Thong Says:

    Freeze the ice cream mixer bowl as cold as possible for several hours.

    Chill the ice cream recipe to almost frozen, then only put it in the mixer. Mix it in a cold, air-conditioned room if you can.

    That should improve your results.

  46. Jo Says:

    Dear Scott,

    Thinking of getting Kenwood Ice Cream maker…is the machine still good? TQ

  47. Scott Thong Says:

    Haven’t used in a while, but when you follow the method right it turns out superb!

  48. Panos Says:

    I’m buying an ice-cream maker right now. I am considering between the Kenwood IM280 and the Clatronic ICM-3225; I will probably go for the Clatronic because it was a stronger motor and is a little cheaper although the Kenwood is a more established brand and probably of higher quality.

    Your tip of pouring half-frozen mixture into the maker is interesting and should go on the main article I think.


  49. mae wong Says:

    how about the cruisinart ice cream maker? any comments?

  50. Chris Says:

    Hei everybody,

    I’m selling ice-cream maker, It is 1.45L. Sale at RM220 free delivery within Klang Valley. Please visit me at, member name cl6512.

  51. Caca Says:

    I am looking for an ice cream maker in KL. Your post is very informative. Thank you.

  52. cin Says:

    i just bought kenwood IM280 yesterday and my ice cream turns out very bitter. is that normal? could i have bought a damaged item?

  53. Scott Thong Says:

    Unlikely – unless you tasted the ice-cream mix before and after using the IM280, and only after using it the bitter taste appeared.

    Tell me what ice-cream flavour and what ingredients you used, maybe I can advise on the cause of the bitterness.

  54. Blaire Says:

    Hi Scott,

    After reading your post, I’m going to buy the icemaker to make icecream for my party. But can you first clear my doubts?

    – Is it still available in JB Carrefour? ( living in sg now, dont wanna waste a trip there if it’s not available 🙂 )
    – Is it possible to maintain a frozen but fluffy texture after putting in the freezer for a few days? And how many degrees should I set my fridge to?
    – Can I put it in the fridge when it’s churning?
    – Can I not put the freezing in the freezer for 24hrs if I can put the icecream maker in the fridge when churning?
    – And how can I make sorbet or those frozen desserts with no milk content out of it?

    Thank you. 🙂

  55. Scott Thong Says:

    I’m not sure if it’s there anymore, I don’t live in JB anymore either… Maybe you can call to check?

    I don’t think you can fit it in the fridge – it has a wire to power the churner. And the electronics might get damaged. There are other types which can fit in the freezer to churn, or have their own freezing unit attached so you can churn it outside as long as you wish.

    If you churn it correctly the way I described (freeze mix till almost solid, then put into mixer and churn) it will be icy with lots of air trapped inside. This is the same as commercial ice-cream, so you can freeze it like normal and it will still be fluffy long after. The colder the better IMHO.

    No-milk ice-creams have their own recipes. I haven’t tried them but the principle should be the same.

  56. Meryl Says:

    Hi Blaire,

    I just bought the Kenwood IM280 model in Ngee Ann City Takashimaya. It is on offer now at S$89 at other plces, e.g., Harvey Norman is is sold at S$108. Theres only about 20 left in stock so hurry!

  57. Blaire Says:

    Hi Meryl,

    which part pf Takashimaya is it in? Getting my friend to rush there to buy it for me now. Hahaha.

    * Thanks Scott for your answers. 🙂

  58. (Hand Held Blender|Hand Held Blenders|Hand Held Blender) Says:

    (Hand Held Blender|Hand Held Blenders|Hand Held Blender)…

    […]My Kenwood IM280 Ice-Cream Maker « LEADING MALAYSIAN NEOCON[…]…

  59. kor huey huah Says:


  60. Scott Thong Says:


  61. dennis T Says:

    do you have stock.?
    how to order.? how to make payment.?
    do you delivery to singapore.?

  62. Scott Thong Says:

    I am not a business or supplier.

    I am just a blogger who is sharing my experience of buying and using an ice-cream maker.

    For delivery to Singapore, I suggest you browse Johor Bahru based stores online and check which have stock and can do delivery. (I’m not well versed as I do not reside in Johor Bahru anymore.)

    Thank you.

  63. dennis T Says:

    thank ..^^

  64. YiRn Says:

    I’m from Penang. I would like to buy the Kenwood IM280 ice cream maker but too bad I could not find it at Harvey Norman Queensbay Mall, it is out of stock. I have no idea where to get it in Penang. =(
    I saw a post on 7th January 2010, posted by Gina, she would like to sell off her brand new IM280, is there any way I can contact her?

  65. Scott Thong Says:

    Hi, message from Gina:

    I m sorry the item is sold.
    I think you are still able to get fm Singapore local department stores.
    Thanks for emailing to me.


  66. Gau O Says:

    Hi any one tried using a US 110V ice cream maker in our 220V Asian countries?

    I recently bought a Lello from amazon, plugged it into my Sg power socket with an international adapter.. & the %#^ thing blew up. Anyone has successfully used a US ice cream maker with a transformer in sg/ m’sia?

  67. ling Says:

    Unless if the appliances are made for use in UK, Malaysia or SG, you have a huge risk to spoil your product. Why not check with the manufacturer?

  68. Leon Kevin Sebastian Says:

    I am so desperate for one. Ill try carrefour before i buy it in singapore. Must I pay tax for it if i bring it back to malaysia?

  69. Andrew Says:

    Hi, for anyone who is interested in the business of selling gelato, do contact me at
    We are gelato manufacturers located in JB. Enquiries are welcome.

  70. YogesGana Says:

    Hai Scott Thong, I want to make ice-cream vanilla first time using the KENWOOD ICE MAKER. Can you give me the recipes step by step?

  71. Scott Thong Says:

    Well honestly I just Google for ‘ice cream recipe’ and follow that…

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  73. Scott Thong Says:

    This is to inform all past commentors on my blog that Groupon is offering Kenwood Ice Cream Maker with free delivery in these 2 weeks:

  74. ben Says:

    May I know where is your Kenwood branch in Pulau Pinang? Is there have sale Kenwood IM 280 Ice Cream Maker in Pulau Pinang ? Please let me know as soon as possible.

  75. Scott Thong Says:

    There is a delivery offer on Groupon now.

  76. mk Says:

    Hi. I cant put the bowl into the freezer. The bowl is too big and i don’t know how you all use the ice cream maker. Can i know what to do? I also want to know how to wash the bowl and the other parts.

    Thank you.

  77. mk Says:

    Can i get the link to see the right way using this ice cream maker?

  78. kanwal Says:

    Is it realy work ?? Can i have good quality and tasty icecream fromthis ???

  79. Scott Thong Says:

    Yes, if you follow the recipe and make sure the mix is almost frozen before you put it in the machine to stir.

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