Kyoto Protocol: A STUPIDLY Expensive 10-year Old Child

With all the hoo-hah about the Bali climate talks, and finding a successor to the Kyoto Protocol Fail-Us-All Bankrupt-Us-All, it slightly miffs me that my letter on the worthlessness of Kyoto was not published in any of the papers.

So imagine my extra incensedness after I read the following from PhysOrg:

Japanese Environment Minister Ichiro Kamoshita, whose country is having difficulty meeting its Kyoto targets, referred to these troubles at the pact’s “birthday party” in Bali.

“It’s only 10 years old yet, it’s still a child,” he said. “At the age of 10, children can be quite difficult, and so it is with the Kyoto Protocol.”

Get that. To excuse the hopeless failings of Kyoto, despite all the hype and massively huge expense, Kyoto should be forgiven because ‘it’s only a 10 year old child.’ Give the Chosen One a while to grow up, and all will fall into pre-destined place.

Utter and total bullcrap.

All that will happen as Kyoto grows older is more failure and more expenses. Read my unprinted letter below for the INSANE EXPENSE of Kyoto that accomplished NOTHING.

And for all you global warming fearmongers who watch one debunked movie and suddenly consider yourselves experts whose job it is to go around criticizing skeptics for lack of research, links are provided to prove to your sorry faces that the ones who lack real research are YOURSELVES.

But of course, you won’t click them to check and see. Because followers of the Goracle are much more brainwashed, dogmatic and religiously faith-based zombie-sheeped than any theistic fundamentalists.


Successor to Kyoto Protocol: What Cost?

Since 1997, the Kyoto Protocol has been ratified by most of the developed nations of the world. Its goal: To reduce greenhouse gas emission levels which are blamed for causing global warming.
In this year of 2008, 185 nations will negotiate a successor to Kyoto Protocol at the U.N. Climate Change Conference in Bali. It is foreseen that even more stringent restrictions will be put in place for the new agreement.
But if the new protocols will merely be a stricter version of Kyoto, it might be prudent to first scrutinize what Kyoto has actually accomplished in this past decade. The Kyoto Protocol is directly responsible for:
Almost 23 billion Euros in penalties due to be paid by just three countries for not meeting greenhouse gas emissions limits: Italy (8.8 bil), Japan (8.8 bil) and Spain (5.3 bil), according to Bloomberg.

(Ref: Bloomberg via Moonbattery)
A rise of 6.2 billion Euros in energy costs for Germany alone, in the span of year 2005 alone, according to Canada’s National Post.

(Ref: Canada’s National Post via Classical Values)
A predicted 26% average increase in electricity prices and 41% average increase in natural gas prices, along with 200,000 jobs lost in each of Italy, the UK and Germany and up to 611,000 jobs lost in Spain to meet Kyoto targets for the year 2010.
And the above will be accompanied by a large loss in GDP:  2.1% for Italy (27 billion Euros), 3.1% for Spain (26 billion Euros), 1.1% for the UK (22 billion Euros), and 0.8% for Germany (18.5 billion Euros) according to the International Council for Capital Formation.

(Ref for above two paragraphs: PRNewswire)
Even if Kyoto were adhered to completely – which it clearly isn’t – the predicted benefit according to the Inter-governmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) would be a maximum reduction of just 0.07 degree Celsius by the year 2050.
This means that globally, a minimum of USD 150 billion a year is being spent for an annual reduction of just 0.001 degree Celsius. And Al Gore expects us to believe that Kyoto is going to save the world with this bare one thousandth of a degree?

(Ref: JunkScience)
And as the penalties incurred to various Kyoto signatory nations shows, Kyoto Protocol has not even succeeded in reducing carbon emissions as it is intended to. Is this not the very definition of throwing one’s money into a hole?
Kyoto Protocol is not saving the planet. If anything, it is hampering more visionary efforts by draining resources which could be used to build wind and solar power plants, develop more energy efficient technologies, and fund efforts to deal with – not attempt to halt – the natural climate change which has been taking place since eons before humans lit the first cooking fire.
The arguments for and against anthropogenic global warming may go back and forth, but the evidence against Kyoto Protocol – and any like-minded successors – is extremely well documented in the balance sheet of the world economy.
So to the 185 nations gambling the future of humanity on yet another senseless environmental fad, let me just say: Caveat emptor. Let the buyer beware.

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3 Responses to “Kyoto Protocol: A STUPIDLY Expensive 10-year Old Child”

  1. Verdurous Says:

    Similar scary economic predictions have been made about avoiding other environmental harms in the past (eg. ozone) and yet it generally works out cheaper than anyone predicted. So it will be with carbon emissions.

  2. Scott Thong Says:

    Good Gaia…

    You mean it was originally predicted that Kyoto would cost MORE than 150 trillion dollars?!!!

    We’re doomed!

  3. wits0 Says:

    The Kyoto purpose is mainly to secure big revenue to feed the UN bureaucracy and its useless elites for a better lifestyle and with minimal responsibility and accountability. How to further entrench a modern day superstition as perpetually inviolable, i.e.

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