While Moonbat Media Fiddlesticks It to Christians, The West Burns

Moonbats seem to be totally convinced that the greatest threat to modern civilization is the very same force that built Western society in the first place – the Christians.

They base their notions on the actions of the church in ancient and medieval history; on nuanced readings of the Bible; and on isolated incidents perpetuated by nutter extremists.

But perhaps the strongest factor causing this completely skewed, LSD-high-style delusion among Moonbats is the portrayal of Christians as the demented evil arch-nemeses of peace in the mainstream media (the only source of knowledge for many armchair-rooted Moonbats).

Liberal media personalities like Kathy Griffin , Rosie O’Donnell and even Good Morning America regularly demonstrate their myopic hatred of Christians on air. (Ironically, Christian preachers who use the same kind of strong language against homosexuals would be denounced as hateful bigots.)

Recent cinema films are replete with portrayals of Christians as insane, Bible thumping murderers, such as Mrs Carmody in Stephen King’s The Mist; Silas and his masters in The Da Vinci Code; and God Himself along with the entire church in The Golden Compass.

Primetime serials join in, portraying Christians as hypocritical sexual perverts who stone people to death in their secret club and cover up the crime with a fake aura of holiness. Yes, I’m sure this happens as often as mugging murders. And then they top it off by showing how Christians like to behead Muslims. Oh yeah, totally not vice versa. (Meanwhile, 24 gets flak for trying to realistically portray actual world events. And oh, there are groups who actually DO stone people to death today.)

Even comic books are in on the Christian bashing. In the latest story arc of the X-Men, an earlier recurring main villian returns in the form of a Christian neo-fascist hate group led by a tele-evangelist style Reverend who is fanatically devoted to murdering all mutants. (With nary a mention of Christians who support peace, compassion and love – you know, like Jesus taught in the Bible that Moonbats have neevr peeked inside of but love to denounce?)

And public education in schools is not spared. Does anyone remember exactly who invaded that school in Beslan with guns and suicide explosive vests, took the children hostage for days, sexually abused the preteen girls, and eventually killed hundreds? According to this school exercise, it was probably churchgoers and they’ll do it again in America.

Yes, in the unreal fantasies of Moonbats, Christians really are the world’s worst people.

But while their noses are buried in skewed academia, fabulist entertainment and their own smugness, Moonbats neglect to watch the real-world news to find out what is REALLY happening in the world around them, today.

Are those Christians atacking police, rioting and burning cars? Are those evangelical pastors calling for a total war on all nonbelievers? Are those Bible Belt churches inciting and training people to go out and kidnap, bomb and behead Westerners?

You liberals believe that Christian fundamentalists could one day, possibly-perhaps-maybe-might-could-potentially intend to impose fascistic theological law, persecute atheists and homosexuals, treat women as chattel and cattle, and turn back the clock to the Dark Ages.

Well let me ‘enlightenment’ you about a fact: Proper educated Christians haven’t done that in centuries, and will likely not do it in the present or the future… But there are others groups who actively and violently attack freedom, nonbelievers, homosexuals and women every single day, RIGHT NOW, THIS VERY MINUTE.

And you atheists, who take such pride in your logic – I suggest you use it, and consider how many Christians REALLY take those out-of-context, seemingly violent Bible verses as their sole guiding vision. As opposed to other groups who are actively carrying out the specific, direct and literal violent commands in their holy texts, even as you are reading this blog post.

So go ahead and keep bashing Christians in the media and all over the Net. Someone else is even now gearing up to attack you haraam liberals and kaffir atheists.

And trust me: They are certainly not as stereotypically nice as your much-smeared Christians, nor will they use only words and logic to make their scimitar-point to you.

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36 Responses to “While Moonbat Media Fiddlesticks It to Christians, The West Burns”

  1. wits0 Says:

    Nicely put, Scott, sock it to ’em idiotarians! LOL!

  2. Samuel Skinner Says:

    Anti-theists critize christians for the same reason they criticize Muslim moderates- they are providing shelter to the mad.

    The reason the media isn’t receptive to Christianity and seem to have a double standard is because to outsiders it seems completely nuts.

  3. hutchrun Says:

    Anti theists are at least well positioned to receive the fruits of Allah as Eurabia becomes a reality. Btw what`s all that crap of the 3 Abrahamic faiths. There`s only one and that`s I-slam. The other 2 are `false`.

    Is Al Gore a Jewish grandmother?

  4. hutchrun Says:

    Johann Hari: Rowan Williams has shown us one thing – why multiculturalism must be abandoned

    The Archbishop has unwittingly pointed us towards a vision of a better Britain. Monday

  5. hutchrun Says:

    Despite Badawi’s statements about the common ground between the Bible and the Quran, Safa said he didn’t see how the two can truly be reconciled — particularly on the issue of who Jesus was.

    He said there “is not a single Islamic nation today that treats Christians right.”

    Safa said “religious intolerance is the official state policy” of Saudi Arabia and that for 1,500 years Christians have been persecuted — some even killed — in Muslim countries for their beliefs.

  6. hutchrun Says:

    If you are a believer, then you may want to blow one of these up and set up a small shrine to the Goracle in your bedroom or den.

  7. wits0 Says:

    Robert Rines will need such a shrine….

    Daily Record UK http://tinyurl.com/2hsplu

    Legendary Nessie hunter Robert Rines is giving up his search for the monster after 37 years.

    Despite having hundreds of sonar contacts over the years, the trail has since gone cold and Rines believes that Nessie may be dead, a victim of global warming.

  8. Samuel Skinner Says:

    Muslim nations do treat Christians terribly. The “Free and Democratic Republic of the Afghan People” (inherent lies in name: 4) sentanced a man to death for converting. But lets be fair- Muslims also hate other, heretical Muslims. Shittes vs Sunnis vs liberal Muslims, mystics and the like.

    What are the anti-theists doing wrong? Those who think they are giving into the Muslim world only have to read what they write to see that isn’t true. I mean Hutchins advocates killing Muslims until… I forget the quantifier, although in his case it could be “we run out”. The rest of the new atheists aren’t that brutal, although Harris and Dawkins are both pretty blunt in their accesment that Islam is incompatible with all we hold dear.

    The people at fault are those who value “moderate” religion. The people who stake out agnosticism as a stance, those who believe without question, hose who view the Muslim world as allies, those who believe it can be “reformed. The brutal truth is these fools are unwilling to see reality and understand what must be done… they would rather mouth platitudes and pretend nothing is wrong than face the reality of the situation. It is a two front war here in the states for antitheist- against Islam and the Christians who would defend them, the fools who would tie our hands because it is “offense” to them, because “faith can’t be questioned” and a million other pieces of crap. The fact of the matter is Christianity stands and tries to bar usfrom criticing Islam and using the lack of progress as an excuse to extend its own power. It is treason plain and simple.

    In Europe they have grown so soft under US protection they forgot that religious people believe what they say they do. They forget their own past and believed what they wanted to believe, rather than what is true. Now they pay the price for their laziness.

  9. hutchrun Says:

    I would say the prime movers of Eurabia like Umberto Eco and Xavier Solana are anti theists. They have been in the forefront of this new islamic revolution in Europa. Today Kosovo declares independence – 2nd after Bosnia.
    I look forward to separate homelands for British, French, Italian, Spanish etc muslims.

    The problem with Christianity is they take muslims to be another version of christianity – which it is not.

  10. Samuel Skinner Says:

    The problem with Europe is quite simple- they are weak. I don’t mean physically or mentally weak or else the US would be beating them at the Olympics. No they are weak in that they refuse to think- they take the easy path. Anyone ever read Dune? Remember what the easy path did to the Navigator’s Guild? This is the same thing.

    hutchrun, you don’t understand what anti-theist means. It is a person who is an atheist, believes religion is damaging and is openly hostile to it and actively opposes it.

    Don’t worry by the way. European muslims won’t get seperate homelands. Seriously haven’t you been reading about Eurabia? It means they take over the countries inside out. Like what the Christians did to the Roman Empire, but worse (not because the Christians were benevolent, but because France has nukes). I fear the day when the French military starts getting Muslims in their ranks.

    The problem isn’t that Christians assume Muslims are another spin on Christianity- the problem is the last 500 years has seem the church declawed. Islam by contrast maintains its insanity with pride. Where Christians would try to ignore tings like Jehrico, Islam would use it as an example of devout faith. Basically we have people who are from the 7th century in our world. We have to change them- either mentally or “euphemistically”.

  11. jedyoong Says:

    “I fear the day when the French military starts getting Muslims in their ranks.”

    Pakistan also has nukes now…..

  12. wits0 Says:

    “I fear the day when the French military starts getting Muslims in their ranks.”

    Akbar, a Muslim convert, is accused of ambushing his fellow soldiers in their tents at an encampment in Kuwait in March 2003, during the opening days of the Iraq war. Two U.S. officers were killed.
    Sgt. Hasan Akbar wrote in his diary about his plans to kill American soldiers:

  13. hutchrun Says:

    `hutchrun, you don’t understand what anti-theist means.` – thanks for explaining it. Seems to me unchanged from what I thought of it. Many antitheists do seem to have a passion for Islam tho`, maybe they think it as a balance to Christianity. But the fashionable antitheists would find their necks most tender under Islam (Christianity was already `dead` in the West as the antitheists partied).

    Muslims already have their little kingdoms in the countries mentioned. Surely you would have heard of the no go areas in UK, France etc. What is most needed would probably be the 1st muslim Prez of the US of A. That should lively up things.

  14. hutchrun Says:

    Last year I read somewhere that 15% of the French army consists of Muslim soldiers and that this is the reason why the French authorities do not have the army restore law and order in the Muslim suburbs. So far, I have not been able to find confirmation of this figure in official statistics. In September 2005, the Institut français des relations internationales (French Institute for International Relations, IFRI) published a report stating that 10 to 20% of the army is of immigrant origin, most of them North African. “Their loyalty is continuously questioned,” Christophe Bertossi of IFRI said.


  15. hutchrun Says:

    The problem isn’t that Christians assume Muslims are another spin on Christianity- – Samuel Skinner

    Oh yes they do. Which is why all that kissing of the koran, and bowing left and right, and all the other visual displays of dhimmitude to feed the mussulman`s narcissistic ego. Most recent was that Jackass of Canterbury drooling over Syariah Law.
    Over in the US they have got kids dressing up as arabs and fasting etc. Bloody hell it`s kinda painfull watching these lemmings.

  16. hutchrun Says:

    Beyond a fleeting awareness, the overwhelming majority of Europeans and Americans do not understand the new Eurabian entity, which only the first step in a steady progression toward its Arabization and Islamization. Europe has evolved from a Judeo-Christian civilization, with important post-Enlightenment/secular elements, to a “civilization of dhimmitude,” i.e., Eurabia: a secular-Muslim transitional society with its traditional Judeo-Christian mores rapidly disappearing….

    Most recently, this program of Euro-Arab symbiosis has been codified in a detailed report entitled, “Dialogue between Peoples and Cultures in the Euro-Mediterranean Area.” Released last October, this report (whose contributors included Umberto Eco and Tariq Ramadan) …


  17. Samuel Skinner Says:

    So basically to avoid the Muslims (commies) we have to go fundamentalist christian (facists)? Why do I feel like you are offering the west the same choice Hitler gave Germany? Wait… you are! Here is a strategy- oppose both. It is what I do. Christianity is not dead in the West- here in the states it is alive and fucking up the nation.

    You are right about multiculturalism and “hurt feelings”- this applies to all groups though. Christianity is as much bull and violence as Islam- it just has been domesticated and caged. Unfortunately for us people have forgotten it and some of the few people who do know it are said wacko Christians.

    The French aremy is 15% Muslim? Shit… especially if this is the reason why they couldn’t restore order.

    Okay I can see why you are worried. You should be. In fact if you live in those countires you should probably do what the militia people in the US do- arm themselves to the teeth, train and declare the government is a bunch of appeasing traitors.

    Claiming Christianity will help is so much bull. Christianity got purged from the continent by the continuous waring (WW1, WW2). I doubt you can bring it back. What I would go for is… outrage. Try to get people to feel a sense of insult- is our way of life not good enough for them? Do they think they are better than us? Do they think they deserve the good life at our expense? Do they think they deserve the right to take our country apart from the inside out?
    Quite simply you have to get people who are nice and comfortable with their lives willing to fight, kill and die. I know it is tempting to go with the religion card, but trust me, it won’t work. Europeans will not embrace the church again, unless things go completely down the toilet (in which case it is too late). You have to fight now and you have to sound completely normal. That is the key. Go one about how “we have lost our Judeo-Christian heritage and people will think you are a nut. Tell people that the country is being subverted by muslims (and carry evidence) and you’ll get a slightly better reception. Especially if you do it just after a terror attack (I have kept on hearing claims of peace “we are a religion of peace”, but yesterday the curtian fell down and it revealed war! How many more “incidents” must their be before you realize what is going on? These people want our heads.)

    See- we are partly on the same side (cept you still have the nutty Christian beliefs). Unless we are both in the states in which case the arguement is slightly pointless (but only slightly…).

  18. hutchrun Says:

    Haha. That`s the problem with pre conceived notions. I`m not a Christian (I dunno what I am-`cept that I too am God, Heinlen would have understood that).
    The christianity thingy would be more for those european nutjobs who have an extremely vacuous belief system after being indoctrinated for the last 50 years on the virtues of I-slam.
    But I do go back into history and cite Christianity as the bulwark to islam`s early adventure in Europe, and it`s subsequent demise, only to to Islam`s resurgence now. And this time there`s no christianity (as there was then) to stand in its way. The churches in Europe are empty, and those that are in operation have their posts increasingly filled by blacks.

    The antitheists are most certainly not going to stand in Islam`s way (few exceptions like Hitchens, dawking). In any case they tend to lean liberal and are generally multiculti artsy fartsy.

  19. hutchrun Says:

    Afterthought: While in the West it was christianity that pushed Islam out, in India it was Sikhism that destroyed it. Another belief system.

    While in the Us the churches might be fuul for the moment, there are more mosques being built and still claims to be the fastest growing religion drawing most of its converts from blacks and hispanics – after all muslims too believe in the `prophets` blah blah. Hey, and guess what you get to keep 4 wives in the bargain, and as much as you can steal from non muslims.

  20. hutchrun Says:

    This has plenty truth to it:

    The west will lose too

    I sincerely hope that time will prove me wrong on this gloomy prediction, but the signs are that the west is already loosing. It did not take more than one generation for the western nations, which emerged victorious after WWII, to lose their momentum and give up any hope of staying in the lead. I write this part of the article with Britain in mind because it seems to be leading the way, but other countries are not far behind.

    The decline of the west is mainly an endogenous problem that neither Islam nor any other external factors can be blamed for. But it is a disturbing observation that the west appears to be doomed with or without Islam, although Islam is taking advantage of the process and is working hard to speed it up. The Islamic predators look at the west as a helpless prey and are closing in waiting for the right moment to make a kill. They are hopeful to inherit the west without even having to fight for it, and they do not make a secret of it. A few years ago, colonel Ghaddafi said that Muslims couldn’t take Europe by force in the past, but now they will take it without force. If you don’t believe the Libyan leader’s remarks, you only need to visit a classroom in a British primary school to see how Britain will look like in the future.

  21. Scott Thong Says:

    So basically to avoid the Muslims (commies) we have to go fundamentalist christian (facists)?

    As opposed to the officially atheist Commies who killed 100 million and ruined the proud nations of Russia, China and Korea?

    Wait… you are! Here is a strategy- oppose both. It is what I do. Christianity is not dead in the West- here in the states it is alive and fucking up the nation.

    And how exactly is Christianity destroying America? Care to inform us?

    Last I checked, it was liberalism that led to massive HIV infection rates among gay men, abortions, broken families, teenage pregnancies, drug abuse, welfare dependance, broken-down socialized healthcare, massive influx of illegal immigrants, dhimmi-style bowing down to jihadists, insane plans to remove all CO2 from the atmosphere, wishing for the extinction of all mankind, and gun-free zones ripe for Gun Law Ignoring Criminals to shoot up with no opposition.

  22. hutchrun Says:

    Given that we’re creating a mafia-run jihadist haven in Kosovo, whose U.S.-spawned statehood exposes our government’s disregard ultimately for its own citizens’ safety, not to speak of the safety of non-Muslims in Europe, how can we ever expect any other world power — never mind the jihadists — to care about American lives, and think twice before striking?

    EU states Romania, Slovakia, Cyprus, Spain, Bulgaria and Greece oppose Kosovo independence on the grounds that the move will destabilize Europe (and it will — separatist movements across the globe are watching Kosovo carefully), and on the principle of international law, which the U.S. and Kosovo are aggressively breaking.

    As Romanian President Traian Basescu asked recently at a Brussels conference, “What message are we sending to multi-ethnic societies or to other states that are facing ethnic issues or frozen conflicts?”


  23. Scott Thong Says:

    Well, the different religions were divided between India and Pakistan, and see how well that plan worked out…

  24. hutchrun Says:

    Except that about 45 million mossies were left behind in India, that popn now having grown to 145 million and the rubbish starts all over again on account of the moonbattery of the Congress Party. Not to mention the cloying `Gandhi` love. During that same period the Hindu/Sikh popn. in both Pakistan/Bangladesh has suffered a huge drop.

  25. hutchrun Says:

    Meanwhile in that land of dhimmitude:

    Saudi Arabia’s rulers threatened to make it easier for terrorists to attack London unless corruption investigations into their arms deals were halted, according to court documents revealed yesterday, the Guardian reported. Previously secret files describe how investigators were told they faced “another 7/7” and the loss of “British lives on British streets” if they pressed on with their inquiries and the Saudis carried out their threat to cut off intelligence. Then PM Tony Blair gave in to the threat and squelched the corruption investigation.


  26. hutchrun Says:

    Gandhi’s experiment with Islam and why it failed
    [ ]
    In this way Gandhi’s experiment with Islam failed. This should serve as an object lesson to all who try to appease the fanatic Muslims. It will not succeed but only lead to greater fanaticism and destruction.


  27. bria Says:

    Let the Holocaust and Witchtrials never be forgotten (or forgiven) lest they be repeated again. I looked at myself in the mirror when i was a christian, all i saw was ugliness staring back at me. I know better than to give any christian an inch, I learn by experience and not blind faith. My husband was almost beaten to death by rabid fundie street preachers, and I keep up with the crap going on in India, Hindus are getting tag teamed by muslims and christians. In Buddhist Sri Lanka, the christians have subverted some Buddhists and made them outcasts in thier own country. Not to mention, that most crime in america is done in the bible belt. I could give you all the facts, but it still wont convince you. I know there is something seriously wrong with christianity, and its followers prove me right at every turn. Most of the crack dealers on my street wear crosses, and quite a few go to church after. I dont buy into the not a true christian arguement, thats just semantics and cop outs. I dont like nor trust chistians, they give me every reason not to. Gandi said it best, I like your Christ, but not your christians. (and Gandhi died a Hindu, that says a lot about christianity ) oh and christians are getting thier karma back

  28. bria Says:

    For all the things they did to non christians, thats why people are starting to hate christianity more and more, because of all the God Hates Fags,ect. If it bothers you why dont you get your head out of your ass and deconvert, Scott’s thong?

  29. SkepticalAboutIslam Says:

    This is what we call an imbalanced argument. Bria chooses to ignore all the good that Christians have done for the world while only focusing on the bad. Furthermore, there are no citations to back up the claims.

    If this were an essay submitted for grading at a university, it would receive a D grade.

    Well done!

  30. Scott Thong Says:

    Let the Holocaust and Witchtrials never be forgotten (or forgiven) lest they be repeated again.

    Indeed, they are not forgotten at all.

    Holocaust – Up to 6 million killed by Hitler, who reinvented Christianity to be a militant religion in his own image without ‘meekness’ or ‘flabbiness’.

    European witch trials = 12,000 ~ 100,000 killed

    But while we’re at it, let’s not forget either these guys:

    Famed atheists Lenin, Stalin, Mao and Pol Pot = Around 100 million killed in just one century

    Abortion = 1.2 million babies every single month (and remember, anti-abortion nutcases are usually what? Yup, Christian fascists!)

    I think Stalin’s church-demolishing, Christian gulag-ing should more than cover for any iniscretions committed by Christians.


    I looked at myself in the mirror when i was a christian, all i saw was ugliness staring back at me.

    That’s really your problem, y’know. In my mirror, I see a handsome, dashing and overall very nice-guy Christian who hates injustice and is kind to animals.


    and I keep up with the crap going on in India, Hindus are getting tag teamed by muslims and christians.

    Citation please.

    Because it’s really funny, when I Google for ‘christians attack hindu india‘ I instead get headlines about Christians being attacked by Hindus.


    In Buddhist Sri Lanka, the christians have subverted some Buddhists and made them outcasts in thier own country.

    If the converts became Christian willingly, and then the Buddhists discriminate against them… Is that the fault and wrong of the Christians?

    Using your same logic, it would be the fault of non-Christians when they convert a Christian to some other belief, and then he is outcast from his church-going family.


    Not to mention, that most crime in america is done in the bible belt.

    You confuse correlation with causation. How do you know that it isn’t because the Christians are very tough on crime, thus report more criminal cases? Or that the criminals aren’t intentionally targeting Christians whom they think are easy prey?

    Besides, the state with the highest violent crime rate is Columbia, home to Washington D.C. It has the highest murder, robbery, assault and motor theft rates per 100,000 persons, the second highest property crime rate, and near the top for rapes.

    And no fool is gonna believe that highly liberal, very godless Washington D.C. is in any way Christianized. Btw, they’ve banned personal firearms for a long time there – and see what happens when criminals know civilians won’t have any defenses?


    I could give you all the facts, but it still wont convince you.

    No, please, give me the facts. At least try and convince me – that you aren’t just ranting delusionary at me.

    Because so far, I’ve been giving all the facts and citations and links and proof, while you’ve been making baseless wild accusations.

    It’s likely that you are the one who won’t be convinced by facts. I challenge you, prove me wrong.


    Most of the crack dealers on my street wear crosses, and quite a few go to church after. I dont buy into the not a true christian arguement, thats just semantics and cop outs.

    Oh, okay then.

    So later I’ll go kill a few abortionists, tie their children to a cross and set them on fire, and recite the Bible while the police come looking.

    Then, when the media asks, I’ll tell them: “Hey folks, I am an avowed atheist!”. And I’ll show them my Chairman Mao cap and Nietzsche posters.

    …So does that make me an atheist? Or am I just claiming to be one?

    Just because someone wears a cross and ‘goes’ to church, does not mean he follows the teachings of Christianity. If he did, he would be helping teach Sunday School and volunteering for charity drives instead of dealing crack and shooting up rival gang members.

    My argument here is logically sound: If the culprit does not heed to the teachings of a religion, then that religion cannot be blamed when the culprit commits offences.


    Gandi said it best, I like your Christ, but not your christians.

    See, you just discounted your ‘not a true Christian is a semantic cop out’ argument. If Christians acted like Christ, wouldn’t they be extremely well behaved and be liked by Gandhi?

    So the problem here is not true Christians, who love all mankind (even their enemies) and would rather die than fight against their murderers.

    The problem here (and whom you really dislike) are b*stards who do evil things and wear the label ‘Christian’ without seeking to emulate Christ. Heck, you could even say they’re out to tarnish the good name of Christians with their selfish misbehaviour.

    Perhaps if you noted the difference (as Gandhi did), you’d be more objective and realize that true Christ-followers are not bad people.


    oh and christians are getting thier karma back

    For all the things they did to non christians, thats why people are starting to hate christianity more and more, because of all the God Hates Fags,ect

    That discounts the fact that when Christianity first began, the Jews and pagans and polytheists and emperor worhsippers and (400 years before the Crusades) the Muslims oppressed, raped, enslaved, murdered, stoned, crucified, beheaded, burnt and lion-chowed them.

    So again according to your logic, any offences committed by Christians (e.g. witch trials, Inquisition) is OKAY – because non-Christians are ‘getting their karma back’.

    I do so enjoy turning your ‘logic’ against yourself.


    If it bothers you why dont you get your head out of your ass and deconvert, Scott’s thong?

    Because of sterling examples of non-Christians like yourself.


    So I’ve basially debunked almost every single sentence in your rant. Are you going to answer me rationally, continue with more unhinged and unsupported ad hominems, or just disappear like most of the trolls around here?

  31. wits0 Says:

    Nihilistic and ignoramus atheists(unlike, say, Buddhists, e.g.) are the most lost of ’em all. They will always be the easiest meat for islamofascists. As it happened with all the communists and leftists who Ayatollah Khomeini promptly disposed off by firing squads upon ascending to power. Each was worth a 7.62mm round from a H&K G3 rifle.

  32. hutchrun Says:

    The Goa Inquisition was bad, and Francois Gautier has written some on what`s going on in India re: bria`s comment.

    But still, the muslim problem is the worse one.

  33. hutchrun Says:

    I think the `christians` picked up the bad habits from the muslims:

    “Western colonization of nearby Muslim lands lasted 130 years, from the 1830s to the 1960s. Muslim colonization of nearby European lands lasted 1300 years, from the 600s to the mid-1960s. Yet, strangely, it is the Muslims…who are the most bitter about colonialism and the humiliations to which they have been subjected; and it is the Europeans who harbor the shame and the guilt. It should be the other way around.”

  34. hutchrun Says:

    Ibn Warraq writes that “As [Professor] Kejariwal laments, Indians, unaware of the importance of historical remains, had left them to crumble and decay, a fact attested to by the British Orientalists. Similarly, many manuscripts would have been lost but for the efforts of scholars such as Charles Wilkins and the German Johann Georg Bühler, who salvaged severely damaged manuscripts of the rare Sanskrit historical work Rajatarangini. Similarly, Prinsep’s tenure in the Asiatic Society ‘was full of achievements in retrieving, restoring and trying to preserve the ancient historical monuments of the country. Among these were the Sarnath remains and the Allahabad pillar which yielded such significant information about Asoka and Samudragupta – two of the greatest monarchs of India, and in fact, of the world.'”

    An emblem associated with Asoka (or Ashoka) the Great is now the national emblem of India, yet he was virtually forgotten until the British got there.

  35. hutchrun Says:

    `Gandhi died a Hindu, that says a lot about christianity ` bria

    And here is the brahmin idiot Gandhi with his hinduism:

    “I want you to lay down the arms you have as being useless for saving you or humanity. You will invite Herr Hitler and Signor Mussolini to take what they want of the countries you call your possessions. Let them take possession of your beautiful island with your many beautiful buildings… If these gentlemen choose to occupy your homes, you will vacate them. If they do not give you free passage out, you will allow yourself, man, woman and child to be slaughtered… I am telling His Excellency the Viceroy that my services are at the disposal of His Majesty’s government, should they consider them of any practical use in enhancing my appeal.” (From Stanley Wolpert’s Jinnah of Pakistan.)

    Sri Aurobindo’s reaction when he heard this, as recorded in his book India’s Rebirth: “He must be a little cracked.”

  36. Why I Like to Bash Obama « BUUUUURRRRNING HOT Says:

    […] nominal faith as compared to Conservatives and Republicans. (And some are outright disdainful of Christianity.) Just look at who the Evangelicals and Bible Belt vote for (i.e. Bush). Obama is, incredibly, even […]

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