Malaysia Uses Fauxtography From Sockpuppet Fake Blog in ICJ Pulau Batu Putih Case

Malaysia and Singapore are currently involved in an International Court of Justice over which nation rightfully has control of the small island Pedra Branca, known to Malaysia as Pulau Batu Putih. 

(UPDATE 24 MAY 2008: Singapore wins the case.)

And strangely enough, our Malaysian government – which as has in the past repeatedly dismissed bloggers as karaoke singers, goblok, monkeyslying females and unemployed good-for-nothings – used an image from a blog as evidence in the ICJ case.

But don’t celebrate the new open-minded paradigm yet.

Because it was a faked image.

Why do we say faked? Because as this image from Simply Jean shows, the image has been touched up to show a Johor mountain 7 times nearer and larger than reality.

Singapore’s version:


Malaysia’s version:


I saw television footage of the island and the mountain behind, and I would have to agree with the Singapore version above. 

And it was sourced from a sockpuppet, fake blog.

Why do we say fake? Because upon further examination, the blog in question,, only had a mere four entries in October 2007 and eight entries in November 2007 when it was exposed.

(UPDATE 24 MAY 08: Still no new content on the fake blog.)

The blog post on the disputed island of Pedra Branca, with the image-edited picture of the lighthouse and Johor mountain, was only created on 2 November 2007 – four days before the ICJ proceedings.

And the text of blog post is plagiarized almost 100% word for word from the Wikipedia article on Lighthouse. Talk about a lazy, half-a$$ed con job.

Ladies and gentlemen, this may very well be a case of Malaysia’s government engaging in sockpuppetry – blogging and commenting under a pseudonym in order to praise oneself and support oneself. That should really show those anti-Government bloggers that Kerajaan Malaysia Boleh!

If our government really were responsible for it, well, I suppose we should expect that kind of quality from the loyal Government Enslaved Servants.

This attempt at deception is on par with the Western lie-beral mainstream media fakery. Looks like our Look East, hate Western Imperialism fellers pick and choose what they want to learn from the West.

In fact, it’s incredibly reminiscent of the fauxtography related to the Israel-Palestine conflict, as I give several examples of in Malaysiakini: Are US News Agencies Biased Against Palestine?.

And just like the dishonesty in the above cases, this particular made-in-Malaysia fraud was exposed by a bloggerSingaporean Simply Jean.

Proving once again that Wikipedia is dominated by non-Government Enslaved acolytes, the article on Pedra Branca has a section on the controversy with links.

My question now: Should the perpetrators be detained and punished? Both the (likely Malaysia based but lying through his teeth) blogger, and his masters? Because remember, our very own Prime Minister warned that online liars will be detained!

Read all about it at Jeff Ooi: Malaysia uses plagiarist’s blog to claim Pedra Branca at ICJ?

Also covered at What A Lulu: Lulu’s Attempt To Be Petty

So tell me, good sirs, who are the liars now?

Bloggers who exposed the fauxtoraphy in the fake blog?

Or the powers behind the fake blog who are attempting to pull a scam on the international level?

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8 Responses to “Malaysia Uses Fauxtography From Sockpuppet Fake Blog in ICJ Pulau Batu Putih Case”

  1. ngyt Says:

    The misleading picture issue does not carry much weight in either countries’ cases.
    Why did it become an issue at all?

    One key thrust of the Malaysian legal team’s case is aimed to show that the British did receive explicit permission to use PB/PBP from the Johor sultanate thereby proving that the British had recognised Johor’s sovereignty over PB/PBP all along.

    The Malaysian legal team submitted that there existed an important letter which had requested for explicit permission. This letter was said to have been sent from the British governor of Singapore to the Johor sultanate. However, the legal team said that Malaysia does not have possession of the letter and alleged that it is in the possession of Singapore’s National Archives which had not replied to their requests for the letter. As Malaysia could not produce the evidence (the letter), this allegation actually counts for very little weight in the overall consideration of sovereignty over PB/PBP.

    However, this insinuated that Singapore’s National Archives had been dishonest. This is unfair because if such a letter did exist, it should be in the possession of Johor’s archives as the Johor sultanate was the receipient. The Singapore legal team expressed dissappointment with prinicpally this insinuation. See report –

    In retaliation, the Singapore legal team highlighted the inconsequential but juicy misleading picture issue.

    Clearly, it was just a case of tit-for-tat.

  2. Scott Thong Says:

    Thanks for the link to info, ngyt.

    But on the issue of the picture, one the following implications remain:

    1) Either Malaysia’ team was ignorant of the fakeness of the photograph, showing them to be inept or lazy to check their sources, and none of the team having ever actually BEEN to Pulau Batu Putih which would have alerted them to the discrepancy in the size of the mountain;


    2) Malaysia’ team realized the inaccuracy of the photo, and was knowingly complicit in submitting it;


    3) Malaysia’ team was directly or indirectly behind the photo and the posting of the photo on the ‘independent’ blog, seeing as the blog in question follows the ‘few posts which are very recent and contain only plagiarized material’ format of spammer sites.

    To me, it’s just shameful either way.

  3. wits0 Says:

    Umno knows no shame. M’sia wasn’t always like that…lies became an expediency as exaggerated “nationalism” overides everything else, in its name. The mass reliability index went to the dogs. You can’t even lend out a personal loan and expect to see it come back….and for a very long time too.

    Truth and justice are no longer Malaysian way

  4. tuah Says:

    The PICTURE that u presented is very weak & irresponsible. Please go to TG Belungkur and see with your naked eyes

  5. Scott Thong Says:

    Dude, WHICH picture? The super-close-to-Malaysia one which doesn’t look anything like the moving film footage I saw on TV, or the quite-far-from-Malaysia one?

    In any case, you could always compare the height of the mountain (the tallest in Johor is Gunung Ledang at 1276m, but way too far away to be considered) with the distance from Johor to the island (14.3 km).

    Anyone with knowledge of math or geography care to calculate how high a mountain roughly 1276m tall would look at a distance of 14.3km? Heck, we don’t even know which mountain is supposedly in the picture!

    Johor is a pretty flat state btw. Hardly any hills in the whole of Southern Johor.

  6. wits0 Says:

    I used to live in Tg. Tokong, Penang for some years facing the mainland(like Kepala Bata, e.g.). The opposing shore is not more than 5 miles away. The Main Range certainly don’t look that close with the naked eye.

    Everyone, who has dabbled in photography, knows how telescopic lenses compresses perspective.

  7. BriebraDeette Says:

    visit us!

  8. altun Says:

    cham mane nak menang, semua boleh, cut-and-paste pun boleh. chief gundu-bodoh rice anak yatim, mr win-win tu memang orang zaman batu!
    umno di dahulukan rasuah diutamakan

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