Badawi: Mind Your Words

From The Star 25 Feb 2008:


PM: Mind your words

KEPALA BATAS: Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi has advised election candidates to be extra careful in their choice of words in order to ensure a trouble-free campaign.

“Be careful with what you say. Don’t tarnish the election process,” the Prime Minister said after submitting his nomination paper at Dewan Millennium here yesterday.

Abdullah will be defending his Kepala Batas parliamentary seat for the eighth term.

He will be challenged by PAS freelance preacher and Al-Azhar University graduate Subri Mat Arshad, 45.

The Prime Minister said the nomination process nationwide yesterday was reported to be to be peaceful.

Abdullah said the Barisan Nasional was fielding the best candidates, adding that there were cases of those who did not meet the Barisan’s strict criteria being dropped at the eleventh hour.

Citing examples, he said: “One of them was declared a bankrupt and we replaced him. Another who has a court case pending against him was also dropped.”


He means like these words?

Or perhaps these?

Oh… He must mean T H E S E.

No, I don’t think he appreciates my blogging much.

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