Ethical Alignments of Chaotic Liberals and Lawful Conservatives

Here’s one for all the Dungeons & Dragons fans. (Computer-game-only players like Baldur’s Gate, Icewind Dale and Planescape: Torment also count.)


Notice how Liberals Democrats support the following: Abolishing the death penalty for guilty murderers, easy abortions to kill innocent babies, light sentences for crime, banning personal-protection firearms, taxing productive citizens while rewarding welfare parasites, irresponsible freeloading for healthcare and other concerns, restraintless sexuality, open borders with supreme amnesty for illegal immigrants, appeasement of terrorists, the belief that random chance coincidentally put the universe and all life together, and flip-floppingstance-changing and lying about everything.

Conclusion: The Liberal Democrat’s leanings towards loose or absent laws shows that they are of the Chaotic alignment. Their hypocritical selfishness further puts them in the Chaotic Evil alignment.


                                      Typical Liberal Moonbats…


                                  With their unholy child sacrifice.


Meanwhile, notice how Conservative Republicans support the following: Upholding the death penalty for guilty murderers, banning abortions to protect innocent babies, harsh sentences for crime, legalizing personal-protection firearms, letting productive citizens keep their money while pressing welfare parasites to get a job, personal responsibility for healthcare and other concerns, controlled sexuality, controlled borders with strict law enforcement for illegal immigrants, strong opposition of terrorists/, the belief in an Intelligent Creator who organized the universe and all life’s complexity, and being honest and firm in convictions.

Conclusion: The Conservative Republican’s leanings towards strict laws shows that they are of the Lawful alignment. Their selfless do-gooderness further puts them in the Lawful Good alignment.


                                 A typical Right Wing Conservative.


No wonder Liberals and Conservatives don’t get along well, being of opposite ethical alignments.

This also explains the prevalence of vast Right Wing conspiracy theories among the more reality-challenged Liberals, i.e. Moonbats.

To the unhinged, Chaotic mind of Moonbats, all order is equally disdained and equally possible. There is no difference in difficulty between organizing a pocket-watch and organizing a country – and both are as malignant to a Chaotic.

Now I see how Moonbats can regularly spout out and believe in conspiracy theories such as ‘Bush planned 9/11’ or ‘The U.S. government assassinated Martin Luther King’ or ‘Jews manipulate the economy to rule the world’ – which any sane person would realize is exceedingly improbable to pull off, let alone keep secret.


Just because the Chaos-worshipping Moonbats couldn’t organize their own shoelaces into a knot, they assume the Lawful-aligned Right Wingers have the inhuman capability to organize impossibly complex plots to destroy their precious liberties.

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8 Responses to “Ethical Alignments of Chaotic Liberals and Lawful Conservatives”

  1. hutchrun Says:

    On the other hand a conservative is a liberal who`s been mugged by reality 🙂
    Barak Obama has a plan to reduce the afro workforce in US prisons – let them out, and put in more whites I guess.

  2. Scott Thong Says:

    A liberal is a conservative who got arrested.

    A conservative is a liberal who got mugged.

  3. hutchrun Says:

    In case anyone`s interested here`s a PDF file for which Stephen Coughlin was sacked as the Pentagon specialist on Islamic law and Islamist extremism, from his position on the military’s Joint Staff. The action followed a report revealing opposition to his work for the military by pro-Muslim officials within the office of Deputy Defense Secretary Gordon England.:

  4. Samuel Skinner Says:

    Liberals are neutral good and conservatives are lawful neutral. The D&D system is based on group you are attempting to help and how high estem you hold order. Libertarians would be choatic neutral and communitarians would be lawful neutral.

  5. thenonconformer Says:

    Law and order starts first in the leader’s own life

    I too as some would falsely say that I am a suppossed liberal who hates all conservatives… more likley I rightfully I hate all bad politicians.

    I am not only transparently honest, straight forward, and rightfully too, but I rightfully do still judge any of our leaders not only per their past words, promises, acts, but also by a higher exemplary standard now as well especially when they profess to be Christians, or rather as often in reality so called “Christian alcoholics”.. which is rather an oxymoron.

    I have not been partial too or any more severe with the Conservative PM Stephen Harper, Brian Mulroney and their mostly bad federal cabinet than I have been with the Liberal PM Paul Martin and his bad cabinet, Jean Chretien and his bad cabinets.. nor do I try even kiss the butts of any of Canada’s premiers now too, for they too get a kick in the but from me wan they rightfully deserve it, on behalf of all Canadians now too, Liberal, NDP, and Conservatives ones too.

    a bad Liberal is as bad as a BAD CONSERVATIVE in reality..

  6. gary2idaho Says:

    holy shit, you can pile it up high, lol not!

  7. Simon Thong Says:

    Some like to play with words.

  8. btech Says:

    Liberals are chaotic, and conservatives are lawful, in my opinion. Robin Hood was Chaotic Good and liberal. Lancelot was lawful good, and conservative. The good, neutral or evil aspects are case by case – these is nothing intrinsically good or evil about being conservative, and nothing intrinsically good or evil about being liberal. Conservatives believe in hierarchies, rules and structure. Liberals believe in being true to themselves and doing their thing. Conservatives believe that respect is in answering to higher authorities and in responsibility to their tribe. Liberals believe that respect is in being authentic and honest with those they trust rather than in behaving as they think they are supposed to or in terms of what someone else has clarified is expected of them. For conservatives, following the rules and behaving as expected is a sign of loyalty. For liberals, being honest about how they feel and not being duplicitous or playing a role that they find artificial is a sign of loyalty. Just my take.

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