The Ultimates: ‘A’ Doesn’t Stand For France

From the comic series The Ultimates, the Homeland Security story arc:




Click link below to see full post with full sized images – and how they apply to the U.S. Democratic Party.





The Surrendercrats Dhimmicrats Cowardcrats Defeatocrats Losercrats Spinelessslugocrats Democrats ought to take a lesson on Iraq and the War on terror from Ultimate Captain America, instead of listening to the Al Qaeda/Code Pink versions of alien Nazi Commander Herr Kleiser about emulating the surrender monkeys.

But then, why should we expect Moonbats to respect a superhero dressed in an American flag when they have repeatedly proven more likely to burn it, hang it upside down under a foreign flag, or use it as a diaper than to salute it or wear it in the form of a pin?


Reports proving the points:

Michael J. Totten: Iraq Opinion Lag Narrows – Polls show Iraqis believe situation is improving. His site also has lots of first-hand reports on good news in Iraq.

Michael Yon: Guitar Heroes – Recommended reading, engaging accounts of the combat copter, jet and Predator UAV pilots who kill bomb-planting terrorists. His site also has lots of first-hand reports on the combat situation in Iraq.

More Than 23,000 Terrorists Killed – All the world’s worst scumbags who gathered in Iraq to be slaughtered, prevented from blowing up civilian restaurants and trains and buses. And that total was back in October 2007.

Flopping Aces: Hillary – “We Cannot Win in Iraq” – Even though we’ve already won in Iraq. And the jihadis celebrate her proclamation.

Michelle Malkin: MSM Iraq was reporting: Good news is no news – Don’t let the world public know just how good the situation in Iraq is now.

A Sign of Hope in Iraq – Muslims Putting Up A Cross – Iconic of the newfound peace in Iraq.

More Signs of Hope in Iraq – Muslims Attending Church Service at St. John’s in Baghdad – A continuation of the above.


And now, a selection of editorial cartoons portraying what the Dems want out of Iraq, with lots more at Pro General Petraeus, Anti Betray Us Editorial Cartoons:





















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5 Responses to “The Ultimates: ‘A’ Doesn’t Stand For France”

  1. hutchrun Says:

    That taqiyang mohameddan, Hussein Obama is now in meltdown.

  2. Malaysian Politics Motivational Posters « BUUUUURRRRNING HOT Says:

    […] 10) National Hero – Economics Quiz – What Malaysian Political Party Are You?, Malaysian Astronaut Cosmonaut Angkasawan and joking reference to Captain America […]

  3. Syd Says:

    Not to spoil your party, but the guy who wrote that Ultimates comic is a self-described socialist. He was being ironic. But thanks for the propaganda. It’s always amusing.

  4. Thanh Derosset Says:

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  5. Rhett Peat Says:

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