FOX is the Most Balanced U.S. Media

Via The Jawa Report and Malkin, here’s the conclusion of a study made by the non-profit, politically neutral, non-partisan George Mason University Centre for Media and Public Affairs:


PDF here. Center for Media and Public Affairs website press release here.

That’s right. Fox News Channel is THE MOST BALANCED media channel.

It is also the most trusted by people, with other channels more distrusted than trusted.

UPDATE Nov 2009: And reconfirmed here.

And via AoSHQ:

(i) all mainstream media outlets have a liberal bias; and (ii) while some supposedly conservative outlets—such the Washington Times or Fox News’ Special Report—do lean right, their conservative bias is less than the liberal bias of most mainstream outlets.

Meanwhile, only 19.6% of Americans still believe the liberal-dominated MSM.

Take that right in the teeth, all you lie-beral brainwashed zombies commenting about FOX’s alleged untruthful, shallow-minded, short-sighted biasedness at here and there.

Compare with the endless, blatant and often shameless lies exposed at the following:

Mainstream Media Dishonesty – 101 Liberal Media Lies

All Your Fakes Are Belong to Us

Malaysiakini: Are US News Agencies Biased Against Palestine?


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