Evil Israeli MONSTERS Use MONSTER Sized Bulldozers

Teh Israelis are sooooo evuuuuul!

They even buy super-giant sized armored war bulldozers to crush teh poor, innocent Palestinians who refuse to surrender their rightful homes to teh evuuuuul Zionist imperialist conquerers!!


Aaaaah! It’s the Zionist Metal Monstar! It has crushed Rachel ‘Intifada’ Corrie, now it wants to crush firewoods gatherars!




And if teh joooooooos get really mad, it will transform into an even biggar Deceptahcon death robot of mass destructshens!!!

(The claims about the Komatsu_D575 being the real largest bulldozer found on so-called factual websites and Wikipedia are obviously written by pro-Zionist, half-Jewish blooded liars.)

Meanwhile, the Zionofascist siege on Gaza is getting so evuuuuul, that they even ban sunlight from being used by teh poor Hamas rocket-launching terrorists Palestinian innocent peeples who have no food (i.e. the HALF A TON of flour per person, daily that they apparently need):


                 I can has open curtains instead of using candles?

More proofs of teh evuuuuul Jewish plots to kill all good peeples such as good littul Pallies and their super honest liberal media frens:

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11 Responses to “Evil Israeli MONSTERS Use MONSTER Sized Bulldozers”

  1. hutchrun Says:

    There`s also the Mullah Kati* quoting Uri Avnery in his latest “heart wrenching” fart wah wah:

    The same Uri of whom:
    The ultra left is in a tizzy over an article by far-left, “progressive” Uri Avnery where he argues that there should be a two-state solution – in large part because there are more Jews than Arabs between the Mediterranean and the Jordan, and it is simply not acceptable to have a state where Jews are a majority in the Middle East. (I’m surprised he doesn’t call for an pan-Arab Islamic ‘Ummah to take care of that little problem.)

    *kati – (hindi) cut
    – (tamil) a sort of machete.

  2. hutchrun Says:

    Btw the 1st Muslim Prez of the US of A is rooting for a `contigous palestinian state` – which of course means carving out more Israeli territory:

    “The Palestinians have a legitimate concern that a state have a contiguous coherent mass that would allow the state to function effectively.”

  3. hutchrun Says:

    The Egyptian says:

    The people aren’t as hungry or suffering as you all claim: A Palestinian-american friend of mine just came back from visiting his grandparents in Gaza ( just jumped over the fence and back he said, no one is controlling the borders apparently), and he was telling me how the entire “they are hungry people looking for food” headline story is a crock of shit. He laughingly told me that they are buying motorcycles, mattresses and TV’s and other such basic survival needs (the media is confirming it if you think I am lying you big morons), and how some of his family members after going to Al Areesh-on the first day of the “people power” event-for vacation mind you, were like “This is Areesh? This sucks! Gaza is better!” and then went back the next day. He also told me that the price of the AK 47 in Gaza has now dropped to a measly 400 JD’s. There is apparently too much supply to the demand. Yay for Open Borders!

  4. Ice-Cream Intifada Against Israeli Imperialists « BUUUUURRRRNING HOT Says:

    […] the evil Ziono-Imperialist siege  of radioactive-mutant bulldozers and porn-queen Mossads has made the poor Palestinians SOOOOO lacking in basic […]

  5. Evuuul Zionists Tunnel 20 Metres Underground for 200 Miles to Steal Water From the Nile « BUUUUURRRRNING HOT Says:

    […] Use giganto-bulldozers to flatten entire Palestian peace villages in a single drive-by illegal non-…: […]

  6. jk Says:

    u r gay ok bitchs

  7. Scott Thong Says:

    No wonder Hamas hates us then, cos HAMAS FORBIDS GAYS.

  8. bleep Says:

    Rachel Corrie’s parents are here this week with four ISM terror supporters to testify in a lawsuit that the Corries have filed over their daughter’s death. Lenny Ben David writes a letter to the Corries which, if they actually read it, might give them some second thoughts over who was responsible for their daughter’s death.

    Mr. and Mrs. Corrie, leave Israel with our deep condolences. It may be easier for you to live with the belief that Rachel was an idealistic fighter for peace. Maybe she was, but she was also used as a tool and discarded. ISM actually tried to market her as the “new Anne Frank.” Her life was wasted by a cruel, opportunistic, radical movement for whom the ends justify the means.

    Sue them.

  9. bleep Says:

    Isn’t it amazing how the media continually calls Binyamin Netanyahu ‘intransigent’ but doesn’t even stop to consider whether that adjective more aptly applies to Abu Mazen?

    The Post’s editors can lament that Netanyahu isn’t as generous as his predecessors. But the reason there is no peace that Abbas and Arafat before him rejected generous offers. If they are demanding that Netanyahu accept deals that were previously rejected by the other side they are in fact rewarding intransigence, not advocating for peace.


    Read the whole thing. http://soccerdad.baltiblogs.com/archives/2010/03/09/intransigence_a_single_use_word.html

  10. butter flies Says:

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    Caterpillar sales accelerate across globe, rising 37 percent last month, led by Latin America

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