Malaysian Indian Lawyer Sues Britain Over Malaysia’s Social Contract (And HINDRAF Rally)

UPDATE 28 Nov 2007: What did I say about the ISA

UPDATE 26 Nov 2007: Hindraf defies court order and goes ahead with gathering.

Cops forced to use tear gas, water cannons

Youtube: Al-Jazeera coverage of the HINDRAF gathering

Youtube: Police kicking an already subdued Hindraf supporter?

What A Lulu: Lulu’s Malaysia – Let’s Not Allow Them To Get Away With It (Just like at the Bersih rally, chemical cannon and tear gas is employed again)

What A Lulu: Lulu’s Malaysia – Let’s Not Allow Them To Get Away With It (2) (Supporters rounded up into Batu Caves temple and chemicalled like prisoners of war)

Darn Malaysia: No Tear Gas And Water Cannon Used At Batu Caves Temple (Compare with the pics and the link directly before this)

Darn Malaysia: HINDRAF Rally Thwarted By Police Violence (Pics of police heavy handed tactics)

Elizabeth Wong: Hindraf rally: 500 arrested (Pics and videos)

Jeff Oii has an excellent series of coverage:

Hindraf Rally… (Ethnic) Minority Report 1

Hindraf Rally… (Ethnic) Minority Report 2

Hindraf Rally… (Ethnic) Minority Report 3

Hindraf Rally… (Ethnic) Minority Report 4

Hindraf Rally… (Ethnic) Minority Report 5

Hindraf Rally… (Ethnic) Minority Report 6

Hindraf Rally… (Ethnic) Minority Report 7

However, it is true that HINDRAF supporters reacted to police force with violence (IF IF IF, you know we can’t trust anything politically relevant the Government Enslaved Media has to say), then I am sorry to say that I cannot support their actions.

This is different from the Bersih Rally, where although there were 40,000 peaceful marchers who were attacked by police and FRU, they DID NOT respond in angry retaliation.

No matter how vicious the government’s tactics, by responding to police actions with rioting – and apparently, even premeditated violence as the reported Molotov cocktail attack shows – the ralliers this time would have quickly lost the moral high ground IMHO.

But on that purported Molotov razing of a bus… As Lulu saysNONE of the more than a dozen Government Enslaved Media drones who covered the events and reported the fire attack has even ONE picture of the allegedly charred bus!!!

See also Haris Ibrahim: Why I will not walk this Sunday and why the walk must not proceed.

Assuming the violent protestor response is true (but how can we really believe anything the Government Enslaved Media prints anymore?), it will be that much harder to gain public sympathy and support for HINDRAF now.


UPDATE 23 Nov 2007: Hindraf legal advisor arrested under Sedition Act


Also covered in the following:

Rasuah Sudah Parah: Hindraf legal adviser Uthayakumar arrested 

Malaysiakini covers it at the following links, but requires subscription to view:

Malaysiakini: Hindraf legal adviser Uthayakumar arrested

Malaysiakini: Hindraf chairperson arrested (Waytha Moorthy is arrested)

Malaysiakini: Restraining order on Hindraf supporters

Malaysiakini: Supporters throng police HQ (Hindraf supporters show up to protest)

Malaysiakini: Dismantle roadblocks, police told

UPDATE 24 NOV: The Star: Lawyers Charged With Sedition

What did I say about the ISA in my post below? The HINDRAF people were arrested ostensibly for planning and organizing a demonstration at the British High Commission. Apparently, that’s seditious.

I insinuate (as readable below) that the real purpose of the lawsuit is actually to highlight the unfair policies in Malaysia, and that the authorities here know that that is the real purpose, thus have arrested the men for being a ‘seditious’ political threat.

If you doubt my conclusions, just compare:

From Findarticles: Asian Political News:


These protestors in 2003 also gathered at a foreign embassy, and even burned a flag on the streets. They were not preemptively arrested for ‘sedition’. They were not even chided after they actually carried out the demonstration.

Double standards? DUH. Welcome to Malaysia.


Malaysian Indian lawyer Waytha Moorthy Ponnusamy is suing the British in London’s Royal Courts of Justice.

He’s demanding 1.9 trillion British pounds in compensation for the British bringing Indians to Malaya as indentured workers, whose 2 million descendants are now deprived of opportunities because of Malaysia’s pro-Malay policies

Moorthy alleges that the British failed to safeguard the rights of Indians when they granted Malaya independence in 1957, and it only got worse with the New Economic Policies implemented after the May 13 incident.

Seems quite a load of nonsense, suing the Brits for something done ages past? He’s unlikely to get this case to court, let alone win, let alone be awarded the massive amount of cash he is claiming.

But what I think he’s really trying to do is to highlight the unfair policies so prevalent in Malaysia. Think about it, if a case like this causes raised eyebrows in Britain, wouldn’t a case filed against racial inequalities be thrown out of a Malaysian court immediately… Followed by quick Internal Security Act detention?

What Moorthy is trying to do is stir up international attention to the true state of Malaysia’s much-touted ‘racial harmony and religious tolerance,’ in a way guaranteed to make headlines due to its sensational phrasing.

Does anyone know if Malaysiakini or out local Government Enslaved Media picked this up? I was busy distracted by the Bersih Rally coverage.

The article below says that the Malaysian media ‘trumpeted his story’, but if that’s true, then why didn’t I catch any of those headlines?

Maybe it’s just like the Bersih rally that was totally, intentionally sidelined as inconsequential by the local Government Enslaved Media (GEM).

By contrast, the foreign media and local bloggers revealed a massive peaceful crowd that had gathered, and was subsequently attacked by police and FRU units using disproportionate violence.

Following which, our ministers and their Government Enslaved Media whitewashed and justified the police brutality during the event.

More info on terms used and related links at bottom of this post.


From Yahoo News, 21 Nov 2007 (bolding is mine):

Malaysian sues Britain over ethnic Indians’ woes

By Clarence Fernandez Reuters – Wednesday, November 21 11:29 am

KUALA LUMPUR (Reuters) – An ethnic Indian in Malaysia is using an audacious strategy to highlight the plight of his mostly impoverished community by suing Britain, the country’s former colonial ruler, for $4 trillion (1.9 trillion pounds).

The Malaysian government dismisses the case as baseless, but lawyer Waytha Moorthy is determined to pursue it, even vowing to appeal to the Queen to appoint lawyers for the Indian community, which he says is too poor to find its own.

Moorthy wants Britain to pay damages of 1 million pounds to each of Malaysia’s 2 million ethnic Indians for rights abuses he traces to colonial-era labour schemes that brought their ancestors to Malaysia as indentured workers.

“We are seeking compensation because we were permanently colonised during British rule, and now, under the government of the ethnic Malays,” Moorthy told Reuters.

“We have lost touch with our roots and have been suppressed so far,” said Moorthy, who accuses British officials of failing to honour their responsibility to protect ethnic Indians when they granted independence to Malaysia in 1957.

In colonial times, many impoverished Indians and Chinese flocked to work and settle in Malaysia, drawn by government schemes meant to attract cheap labour for the country’s then lucrative rubber estates and tin mines, he added.


Some might feel that Moorthy, who paid court fees of more than 2,000 pounds to file his case in London’s Royal Courts of Justice, has already got a run for his money from the Malaysian newspaper headlines that have trumpeted his story.

But the episode highlights a very real dilemma: after 50 years of independence, ethnic Indians, most of whom are Hindu, own just 1.5 percent of the country’s national wealth.

The group, which forms about eight percent of Malaysia’s 26 million people, says a decades-old affirmative action plan for the country’s Malay Muslim majority has deprived it of opportunities, and the government has done little to improve living standards.

The affirmative action plan, adopted after deadly race riots in 1969, favours politically dominant Malays in housing, education, businesses, jobs and state contracts. Ethnic Indians say the policy is discriminatory.

Poor education further cripples their chances of upward social mobility, forcing them to continue being labourers, although some are now losing out to cheaper foreign workers.

“Indians have suffered under the Muslim-majority Malay government and also during British government rule for the past 200 years,” said Moorthy.

His suit also asks the British courts to declare the Malaysian constitution void for not safeguarding the rights of ethnic Indians, and seeks British citizenship for the group.

Moorthy said he was gathering 100,000 signatures for a petition to the Queen to appoint lawyers to represent the Indian community, which was too poor to pay its own legal costs, which he estimated would reach a million pounds.

“We only want justice in the United Kingdom courts,” he added. “Whatever justice is given to us we will accept.”

(Editing by David Fogarty)


The above is also covered by The Malaysian: Britain Sued Over Malaysian Indians.

The social contract in Malaysia

May 13 1969 Incident (the Malaysian race riots)

Malaysian New Economic Policy (in response to the May 13 incident, allegedly to ensure more ‘fair’ distribution of wealth)

Ketuanan Melayu (Malay dominance)

Article 153 of the Constitution of Malaysia (which safeguards the special rigths of Malays)

Article 160 of the Constitution of Malaysia (defines what a Malay is – not at all related to racial lineage or genetics, but he or she must be a Muslim)

Internal Security Act of Malaysia (used to detain without trial for anything deemed a ‘security threat’ to peace and stability)

Sedition Act of Malaysia (prohibits any discourse deemed to be seditious – where ‘seditious’ can be defined however those in power wish to define it)

Religion in Malaysia

HINDRAF (Hindu Rights Action Force)

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34 Responses to “Malaysian Indian Lawyer Sues Britain Over Malaysia’s Social Contract (And HINDRAF Rally)”

  1. kumar Says:

    Hello, nama saya seperti di atas. sebenarnya ini adalah negara orang India bukan melayu konon. Kita kaum India mesti ada maruah diri sendiri. kita pun hendak keistimewaan kita sendiri. “VALLGA TAMIL”

  2. Scott Thong Says:

    Boleh juga kamu membaca kajian berikut tentang asal-usul di Tanah Melayu:

  3. Jamie Says:

    Sebenarnya, ini adalah negara melayu dari abad ke-15.

    Walau bagaimanapun, negara Asia Tenggara termasuk Malaysia tidak pernah diperintah ataupun ditakluk oleh orang India. Orang tempatan di Asia Tenggara hanya mengambil adat dan agama dari negara India dan menyesuaikannya kepada keperluan tempatan.

    Oleh itu, kita tidak boleh kata negara ini adalah negara orang India.

  4. Nency Says:

    Jamie either u r out of ur mind or u must be left out fr a very long time, no indians claimed that malaysia belongs to them, wat v r claiming is fr our rightful rights. V were brought here by the British & dont forget that v (indians) too seek independence n manyindians hv died too not just malay. Fr ur info, v didnt adapt to the indian culture, thats a crap, its indian origin culture.

  5. k.esu Says:

    Malaysia tidak pernah diperintah ataupun ditakluk oleh orang India.
    Ko ini tak belajar sejarah malaysia ke?

  6. Noor Aza Othman Says:

    Very good article Scott! I too, as a Malay, almost of my whole life, despite of my high education from abroad in Anthropology, has been brainwashed & trapped by uncritical consciousness and activism by the “Ketuanan Melayu” ideological concept! That’s why we need to learn and educate ourselves our whole life! Which actually was constructed deceitfully by the Malay elite class since ancient times; and gains supremacy & new plus more powerful context during British capitalist colonization and after independence. The capitalist class, both British & the Malay capitalist class, the use that common but highly deceiving psychologically, the strategy of “Divide & Rule”.

    Thus, the new politics in our Malaysian chapter & globally for that matter, must move away from the highly capitalist constructed divisive and racist racial-religious politics. But to move forward together, locally,and globally, towards true socialist politics based on true Marxist principles (hence not the old socialist politics based on pseudo Marxism such as Maoism, Stalinism, Pol Pot-ism and so on). That truly want to struggle for the oppressed and the poor, from any background. We need only be loyal to social justice consciousness and struggle that encompasses true equality, freedom, and other universal human rights principles. Above race, religion and nationhhood!!

  7. Jamie Says:

    Aku memang ada belajar sejarah Malaysia. Memang tidak pernah ada orang India yang memerintah Malaysia. Ataupun kamu nak katakan orang kaum Melayu, Java dan Bugis sebenarnya orang India?

    Jika kamu mengkaji sejarah Asia Tenggara, kamu akan tahu bahawa memang tiada taklukan dari India. Orang tempatan hanya menyesuaikan agama Hindu, bahasa Sanskrit dan tulisan Sanskrit untuk keperluan mereka.

  8. Scott Thong Says:

    Nency, Jamie wasn’t referring to my post about Moorthy’s legal case, but rather commenter kumar who said:

    sebenarnya ini adalah negara orang India bukan melayu konon

    And right after your comment, k.esu jumps in criticizing Jamie for not accepting that ‘the sejarah malaysia testifies that Indians ruled the Peninsula’.

    So he wasn’t commenting that Malaysian Indians adapted to any culture, but that the pre-Malacca empires had Indian cultural influence but were not comprised mostly of genetically Indian people.

    Just to clarify. Am I correct?


    Noor Aza Othman, I have my own personal doubts about the practical aspects of Marxism. Doubtless his ideals are utopian, but I feel they fail to take into account the reality of human nature – such as selfishness, hunger for power, greed, the need for motivation to do anything worthwhile, and irrationality.

    While not all people are like that, as I’m sure you should know by now, a lot of the people you meet can be total b*stards. And as long as people remain more devoted to themselves than to society as a whole, socialism will not achieve its goals but only be abused by all the b*stards who can wring benefits out of it.

    I wouldn’t mind discussing/debating this with you further.

  9. frmad Says:

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  10. INDRA Says:


  11. Scott Thong Says:

    Ehh… I still have to agree with what Jamie has said – that while Hindu/Indian influence had control over Malaya in the past, at no point did ethnic Indians mass migrate and populate Malaya. Or where are the genetice descendants of those migrants?

    It would be helpful if someone actually quoted some text or a link that provides the information, instead of throwing flame-attacks without any useable information. Srysly.

  12. Jamie Says:

    I can quote you any number of scholars who agree that the Indianization of Southeast Asia (which includes Malaysia) does not extend beyond religious, cultural and linguistic/language influences. At no point in time was there a colonization of Malaysia, neither was there a mass migration UNTIL after the British colonized the Malaysian region.

    Sure you can have your rights, there’s nothing wrong with that in my opinion. Just make a distinction between 1) fact: Indians did not mass migrate to Malaya/Malaysia at any time before the 18th century and 2) fiction: claims that Malaya/Malaysia is a country that belongs to Indians. Malaysia belongs to all the races equally.

    I believe that much of local history in Malaysian textbooks tends to be written with a certain angle and is lacking in objectivity. I prefer to rely on international journals and publications from internationally recognized institutions like the Institute of Southeast Asian Studies in Singapore. I can get differing viewpoints that way and can make my own conclusions.

  13. Jamie Says:

    So don’t bother buying me a Sejarah Malaysia textbook. I’d just recycle it.

  14. Scott Thong Says:

    I second the opinion that our Sejarah textbooks are biased. It’s just because that the facts they deal unfairly with are not as emotionally contentious as Japan whitewashing its WW2 atrocities that no one makes a fuss about it.


    BUT! Then again… The above commentors who claim Malaya was populated by ethni Indians DO have a point.

    If culture, language and religion are all that is Contitutionally needed to become a ‘Malay’ – no genetics involved – then the same reasoning could be made to say that at a point in ancient history, most of Malaya was ‘Indian’!

    “Malay” means a person who professes the religion of Islam, habitually speaks the Malay language, conforms to Malay custom and –
    (a) was before Merdeka Day born in the Federation or in Singapore or born of parents one of whom was born in the Federation or in Singapore, or was on that day domiciled in the Federation or in Singapore; or
    (b) is the issue of such a person;

    Article 160 of the Constitution of Malaysia

    Such an argument boleh applicable only in Bolehland of course.

  15. Jamie Says:

    However, history still tells us that Islam took over the Malay Archipelago in the 16th century. So they went from Indians to Malays.

  16. ramanath Says:

    Jaime, you claim history says no mass migration of indians into now Malaysia? WHAT ABOUT LEMBAH BUJANG IN KEDAH AND MELAKA CHETTIAR. That could be the tip of iceberg. Think, could Malay genes now are decendands of Chinese plus Indians. Corelate this with “penghijrahan melayu kedua” from south of china. Look at chindians – they look exactly like malays. Could THIS STOCK HAS BEEN MIXED AND CONQUERED BY BUGIS ,ACHEHNESE ECT PRODUCING THE PRESENT STOCK. The difference now is Islam, a religion that is at war with every civilization on earth. This produces an uncompromising position of domination. Malays by themselves are kind and hospitable people. ….. a remnant of Hindu influence. Now it is Islamic force to the fore. A global destruction unfolding before us as foretold by Nostradamus. .. this is God’s colossal drama.

  17. Jamie Says:

    Back up your claims by solid historical, biological, anthropological and sociological research, and I will change my position.

    Please don’t mix up “Hindu” with “Indian”. “Indian” can include things other than religion. When you read the ancient history of Malaya, you will realise that the polity in Lembah Bujang was a HINDU not INDIAN polity. YES they were INDIANIZED, but they were NOT ethnic Indians.

    As for the Melaka Chettiars, what sort of yardstick are you using to claim ‘mass’ migration? By proportion, the Chettiars were much lower than the locals. Why, given your criteria, it might even be possible to argue the case for the Chinese as there were many traders from China coming to Melaka. Even the Arabs qualify in your criterion. So why not say that there were ‘mass’ migrations of Arabs and Chinese while you’re at it?

    Research of early migration patterns traces the Malays as coming from Southern China to Taiwan, then to the Philippines and onwards to Melanesia. From there, they moved on to the rest of the Malay archipelago. If anything, they’d be more related to the polynesian peoples than the Indians.

    You are jumping to a conclusion without solid research evidence when you cook up a theory based on how they look on the surface. For one thing, it seems unlikely that this type of mixing would produce the vast numbers of Malays that were existent in the Archipelago. Furthermore, if Malays are the result of Chinese and Indian mixes, then why are they genetically dissimilar? For example, it has been found that genetically, Indians tend to be more susceptible to heart disease, and Chinese to mental illness (I forget which one), but Malays do not share the susceptibility. If they were produced by straight mixing of the two, shouldn’t there at least be SOME remnant of these vulnerabilities? Evolutionary theory doesn’t allow for such rapid changes.

    What you are saying is something like “tomatoes” might be the product of crosspollenation of apples and oranges. They get the roundness from oranges and the red colour from apples.

    I would beg to differ than the kindness and hospitability are a remnant of Hindu influence. If that were so, why is there Hindu violence in India? It is more likely the result of communal living and close living quarters that predates urbanization and rapid social advancement. Might I remind you that it is not only the ethnic Malays who are claimed to be natrually hospitable. What about the tribal peoples of Indochina?

    I cannot accept your arguments as they are. I will accept them when you show me solid proof that has gone through rigorous peer-review from reputed, international journals.

  18. Scott Thong Says:

    May I suggest the follwing for any commenter on this subject:

    Make it clear what you’re proposing in your arguments: Whether Hindu influence affected part of Malaya or a majority of Malaya, whether people living in Malaya are genetically Indian or only in a small area, etc.

    Provide links or quote publications, or else it’s as good as pure conjecture.

    As for Hinduism promoting kindness and hospitability, I do not argue that those may be tenets of the religion. However, whether its practitioners actually carry out kindness and hospitability are a separate matter.

    See a piece on that by an Indian writer at

  19. Sanju Singh Says:

    Dear Jamie..u really should study from year 1 again…what to do if a dog bark.Always know things well first before u give any comment.I am a PHD holder from Heriot Watt University.your comment like a kid only.Do research on DNA and human origin.I can send u copy of DNA of Asian, if u want.We are doing research for DNA and Human origin since 1998.Pls Jamie dont let anyone from abroad or any PHD holder to read your stupid comment.Really pity u son.

  20. Jamie Says:

    o rly? You certainly don’t talk like an academic.

  21. wits0 Says:

    What has any person’s got to do with his or her right to an expressed opinion on a wide array of topics? There are not so highly educated wise people as there are nincompoop professors who vehemently side with Global Warming like Gospel truth. The measure of wisdom is not dependent on his or her academic qualification.

    I do not know Scott Thong personally or his educational “qualification” but I like his Blog and therefore comment here. I like to argue with him a little(for the fun of it mostly) and I also don’t have to endorse everything he writes and he doesn’t expect that too, I’m sure.

  22. wits0 Says:

    Correction: “What has any person’s academic qualification” got…

  23. Scott Thong Says:

    He must be one the recent batch of graduates. The ones after our education system got screwed up. You know, like in these cases:

  24. Jamie Says:

    Srsly I don’t care what he is saying. Anyone can claim to be a PhD holder. Besides, if he’s a PhD holder educated in the UK, he should know that one of the goals of a university education is training not to automatically accept opinions just because they are from a person who has authority. Like wits0 said, people who are “authorities” on global warming are sticking to a misleading theory.

    Anyway, if he’s at Heriot Watt doing research, how come his name is not listed in the staff anywhere?

  25. wits0 Says:

    Bolehland’s standard of education is so blardy low today, and for some time now, that it’ll take a graduate to put up a regular website and some not in the Computer Science stream mostly cannot even operate a PC well. Barely Computer literate.

  26. bullied Says:

    “The Reid Commission which prepared the framework for the Constitution stated in its report that Article 153, the backbone of the social contract, would be temporary only, and recommended that it be reviewed 15 years after independence. The Commission also said that the article and its provisions would only be necessary to avoid sudden unfair disadvantage to the Malays in competing with other members of Malaysian society, and that the privileges accorded the Malays by the article should be gradually reduced and eventually eliminated. Due to the May 13 Incident, after which a state of emergency was declared, however, 1972, the year that Article 153 was due to be reviewed, passed without incident.”

    Paragraph 11 –
    Resources : Books from MALAYSIAN authors.

  27. CyberGandhi Says:

    To those criminal lawyers, the legal suit was the quickest way to become billionaire overnight, but they landed in jail

  28. what Says:

    hehe hindraf is actually is asking for deadly racial riots between 8% indians and approx 50%+armed forces+ police force,which are malay-dominated. Guess what will happen then? destruction and total elamination of the indias aka “true ethnic cleansing”.

    Revoking the malay special rights is virtually impossible. If anyone wants/daydreams to do such a thing,he/she must be confident enough to get at least 2/3 parlimentary support and also approval from the agong and rulers council,which I think is 100% impossible. If the army takes over the country after the racial riots, the indians would be in big trouble!!

    The best solution for tackling indian’s marginalization and discrimation so far is by having a closed negotiation between the indian NGOs and the government without attacking NEP or bumiputra status,which is extremely sensitive to the malays.

    the hindraf cannot walk alone.It clearly needs support from the malays, but in a right way. confronting with the malays is merely useless.

  29. hutchrun Says:

    Rajaraja Chola conquered peninsular South India, annexed parts of Sri Lanka and occupied the islands of the Maldives. Rajendra Chola sent a victorious expedition to North India that touched the river Ganga and defeated the Pala ruler of Pataliputra, Mahipala. He also successfully raided kingdoms of the Malay Archipelago.

    Jalan Raja Chulan in Kuala Lumpur is named after the rajas of Chola.

  30. hutchrun Says:

    hehe hindraf is actually is asking for deadly racial riots between 8% indians and approx 50%+armed forces+ police force,which are malay-dominated. – what

    Hindraf has denied they are anti malay. There were malay participants at hindraf rallies too. They are against anti-UMNO policies that created the necessity for hindraf to exist.

  31. wits0 Says:

    “closed negotiation”

    That’s something the Umno’s BN component sycophant parties have been allegedly doing for decades. Look how effective the MIC, e.g., has been! Apparently. for selling asses and one’s mother, closed negotiation are always indicated. The politicians involved are so honest and forthright that transparency in any process is alway redundant in great M’sia!

  32. Nick Says:

    “His suit also asks the British courts to declare the Malaysian constitution void for not safeguarding the rights of ethnic Indians, and seeks British citizenship for the group.”

    This is the main problem. A void constitution makes the declaration of independence void, thus making the country back to British Colonial rule (in which case that covers the second demand of that quote).

    By making that demand, Waytha Moorthy just made the Malaysian govt. his enemy. Race issues aside, any govt would find it hard not to take action when its citizen ultimately seeks to void the independence of that country.

  33. citizen Says:

    hey,i think no need to argue about all this that only make problems is getting more worst, coz no point u teling de problems here. i as a muslim guy.. we all as a human we came to this earth to survive…very individual have their own all matter of skin colour…as a human, one day we all going to wat is im trying to say is that why not as we all stay in one country..why not de goverment just give equally right to every citizen in malaysia…is that a big problem?? why dont u all understand about that.. n if u say that de goverment already give de equal right to every citizen in malaysia. i wont believe that….(THE MALAYSIAN INDIAN ARE NOT ASKING TO CONTROL THE COUNTRY BUT TO GETS EQUAL RIGHTS AS MALAYS) if u tell me is nothing wrong with that…so pls dont mistaken them..

  34. Scott Thong, Leading Malaysian Neocon | weehingthong Says:

    […] is the best way to influence change in this country for the better – not Bersih rallies or HINDRAF rallies (despite how impressive they may be and how over-reactionarily the government […]

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