Earthworm Jim Cartoon Opening Theme

Just felt like posting a short one about one of my favourite cartoons from way back when, Earthworm Jim. With Dan Castanella (the voice of Homer Simpson) overacting as the titular hero.

View video of the opening theme song of the cartoon, at this link:




Watch for the above part especially, that is slotted in just for unexpected, nonsensical laughs. Lolz!

That’s about how the whole show goes – weirdness, surrealism, absurdity, extreme melodrama over mundane everyday occurrences, and overdone monologues!


Earthworm Jim
The soil he did crawl 
Earthworm Jim 
A super suit did fall

Jim was just a dirt eating 
Chewing length of worm flesh 
But all that came to a crashing end 
Ha ha ha! 

Earthworm Jim
He’s such a groovy guy 
Earthworm Jim 
He rockets through the sky 

Hurtling through the universe 
Having lots of fun
Here comes Earthworm Jim
You know that he’s the mighty one 
Look out!

-Whistling interlude-

Despite his great big muscles 
And his really big ray gun 
Jim is still an earthworm 
But then he’s the only one 

With a super suit to make him really super strong, 
Jim can be a winner if we only sing along… 

Earthworm Jim 
We think he’s mighty fine 
Earthworm Jim 
A hero for all time 


Earthworm Jim 
Hooray for Jimmmmmmm




2 Responses to “Earthworm Jim Cartoon Opening Theme”

  1. Justin Says:

    fuh,earthworm jim still alive?? yeah babeh! the icon of the 16-bit video games era. man i love the game…

  2. DALIA RUBI Says:

    me encanta esa serie. earthworm jim ¡siiiiii!

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