Earth Hour Idiocy Cum Hypocrisy: Burn Hydrocarbons For Mother Gaia

Take lessons from Al ‘Consume Pollute Blameothers’ Gore’ much?

Watch as these folk burn carbon-emitting substances for no good reason. Earth Hour’s acronym EH? fits so well:

(Click pics for original source site + news bites.)









View-only pic at this link (as if I couldn’t bypass it with a simple Print Screen…)



And that’s even taking into account not using other sources of light – mathematically proven! (via AoSHQ)

And here’s a gigantic energy-sucking mansion:


Oops sorry, that last one wasn’t really an Earth Hour pic… Just Al Gore’s mega-mansion on a normal day!


Seriously… Turning off the decorative lights on the San Fransico-Oakland Bay Bridge for an hour saves enough electricity to power Al Gore’s mansion for… Just 13 minutes.

Thus Michelle Malkin rightly mocks the empty, un-enlightened gestures of Earth Sour:


Because it takes more energy to show an all-black Google’s page than for an all-white one. Idiocy cum hypocrisy!

Can enviro-kooks please stop influencing the rest of the world to be as obtuse, polluting, selectively blind, science and data ignoring, Third World hating and all-of-humanity-hating as themselves?

Particularly so when the global warming hoax is finally starting to be admitted as such by even the Institue of Public Affairs – mainstream (i.e. IPCC-beholden-government funded) professionals.

Please, just please… Enough of your sheer stupidity.


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4 Responses to “Earth Hour Idiocy Cum Hypocrisy: Burn Hydrocarbons For Mother Gaia”

  1. Matthius Says:

    Pickles Are Very Tasty, Hmm Wonder if Al Gorey Has Any?

  2. Matthius Says:

    I Found Out that he does. Welcome pickle land. Woooooooohooooooo!!!!! Is anyone listening to me. I need more attention. Please help me i think i am going to die. As my last will and testament i want everything to go to my dog and my gerbil.

  3. Vocal Minority Says:

    Liberal Lie #5: Conservatives Want to Impose their Religion on Us; Liberals Don’t (Cont’d)

    The first time I posted on this topic back in December, I wrote about the left-wing environmentalist campaign to impose their religion on the rest of us, starting with pushing legislation to ban the traditional incandescent light bulb. In Israel, the J…

  4. Nick Says:

    Yeah, let’s all turn off our lights and do our part. Like those poor souls in North Korea! Yeah, the whole country is in darkness because the standard of living there is about that of people from the Stone Age. People are eating freaking grass because they have no industry, no money, nothing. Meanwhile Beloved Leader has every modern convenience.

    I think these Leftwing Ludite extremist sons of b*tches that are trying to scare the rest of us into the Pleistocene Age would just love to have us all living like we’re in North F***ing Korea!!!!!!

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