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Final Fantasy 7 Emo

November 13, 07

Watch the Awesome video for more emo time!

No one understands my pain… Angst angst sulk.


Lookit me! I’m a hot chick who doesn’t run screaming from loser emo guys!


Oh, woe is us… You make emo adventurer cry. *sniffle*


Must… Cut self (very lightly)… To show outwardly… The inner pain that defines all sufferers of emo!


UPDATE: I enjoy it so much, I’m poviding the transcript for those who can’t/don’t bother to view the video.

Transcript of video (SPOILERS):

Tifa: Hey guys, we need to traverse this gigantic, landmarkless field of green. Let’s go!

Cloud: I’m not strong enough.

Vincent: I don’t have time for this.

Tifa: I-it’s time to save the world, guys.

Cloud: Yeah. Right. (shed tear)

Vincent: It’s all my fault.

Tifa: All right, lets go!


Tifa: Come on guys, let’s fight with all of our might!

Cloud: I can’t. I…. *sigh*

Vincent: Lucrecia!

Tifa: Hey guys, ther-there’s a monste-

Cloud: I am my own monster! (emo-cut self with sword, Vincent emo-cuts self with claw)

Old Grandpa (reminiscing to kid): And that’s why it’s the best game ever!



For more info on the emo problems of Final Fantasy VII’s heroes, see following links: 

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For more emo-ckery, see Leave Hillary Clinton Alone – Or I’ll Cry!

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Cyber-Jihadists = Really Morons

November 13, 07

Quote of the week:

“…Cyber-jihadists think they are clever, but they are really morons.” – Dr. Rusty Shackleford

Via The Jawa Report here and here.

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