NST: Global Warming: Positive Benefits From A Hotter Planet

I’m becoming more and more convinced that the NST head editors are global warming skeptics. First NST: Nobel Peace Prize: Another Side to Gore’s Efforts to Combat Global Warming, and then especially NST Letters: Global warming: Inconvenient Truths of Another Kind, and now the following. (Although the term ‘positive benefits’ is somewhat redundant…)

The accompanying photo and caption for the latter two, which are chosen by the NST editors, are what really sells the skeptical editors idea to me.

Well, it’s definitely welcome news if at least one of the main local news media has not succumbed to the popular but fallacious consensus myths of anthropogenic global warming.

Kudos to the New Straits Times!


From NST letters (NST removes links after about a week):

   HotterPlanetBenefits1   HotterPlanetBenefits2


Global warming: Positive benefits from a hotter planet


Antarctic ice  comprises 85 per cent of the ice in the world.
Antarctic ice comprises 85 per cent of the ice in the world.

A UNITED Nations scientific panel has just released yet another warning about the perils of global warming. This latest report is the most frightening yet, with predictions of massive flooding, droughts, starvation and extinction.

This is actually nothing new, because over and over, the Inter-governmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), Al Gore and other proponents highlight the negative aspects of global warming while ignoring the positive aspects.

They trumpet melting Arctic ice as a portent of rising sea levels, while ignoring the increasing Antarctic ice that comprises 85 per cent of the ice in the world. They warn that less ice means less sunlight reflected into space, while keeping quiet about the increased evaporation, creating more clouds to block that hot sunlight. Warmer temperatures will lead to more sea evaporation, more clouds and more rainfall.

They lament the struggles of human-beloved species that prefer cooler climes, while turning a blind eye to the spread of other desirable species that thrive in warmer temperatures. After all, the warm tropics have the greatest biodiversity of any ecosystem.

They shed tears over the predicted increase in deaths due to hotter summers, while leaving out the reduction in deaths due to less cold winters in the IPCC reports.

They decry the effects that purportedly drier weather will have on agriculture, while neglecting to mention the longer growing season that will be permitted by warmer temperatures, nor the increased precipitation.Greenland today is frozen in ice, but at one time, it was warm enough to plant vineyards in, hence the “green” in its name.

They hysterically point out fractional rises in recent temperatures, while discarding centuries of documentation that show much warmer temperatures.

So, if the majority of people are afraid that global warming is causing catastrophic negative impacts on our way of life, it’s no wonder at all. Talk about the global warming issue is skewed towards alarmism.

Only one side of the climate coin is ever shown to the audience, as the global warming hucksters seek to manipulate public perception to support their flawed methodologies and politically-biased conclusions.

But just like the rest of the facts that do not agree with the pre-concluded “consensus” on global warming, such revelations are thrown into the dark hole of intentional ignorance.

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5 Responses to “NST: Global Warming: Positive Benefits From A Hotter Planet”

  1. wits0 Says:

    Scott, great to know you’re skeptical too about this Global Warming fawning. Too much faddishnes, politics and type B scientists with all their “scientific evidence”. The stridency with which this Doomsday Goracle was first announced years ago never convinced me.

    Badawi has once referred to it in, at least one of his speech, like as established fact.

  2. Scott Thong Says:

    Unfortunately, most world leaders have neither the time nor the will to stop and actually consider the facts. Therefore, they simply accept the majority view as espoused by the IPCC and UN.

    The standard global warmist response to the writings of skeptics (such as myself) is: YOU DON’T CARE ABOUT THE PLANET! YOU ARE A STOOGER OF BIG OIL!

    Seldom do they ever refute the arguments I raise. Nor do they address the fact that most of the skeptics’ arguments are based on IPCC data – which is sponsored by the UN. So where is the big oil and energy company influence on that data?

  3. SF Says:

    hey. you got “bankai-ed” by “renji” on nst wednesday heh. a datuk renji sathiah refute your article saying global warming is real. he claims to have facts to prove it. read it yet?

  4. Your Real News Says:

    here are some positive aspects on <a href=”http://therealnews.freehostia.com/wordpress/2008/01/15/global-warming-good-for-business/”?global warming
    Change is always happening, it is just a little faster than we are comfortable with on this occassion

  5. Lassen Says:

    cool picsxx

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