Najib Blames on Global Warming For Govt’s Poor Preparation to Local Floods

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From NST 18 Jan 2008 (NST links are defunct after a week): 


Dealing more seriously with global warming in Malaysia Plans
By : Sheridan Mahavera and R Sittamparam  

KOTA TINGGI, Jan 18:  

Global warming and climate change will be dealt with more seriously in the Ninth and 10th Malaysia Plans, which will feature a chapter on measures to mitigate its effects on Malaysians.

Initiatives will include stringent regulations on residential projects built in low-lying areas and projects to reduce the incidence of floods, said Deputy Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Abdul Razak.

Some of the initiatives have started such as placing sand dredging machines in all major rivers in the country to deepen and widen them to increase their water carrying capacity during extraordinary rains. Others include requiring developers to take into account whether a certain area is considered flood prone before they start their projects and reviewing the designs for houses.

“A higher priority will also be placed on environmental conservation,” Najib told reporters after a ground breaking ceremony for a flood resettlement scheme in the Hulu Sungai sub-district here today.

During his speech earlier, Najib, who is also National Disaster Management Committee chairman, said the recent floods in December 2007 had cost the country RM900 million in damages to public infrastructure, private property and agriculture assets. The ones before that in January 2007 and December 2006 wrought RM1 billion in damages.

“Imagine that from now on, the Government has to deal with RM1 billion in damages every year due to extraordinary floods brought on by global warming,” he said. “So in the Ninth and Tenth Malaysia Plans we will to focus on dealing with its effects.”


The hidden subtext of Nut-jib’s Tun Razzie roping global warming into the picture?

Don’t blame the government administration for being inept. It’s Bush’s fault for causing global warming that Barisan Nasional has no control over.

Just as with Gurney Drive, these fool-some-of-the-people-all-of-the-time politicians avidly hope to trick us into believing that the 0.00034147% of the atmosphere increase in carbon dioxide has more direct impact on local rivers than lousy drainage systems, deforestation, construction, bad village placement and poor administration.

If you have to ponder about the veracity, sanity, honesty and intelligence of his remarks, do recall that this is the same man who told us that none of the 43.6 billion oil money is available to spend on the citizens, peaceful rallies such as the ones which formed Malaya are not Malayan culture, we shouldn’t vote Opposition no matter how displeased we are with Barisan Nasional, and that he would gladly bathe his keris in ethnic minority vital fluids.

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10 Responses to “Najib Blames on Global Warming For Govt’s Poor Preparation to Local Floods”

  1. hutchrun Says:

    I rather like this headline, which neither Najib nor the NST could read:

    Mercury drops, revives cold wave

  2. hutchrun Says:

    Btw Nut-jib will have to deal with this very soon. Today`s the day that:

    EU considers banning the import of certain fuel crops
    [ ]
    The draft EU rules probably would have the biggest effect on growers of palm oil in countries like Malaysia and Indonesia, according to Matt Drinkwater, a biofuels analyst with New Energy Finance in London.

  3. hutchrun Says:

    Well well, here Raja Petra`s latest masterpiece:- where after many years of the Ayatollah`s revolution:

    ran, for example, is not a failed state because it is non-white or because it is an Islamic country. It is a failed state because the West propped it up and closed its eyes to the human rights abuses under the Shah.

    RPK (boy wonder) in a comment:

    Dear Yen Moy, your ‘white skins’ taught the ‘yellow skins’ how to smoke opium and when the ‘yellow skin’ government tried to stop it the ‘white skins’ attacked the ‘yellow skins’ and took Hongkong. By the way, only 20% of the world is ‘yellow’. Is that ‘so many’? You feel the ‘white skins’ should nuke China and reduce the figure to a comfortable 5%? I suppose ‘yellow’ is better than yellow outside and white inside don’t you think so? If not then we would become a banana.

  4. Scott Thong Says:

    He is as biased and one-sided as the carefully-selected Westerners he loves to bash (exactly the same as Dr M and Pak Lah are), only choosing to highlight the media-ites who are pro-Israel, pro-West and anti-Islam.

    What, no mention of Al-Jazeera’s alternate-reality coverage? Or the liberal media’s pro-Palestine bias to the point of lying and faking?

    Humongous list in post and in comments below:

  5. hutchrun Says:

    Talking of that, here`s one:

    In a lecture sponsored by the Herzliya Interdisciplinary Center, Frattini also issued a massive mea culpa to the State of Israel on behalf of the European community for its treatment of Israel during the second Intifada.

    “There has been a large misunderstanding in recent years between Europe and Israel. And Israel is justified in its concerns. For too long, Europe has put too much blame on Israel for lack of peace with the Palestinians. We, as Europeans, should have understood Israel’s concerns sooner,” said Frattini.

    The European official also noted that “as friends, it was our duty to criticize when we felt criticism was needed, but we did it too often and unfairly. We asked you to take risks and often we didn’t provide you with assurances that you wouldn’t stand alone if things went badly.”

    Frattini continued to say that, “Europe’s attitude towards Israel is changing, and today, Europe better understands the complexities of the Middle East landscape.”,7340,L-3497543,00.html

    Poor RPK, and poor KTemoc howling at the moon `cos there`s a bad moon on the rise.

  6. Scott Thong Says:

    hutch, that last one is definitely Moonbattery material. Head on over and tip them off on it! Seriously!

    It bears asking though, if the report’s statements are true…

    What segments of the populace are the oens experiencing and contributing to the ‘rising anti-Semitism’ in Europe? Hmm?

    And would this same segment’s recent behaviour in European societies be the reason why Europeans may be siding with Israel more? As the European locals get to see firsthand the kind of attitudes that the Israelis deal with every day…

  7. hutchrun Says:

    Righto, sent it. There certainly is a change in Europe`s mood. I`m waitin for Wilders` movie
    which is a reflection of the changing times.
    I would say the report`s true enough. Olmert was there as well.
    John Bolton was there too where he told Israel that the US was not dependable on the Iran threat. But I wouldn`t say the Isarelis are sleeping (tho` the omelette is making life difficult):

    First Israeli polar spy satellite is launched from Indian space center, begins transmitting

    The 300-kilogram Tecsar is the most advanced of Israel’s satellites. It is the first to be equipped with Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) that allows its camera to take high-resolution pictures of small targets in cloudy or foggy weather at any point on earth.

    It was launched from India because the Sriharikota space station in the southern state of Andhra Pradesh is positioned for boosting a satellite into polar orbit. Our military sources report that with Tecsar aloft, Israel will have complementary access for tracking Iranian’s nuclear and military activities that provided by its Ofek spy series..

    The satellite, developed by Israeli Aerospace Industries, was launched by India’s Polar Satellite Launch Vehicle Monday, Jan. 21, at 05:45 Israeli time. It has signaled its smooth entry into orbit around the globe. First images will be beamed down to earth in two weeks.

    This was India’s second commercial mission on behalf of a foreign country and was acclaimed in NewNew DelhiDelhi as an “important milestone” for India’s space program.

  8. hutchrun Says:

    What segments of the populace are the oens experiencing and contributing to the ‘rising anti-Semitism’ in Europe?

    That would be the `happy products` generation brought up on eurabia thrills. Lazy good for nothings living off the welfare state. The best thing for europe now would be a recession, and for the mid east countries a oil price slump.
    Then they can think of their bellies first instead of stupidities.

  9. Scott Thong Says:

    John Bolton consequently stated that it is now Israel’s hour to consider military action against Iran, noting that “the question now comes to Israel, whether it will use military force to stop Iran.”

    Well you gotta admit, when it comes to lightning fast covert attacks to take out mass-destruction threats to their tiny nation, Israel is the l33t.

  10. wits0 Says:

    RPK is going frenetic again for the PKR’s side as he did a decade back and it looks like he has nothing new to offer but the same old cloistered racism. The same old (established) anti-Western, anti-Israel rants. Something of the selfsame mark of Cain.

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