Scott Does Not Blog ala Malaysian Culture

At least, not according to Malaysian Culture, Arts and Heritage Minister Datuk Seri Dr Rais Yatim.


Via Sagaladoola, from news site Bernama:


Bashing Govt In Blogs Not Malaysian Culture – Rais

KUALA LUMPUR Feb 19 (Bernama) — Bloggers should evaluate themselves before indulging in an unhealthy culture of bashing others, including government leaders, through their blogsites, Culture, Arts and Heritage Minister Datuk Seri Dr Rais Yatim said.

He said although government bashing in the blogsites was among the challenges faced by the Barisan Nasional (BN) in facing the general election, it was not the nature of BN leaders to resort to using blogsites to attack others in their campaigns to win the elections.

[Scott: This is true. BN guys don’t even know how to use the Internet, so they resort to their old weapon of choice, the Government Enslaved Media of newspapers, tv and public speeched to attack others and manipulate the electorate.]

“They (bloggers) condemn the prime minister, ministers and other members of the administration but not themselves. As the Malay adage goes, it’s pointing the forefinger to the front and thumb to your chest.

“I am saying that you should look at your own heart to see if it is clean. If it is not, then don’t bash others in your blogs,” he said after launching a book and compact disc, “Aku Dia dan Lagu-Lagu Nostalgia”, by Yusnor Ef at Aswara (National Arts, Culture and Heritage Academy) here today.

“Nowadays, not only the bloggers are having a mental block (disturbed) but the PAS’ spiritual leader’s mind too is blocked (unstable) when he equated Umno members to orang utan.

“The bloggers are getting bolder, but I see it this way — the general election is the season for condemning or “killing” others with words but this is not BN culture. I suggest that they attend courses on good manners as good manners is Malaysian culture.”



This is more proof that the stodgy old Barisan Nasional politicians fear the new people’s power that is Alternative Mediam, after calling bloggers lying femalesunemployed good-for-nothings, karaoke singers, goblok, and monkeys.


No prizes for predicting that blogs bashing the Opposition will be ignored or even highly praised as ‘mature, factual and expressing freedom of speech and opinion’.

Hey old farts! A straightforward tip for you: If you run the country fairly, competently and honestly, blogs won’t bash you! For the record, blogs bash anyone who acts like a jerk – be they BN stooges, Opposition embarassments or other blogs that break the codes of Net conduct.

But in the meantime, here’s the proof that I am not a practitioner of (Rais-defined) Malaysian culture:

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6 Responses to “Scott Does Not Blog ala Malaysian Culture”

  1. wits0 Says:

    Bernama raison d’être is to serves the cause of Bananas ; it’s Banana.

  2. Sagaladoola Says:

    Great work … If Rais is not being nominated as a candidate in the coming election, that would mean he will not be our Minister of Culture anymore …

    LOL … 😀


  3. hutchrun Says:

    Part of Malaysian culture a-la Rais is to abuse children, and:

    I noticed buses loaded with Malaysian Indian passengers being driven into PULAPOL compound to have their particulars and statements recorded as to why they are in Kuala Lumpur. What kind of nonsense is this in a supposedly democratic country like Malaysia? This is a blatant disregard of Human Rights and it is a shame that Malaysia is a country in the United Nations that endorsed The Human Rights Charter.

  4. observer Says:

    Oh, don’t even underestimate BN’s resolve to win, even on the Net.

    The other day I downloaded a file “Anti Corruption.pdf” I uploaded in on my site. After that, I annouced it on lowyat forum.

    Within half an hour, my lowyat account was revoked, and ALL (every_single_one_of) the messages I posted on lowyat were deleted !

    And within 2 hours, the file that I hosted on was locked ! Nobody can download it, not even me, the owner of the domain.

    Since my domain is hosted by exabyte, I contacted them. They hemmed and hawed a bit before they told me that it was the government that locked my file.

    When I pressed the exabyte people how the government managed to lock the file on my own domain, they told me that exabyte’s servers are all located in a Putrajaya datacenter, owned and operated by Telekom Malaysia.

    Yes, my friend, BN _DOES_ know the NET, and they are doing whatever they can to shut down whoever they do NOT like.

    BTW, that file “Anti Corruption.pdf” has a listing of 106 really stupid things related to BN, in Mandarin. Of course BN doesn’t want anyone to know about those things !

    The original “Anti Corruption.pdf” file was 27 MB in size. I’ve managed to shrink it down to 12 MB. Since BN locked up the copy I put in my own domain, I put another copy up at and I changed the filename to bn106.pdf

    Thank you for allowing me to comment !

  5. Monica Benut Says:

    Seems like there is a lot of hate and insecurities between members of the parliaments going on. It will left to be seen whether things will improve or not given how this election paned out. In the end, we can only hope to see some improvements that benefit all involved.

  6. animal repellers Says:

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