Economics Quiz – What Malaysian Political Party Are You?

You earn 43.6 billion from your sales of oil. What do you do with it?

A. Spend 1.8 billion to build towers that will be the world’s tallest for 6 years, then lie mostly useless as a vertical pile of unrented office space.

B. Spend 230 million to launch an astronaut into space to wave the national flag into zero-G and carry out ‘scientific experiments’ of dubious nature and even more doubtful practical use.

C. Plan to spend 490 million to build a sports training centre 10,000 kilometres away in London, but cancel your grand schemes after massive public criticism.

D. Spend an amount that nobody is even sure of or won’t dare admit to build a massive 11,000 acre administrative capital that is mostly barren and empty due to poor planning.

E. Spend the money on improving the welfare of the citizenry, such as by lowering national fuel prices which would in turn increase productivity and boost the economy, thereby creating more wealth for all – including the government, which would then have more money to again spend on its citizens.

If you answered A, B, C or D, congratulations! You are the ruling Barisan Nasional party! Congratulate your smarmy self by spending more exorbitant amounts of money on your pet projects and lining the pockets of your cronies.

If you answered E, YOU IMBECILE!!! You are the wretched Opposition party! Don’t you know that there is no money available to subsidize fuel prices for the masses of unwashed people? The high exalted priest of Chinesebloodkeris Nut-jib Tun Razzie says so! Punish yourself by locking yourself up for sedition.


Above from The Star 31 Dec 2007.

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2 Responses to “Economics Quiz – What Malaysian Political Party Are You?”

  1. Samuel Skinner Says:

    I don’t think they should subsidize fuel prices- unless they are a huge part of costs. A better plan would be to use the money to build infrastructure, or if the government is totally corrupt- have it lower taxes. Lowered taxes helps rich people more usually, but it generally boosts the economy. (I can’t think of how taking less money from people will cause them to spend less)


    i wold spend on the welfare [ not begging for funds each time a hole-in-the-heart or some chronic medical condition crops up].
    The next would be on education [ serious and not lip service; many vernacular and rural schools are still in needy of basic amenities].
    Build a small but quality house for the poor and needy .
    Check the toll rise to prevent a rise in basic food and amenities.
    Pay for the maintenance of [ utility bills for ] places of worship for all religions.
    Increase the overtime payment for unifrom personnel [ police] on duty who at times work for 24 hours at a stretch.
    Check further detioration of the fuel price.
    Check and shelve mega projects which are deemed ‘Malaysia boleh’. There will be no end for this . Yes, if they contribute to the national economy.
    The swallowing of a live king cobra can be done by an individual but not for the sake of ” Malaysia boleh’.

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