Democrats Supported War on Iraq When It Suited Them – Video Evidence

So, the Democrats have staunchly opposed taking illegal-unilateral-fascist-war-death-attack-action against peaceful-benign-benevolent-progressive-niceguy-Saddam-Iraq since time immemorial?

Video proof of their unquestionably honest internal consistency is available at Youtube, with credits to The Jawa Report and Moonbattery and Gateway Pundit.













Solo acts of being total Demo-hypocrites on the Iraq War: Al Gore, Bill Clinton and John Edwards.

Give Iraq another few years to establish peace and pump out the oil, and these same Bush-bashers will be climbing over one another to take credit for fully supporting the surge and defeating terrorism in Iraq.

Honestly, how do any of you Dem voters even know for sure what your candidates really stand for? (To wit: Two-horse Hillary)


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9 Responses to “Democrats Supported War on Iraq When It Suited Them – Video Evidence”

  1. hutchrun Says:

    It was the Clinton administration`s actions in Bosnia that brought Islamic terrorism to Europe. Al Qaeda too.

  2. hedonese Says:

    any video evidence on local Msian politics? 🙂 too bad we cant vote for the republicans in PJ constituency haha

  3. Scott Thong Says:

    Do these count?

    Lingam tape –

    Violent treatment of protestors – and

    The infamous misogynistic bocor remark –

  4. hillary4prez Says:

    {This is NO rumor; it’s just not in mainstream media. You can google everything to see it’s true. This is not even half of it}


    Obama–>Rezko–>Auchi–>Saddam Hussein & Muammar al-Gaddafi

    -Obama got his money from Tony Rezko who got his 3.5 million from Nadhmi Auchi:

    -Rezko described his friendship with Auchi as “close”

    -Nadhmi Auchi is an Iraqi-born billionaire who was charged along with Saddam Hussein for conspiring to assassinate Prime minister (president) Abdul Karim Qasim and stood trial in 1959. (Auchi gave fellow Baath Party members machine guns from his home for Saddam Hussein.)

    -Auchi protected secret money for Saddam Hussein AND Muammar al-Gaddafi.

    (Remember, Obama’s Trinity church Pastor Wright went with Nation of Islam minister Louis Farrakhan in 1993 to visit Libyan socialist leader Gaddafi.)

    -Auchi also financially backed Saddam Hussein’s plan for a pipeline from Iraq to Saudi Arabia.

    -Rezko was also a business partner with Nation of Islam Founder’s son: Jabir Herbert Muhammad.

    Why isn’t the media talking about all of Barack Obama’s scary friends who have ties to the worst people in history?

    *Don’t forget William (Bill) Ayers and Bernadine Dorhn of the Weather Underground.

    *Obama’s cousin Raila Odinga who just became co-President of Kenya this week (after nearly 1,000 Christians were set on fire in churches and machete in the streets) whom Obama is said to be close to: –calling Odinga a few times a day and even during the New Hampshire primary is a major problem.

    -Odinga signed a secret pact with Muslim jihadists who were to ethnically cleanse Christians in order to enforce Sharia law (Muslim law: ban booze, ban pork, Muslim dress for women, Islamic courts, etc). Portions of NAMLEF agreement is right on the internet. There is also an under the table pact that is worse.

    *Obama’s cousin Raila Odinga was educated in communist E. Germany, and his father, Oginga Odinga led the communist opposition during the Cold War.

    And why does Raila Odinga use Obama’s exact same campaign slogan: CHANGE….Vote for CHANGE: Look at his website:

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  7. Ron Says:

    What a misleading title.

    House Vote – October 10, 2002

    R – 215 (97%)
    D – 81 (38%)

    R – 6 ( 3%)
    D – 131 (62%)

  8. Ron Says:

    Small Correction:

    R – 215 (97%)
    D – 81 (39%)

    R – 6 ( 3%)
    D – 127 (61)%

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