He Can Do But I Cannot Do… How Come One???

Oi, Malaysian gahmen! Can please explain to me why like this one?

How come when have street demonstration for fair elections it is ‘not our culture’, but when have street demonstration against Malayan Union it is important cultural and historical heritage?

How come when want to have gathering at British High Commission to make noise about British policy must arrest us for sedition, but when have gathering to burn flag at American embassy to make noise about American policy you can allow?

How come when we write blogs about real things we are called lying femalesunemployed good-for-nothings, karaoke singers, goblok, and monkeys, but gahmen bigshots can quote fake blogs in International Court of Justice?

How come when South Africa got apartheid Mahathir make big complaint and helped to end it, but when his daughter say Malaysia system is like apartheid he keep quiet and continue it? (Don’t forget us also Marina, not just Muslim women discriminated!)

How come when Barisan bigshots make jokes about woman’s monthly leakage everybody laugh, but when Opposition small potato asks Barisan guy not to be rude everybody scold?

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2 Responses to “He Can Do But I Cannot Do… How Come One???”

  1. wits0 Says:

    Scott, you ask questions that they can never answer. If they attempt to, they only descend deeper into the abyss.

  2. Strider Says:

    It is the pot calling the pan’s bottom black.
    One will not admit their mistakes, especially one that they see in others.
    This is the policy, glorify the better in the system, close the other eye on flaws.
    Problem solved. Problem avoided.
    Make more noise, the FBI of Malaysia (worse) ISA would hold your ass down.

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