12 Days of Christmas Spoofs And Christmas Joke Songs

Here are various spoof and political versions I’ve come across of that most modifiable of Christmas songs, The 12 Days of Christmas.

The full list of what was received over the 12 days of Christmas follow each link in white (which means it can’t be seen normally). Just highlight the blank area to see the lyrics after watching the vids, or if you don’t mind spoilers.

Due to too many references, I won’t be providing links for all the quotes and issues mentioned – go ahead and search for yourselves.



12 Days of Indian Stereotypes


On the twelfth day of Christmas my true love gave to me…
Twelve cricket ball tamperers
Eleven syllable names
Ten-minute yoga
Nine telemarketers
Eight Bollywood films
Seven-Eleven workers
Six IT graduates
Five Indian games!
Four Hare Krishnas
Three butter chickens
Two nosy inlaws
And a totally insuficient dowry


12 Days of Liberals (also at here)



On the twelfth day of Christmas, the Liberals gave to me…
Twelve senators failing
Eleven percent approval
Ten paychecks burning
Ninety thousand freezing
No more secret ballots
Seven hundred billion in new spending
Six troop funding cuts
Hillary’s Woodstock Museum!
Four bucks a gallon
Al Franken ranting
Two liberal Udalls
And a tax hike for every family!


12 Days of Huckabee (the Liberal Left’s favourite ‘evangelical’ 2008 U.S. Presidential Candidate)


On the twelfth day of Christmas Mike Huckabee came clean…
He’s just a Leftie
More social programmes
VP Chuck Norris
Money for power
Stole all the curtains
God’s own endorsement
Crazy fair taxes
One thousand pardons!
College for Hose
Bashed all the Mormons
Loved all the taxes
And didn’t know what NIE was!


12 Days of Starcraft (also at here)


On the twelfth day of Christmas, Blizzard gave to me…
Twelve Arbiters
Eleven Science Vessels
Ten Ultralisks
Nine Battlecruisers
Eigth Archons burning
Seven Zerglings swarming
Six Zealots fighting
Five newborn Queens! (disuptable)
Four Hydralisks
Three Marines
Two Terran Wraiths
And a brand new SCV!


Halolz has The Twelve Days of Team Fortress 2.


And The Twelve Days of Garfield.


The Twelve Days of Global Warming:


The Twelve Days of (totally non-religiously affiliated) Winter:


It’s Achmed the Dead Terrorist presenting his song, Jingle Bombs! (Bonus: First Achmed skit!)



It’s Rage Boy singing Infidels, Infidels, In the Holy Land and Sharia Don’t Be Late!



South presents Jesus and Santa Claus singing everyone’s favourite Christmas songs about… Themselves!


PS. And see also Twelve Days of Global Warming (by Al Gore)!

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9 Responses to “12 Days of Christmas Spoofs And Christmas Joke Songs”

  1. My favourite is jingle bombs Says:

    c’mon, you all would’ve heard this sometime on youtube. probably the best and funniest IMO.

  2. simon thong Says:

    Christmas will be here again, soon.

    “On the first day of Christmas,
    My true love sent to me,
    O-ba-ma for the economy.”

    Any contributors?

  3. some fool pretending to be 'simon thong' Says:

    this is so dumb its not even funny ass holes

    Name of commentor changed by blog host, ‘cos commentor’s a wussy tard

  4. simon thong Says:

    the simon thong who made this comment is not the simon thong earlier. Someone has no guts, too afraid to use his own name or a pseudonym.

  5. simon thong Says:

    When I comment on this blog, my name appears in BLUE. The simon thong who said “this is so dunm it’s not even funny ass holes” appears in BLACK. Now, he is a fake, and likely to be several ass**** in one. May his ass**** never close…LOL

  6. Janee Kipling Says:

    Great Read! Hey, did you know that this blog is cataloged by Big G news?I just checked your backlinks and seen it…demand to!lol.

  7. varundbest Says:

    Well I am quite sure that it would not be new for you but your blog s fantastic! I am sure that many guys would have told you before but I thought to let you know myself and boost your confidence.

  8. GINA Says:

    I am attempting to examine your weblog on my iphone, but its not working for some reason. Can you let me and other audience know what we have to do to read it by way of this kind of device.

  9. Jonathan Stars Says:

    Here’s another one by writers Stars and Beard: https://youtu.be/5UjJolnFWEc (By the way, I’m Stars.)

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