Indonesia: Murdering and Beheading Three Christian Schoolgirls Gets Just 19 Years Jail

Ambush four innocent young schoolgirls while they are walking to school.

Kill three of them aged 15, 16 and 17 and wound a 15-year old who escapes.

Behead the schoolgirls before or after you brutally murder them.

Leave the heads near a police station and a church.

Feel astoundingly proud of your contribution to the struggle of your faith.

Get sentenced to ONLY 19, 14 and 10 years in prison respectively.

When released, most likely crow unrepentantly and prepare for more ‘brave warrior’ massacring of defenceless girls.

After all, the victims were only Christian.

Asia News IT: Light sentence for terrorists who beheaded three Christians

Wikipedia: Gereja Kristen Sulawesi Tengah

Pictures of the beheaded girls – WARNING, GRAPHIC VIOLENCE VIA LINKS. Edited for general viewers below.


Uncensored graphic pic 1


Uncensored graphic pic 2


Meanwhile, be executed by firing squad for allegedly leading riots that led to murders, after a trial that is riddled with discrepancies.

After all, the accused are Catholics – no further consideration is required.

Wikipedia: Fabianus Tibo

Inter Press Service: DEATH PENALTY: Legal Uncertainties Cloud Indonesian Case

BBC: Indonesia flashpoints: Sulawesi

BBC: Executions spark Indonesia unrest

You think up your own conclusion from the above two verdicts.

And you thought Malaysia was brimming with religious discrimination?

Hat tip to The Jawa Report

Also recall the ongoing murders, beheading and mutilation in Pattani, Southern Thailand.

UPDATE 13 APRIL 2010: Another case of beheading 3 Christian girls has the murderer shot by police and his accomplices arrested.

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21 Responses to “Indonesia: Murdering and Beheading Three Christian Schoolgirls Gets Just 19 Years Jail”

  1. Alex Says:

    Hey Scott,
    Can i get you to do me a favour?
    I would like to request a post on open theism and would love to her from you of what you think about it…

    Do share you thoughts yeah…
    But more importantly pray before you write…both of us dun wanna end up creating new dogmas and new ‘truths’ right?

  2. Jesus is my savior Says:

    I plead the blood of Jesus over you and this site and I seriously hope you repent for your posts and your actions. This goes to the webmaster and everyone who visits this site and does not feel saddened at it’s content.
    What are you gonna do to me after all I’m ONLY A CHRISTIAN.

  3. Jamie Says:

    Looks like you missed the whole point of this site. This site is exposing the brutality and wickedness of certain people, and you are asking the webmaster to repent from doing such things?

    Are you sure you’re a Christian?

  4. Scott Thong Says:

    Jesus is my saviour, I think you were misled by my writing style…

    I said After all, the victims were only Christian in a sarcastic and cynical manner to point out how depraved and prejudiced the killers of the three girls are. They think their actions are brave and justified because their victims aren’t Muslim.

    And they get only 10 years in prison for brutally murdering three girls. Because to the Indonesian authorities, these girls were ‘only’ Christian.

    And I cannot stand that!

    I too am ‘only’ a Christian… But I’ll rip their eyes out before I let them touch another victim.

  5. 666Downer666 Says:

    This site is great. Keep on the good work! And yeah… fuck Christianity!

  6. jeff Says:

    sick ! sick ! n sick! Indonesians.

  7. bow Says:

    Indonesia is indeed a very sick country, run by radical terrorists , their terrorism against their minority citizens, Bali and East Timor population is well documented and was declared as “Genocide” under UN uman rightd chapter!!!!

  8. azamalileo Says:

    ha ha ha ha

  9. Burgo Says:

    Not all Christians are Pussies, All you Knobs who give us Christians The Sh*ts Can Suck My B*lls.
    Satan is Gay!! So Are His Followers…F*GS

  10. kedung Says:

    Trimakasih ya dah mampir ke blog SAYA

  11. faris_jayz Says:

    Nice post! keep up! 🙂

  12. faris_jayz Says:

    Hope you will post more hot topics 😉

  13. Ron Says:

    Odd how adherents from the two major religions of “peace” demonstrate their beliefs in practice.

  14. Nasaei Ahmad Says:

    this is the very disturbing piece of inhumane act in a country that rule of law cannot fully enforced. When the local society feel certain actions or crime
    is ‘fair’..or ‘justified’ – they did it. And the government cannot do anything to stop it !

    Backwarded Muslim country.

  15. Scott Thong Says:

    Pretty much the same way they did at their respective very starts – one by killing and oppressing, the other by being killed and oppressed.

  16. Ron Says:

    Well, on the bright side, the faithful should be overjoyed that their loved ones are now in heaven singing with the angels. I’m sure this was all meant for the greater glory of Ceiling Cat.

  17. Zack T Says:

    As terrible as this incident was… let us not forget what Jesus taught us to do… and that is to forgive our enemies.. no matter what they did to us, as Jesus Himself forgave us for all the things we did against Him.

    The great news is that the parents of the murdered girls were able to forgive the murderers…

    Now that takes incredible courage and spirit to do… I must say.

  18. Scott Thong Says:

    Thanks for the tip Zack… It’s another Christian Testimony of Incredible Forgiveness.

  19. Zack T Says:

    Thanks for bringing up the article and providing the link. I spotted the article about the parents at the bottom of the page. =D

  20. Alexander Salim Says:

    Indonesia is a sick country, who all of these muslims thinks they are the RIGHTEOUS, kicking aside non muslims and chinese. Their minds full of thoughts that ‘the non-muslims’ bloods are halal’,, that stupidity makes them fear at nothing and stop for nothing to kill the non-muslims. We need someone to help us. We need someone to kill them all. I hope whoever read this would gather strength to help us and get rid of them. This is the sound of minority in Indonesia

  21. Nick Says:

    This goes beyond forgiving , what we see in the everyday happenings makes Jesus his suffering laughable !!

    I do not believe . but i have a certain respect for religions.

    As blindly following a brick house with a cheap cloth and a black meteorite ( which could be found on many places ) Is more a lack of oxygen in the brain by heat or repeated damage in the womb . I would not call a religion thus some call Allah

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