Malaysian Astronaut Cosmonaut Angkasawan

So if you’ve heard… Malaysia has its first space-farer.

But if you haven’t heard, and don’t really give a tikus about it… All teh-tarik in zero-gravity jokes aside, there’s only ONE blog post you need to read on the matter.

Clicky below.

After reading that, you can see the references below if you don’t catch them.

Reference 1

Reference 2

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3 Responses to “Malaysian Astronaut Cosmonaut Angkasawan”

  1. Koleksi gambar & video angkasawan pertama malaysia at Says:

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  2. ijah Says:

    harap hepy dgn hdup anda.moga b’bahagia dgn tunang t’sayang wat dr sheikh muzaffar.

  3. simon thong Says:

    Our astronaut is in the news for all the wrong reasons. How much is he getting personally for his appearances at schools, etc? Rm80,000? Rm800,000? Whatever the figure, it’s bad news for the BN govt that spent so much to put him as a passenger into space. Don’t you think that the money given to him for his appearances should go back into the govt’s coffers?

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