More Signs of Hope in Iraq – Muslims Attending Church Service at St. John’s in Baghdad

A touching follow-up to A Sign of Hope in Iraq – Muslims Putting Up A Cross.  Via The Jawa Report .

More pics and captions can be found at original post by Michael Yon’s site.

Captions follow pics. Be warned: My own captions contain much sarcastic prodding at the state of peaceful, multicultural Malaysia’s own standard of religious ‘tolerance’.


Ah, this must be Iraqi counterpart to our Pejabat Tanah dan Jajahan, busy tearing down an indigeneous church! No, wait… They doing what?!!! No wai!!!


Gasp! Muslims in a church service? At the front row? How could their faith not be irrepareably shaken by such an act? They’ll become apostates for sure! Quick, call the  Kayukayuian religious counseling groups!


Girls and women in the same room as men during a religious session? This… This is totally uncultural! Decadent Western imperialism! Quick, someone cover them up before they tempt all the men within sight to uncontrollably become rapists!!! Nik Aziz to the rescue!


For shame! This little girl is such an immoral temptress, with her irresistable-to-ordinary-men long hair flying all about! She should that any girl above the age of 4 is unstoppably seductive to real men! She should be at home in her stifling burqa, learning proper behaviour from Hamas TV shows for kids!

(But if any girls do end up gang-raped, remember to brutally whip them 200 times for their fault in instigating the sexual perversion!)

And that is a glimpse of Iraq: Alleged centre of endless wartorn sectarian strife, where Muslims can help Christians repair their church and then visit the church services.

The war-tornedness of Iraq is definitely proven by the fact that in non-wartorn Muslim majority nations (*cough* Truly Asia *cough*), such shows of tolerance and unity are illegal and punishable by imediate imprisonment without trial and torture under the ISA.

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