Megaton Punch! UMNO Supporters Punch Guangming Daily Press Photographer





As the story goes, reporters from various media were at press conference held by Cheras MP Tan Kok Wai to higlight UMNO’s alleged misuse of government funds, building UMNO centres instead of multi-purpose halls in KL.

Then, to quote Malaysiakini:

Midway through the press conference, a few Umno members came out from the party’s office and told Tan’s group that they should not be gathering in “their private property”.”They also hurled vulgar words at us and demanded that I retract my statement,” he said.

According to Tan, the Umno members, which by then have surrounded him and his supporters, tried to push him.

According to Koh, a man in the Umno group had shouted “Move, move. Don’t snap pictures. Just go away from here.”

“I responded by telling him there was no need for him to shout at us. That led to another man in the group punching me,” said Koh.

Any wonder when the ruling party has previously used dispropotionate force against peaceful citizens – including tear gas and chemical-laced water cannons?

And what does our fair and biased Government Enslaved Media (GEM) have to report about this bit of scrimmage? Why, it paints it as an ‘accident’ that is also to be blamed on the person who invited the media!

   StarOnUMNOPunch1   StarOnUMNOPunch2

In other words, if someone starts some serious fisticuffs at the next UMNO rally, we can all blame the UMNO men who should be held responsible for the safety of the invited press. But if that ever happened, would they be held responsible?

‘Course not. The police warrant would be issued solely for the ones who threw the punches. In fact, if UMNO members punched nonUMNO civilians at an UMNO gathering, it would predictably be blamed on the nonUMNO provokers.


For more info, other bloggers have covered this shameful event:

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Above posterizing from Malaysian Politics Motivational Posters

And one more time…


             UMNO Miracle Special Ultra Super Megaton Punch!!! 
                 Who is this mysterious masked marauder???

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2 Responses to “Megaton Punch! UMNO Supporters Punch Guangming Daily Press Photographer”

  1. anonymous Says:

    Desperate acts by desperate men.

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