Protests Against Geert Wilders’ Fitna and What Message Moderate Muslim Leaders Are Sending

The following is my comment as posted on Haris Ibrahim’s blog, but I believe it is a sombre and serious message for all Muslims who may come across this post.

If you haven’t seen even seen the film or read the summary, please do before you go off and protest too!

Watch: Michelle Malkin or Moonbattery or The Jawa Report

Read: Wikipedia on Fitna



Sir Haris, I too am saddened to note that – yet again – the Muslim leaders of the world are venting their outrage at Westerners deemed to be mocking Islam by portraying it as a violent religion…

Yet not one of them utters a peep about the extremists who call for death and jihad against nonMuslims as featured preaching hate in the film – the same ones who cause Westerners to view Islam as a violent religion.

Those extremists are the ones hijacking and ‘rebranding’ Islam as a religion of war and intolerance in the public eye. Yet none of the moderate Muslim leaders denounce or reject them.

Instead, they issue more calls for boycotts, more protests, perhaps more fatwas against Wilders, a man whose image of Islam is coloured by those very extremists and their multiple death threats against him (even before the film).

What image does this portray to the West when every single time, the Muslim leaders of the world attack the messenger (Wilders or newspaper cartoons), but not the message (extremists who are successfully using Islam as a rallying cry for violence and hatred)?

I’ll make an educated guess on the above question: Westerners will suspect that the so-called moderates secretly support the views of those extremists.

In fact, I am certain that Wilders is counting on such a knee-jerk reaction from Muslims, with maybe some riots and spontaneous murders or innocent bystanders thrown in (like what happened with the Jyllands-Posten controversy), in order to prove his point to the world.

If his aim is to influence public opinion into seeing all Muslims as violent extremists, then I’m afraid that Mahathir and all the rest of the prominent Muslim moderates are only aiding his agenda.

Muslims of the world, fix this PR disaster now – denounce the extremists featured in Fitna along with Geert Wilders!


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5 Responses to “Protests Against Geert Wilders’ Fitna and What Message Moderate Muslim Leaders Are Sending”

  1. hutchrun Says:

    Geert is right.
    Islamofascism, not Islamophobia, is the problem

  2. hutchrun Says:

    I did laugh at that comment by SV Singam on Haris` site though. He equates the hell thingy to reincarnation. He say that out loud, well he`ll be changing his own skin.

    Anyway, notwithstanding Mydin`s Red Label (popular in Africa, elsewhere they prefer Black or White), this is what MggPillai wrote once:

    A Muslim spin on non-Muslim religions goes haywire

    THE MALAYSIAN GOVERNMENT BARRED, cavalierly, any mention of Jesus Christ in carols sung at a christmas party it would host. When a Roman Catholic priest objected, in public, it was denied, and blamed on an overzealous civil servant. But it would not go away. It happens too often. Zealous Muslim preachers call on Muslims, at Friday prayers, to treat non-Muslims as an underclass beyond redemption. When a Muslim questioned it, he was excoriated for letting the Muslims down.
    But what Raja Petra complains of is true. Non-Malays living in the vicinity of mosques in Kuala Lumpur hear this call to arms against the non-Muslims through high-pitches megaphones often enough to be dismissed as untrue. I suspect Dr Yusof is annoyed a Muslim has spilled the beans; if a non-Muslim had done so, he could be ignored. Perhaps Dr Yusof should also tell us if Christmas carols mentioning Jesus should be banned at a Christmas party organised by the government. Was there a ban? Of course there was. Father OC Lim, who questioned it, is too senior in the Roman Catholic Church, and not a high Muslim cleric, to shoot his mouth off. The minister had to step in to defuse it, and insist it was only a suggestion. But that only proves what Raja Petra said. This fracas is another example of Islamic extremism.

    The political reaction is even more bizarre. “We will investigate who is responsible for this website, and action will be taken as we cannot allow such websites to sow seeds of hatred among the people of different races and religions.” So says Dato’ Seri Najib. The import of what he says is more frightening: the people cannot, but the muftis and Islamic religious can sow religious hatred.

  3. hutchrun Says:

    Artistic freedom in increasingly ‘secular’ India has come to mean the right to denigrate Jesus Christ and Goddess Shakti, as was done by a callow student of the fine arts faculty of Maharaja Sayajirao University in Baroda last year. But permission to exhibit exquisite miniatures and firmans related to Aurangzeb has been denied, because 15 Muslims and a bogus nawab have demanded so.

  4. Yas Says:

    “Zealous Muslim preachers call on Muslims, at Friday prayers, to treat non-Muslims as an underclass beyond redemption.”

    Hutchrun – I really wonder where you get that from. Islam teaches Muslims to treat non-Muslims with respect and equally to how they would treat fellow Muslims.

    And just by the way, Muslims believe in Jesus as a prophet of God and deeply respect him.

    Islam does not call on Muslims to kill non-Muslims. In fact, killing is forbidden in Islam, and the only circumstances under which one is permitted in Islam to do so is in defending oneself. The concept of ‘jihad’ has been completely misunderstood and perverted by the media, many non-Muslims and a minority of Muslims who are extremists. But I suppose you are too Islamophobic to have found this out or researched beyong CNN.

    Get your facts straight.

  5. Scott Thong Says:

    Well Yas, since you’re such an expert on Islam, could you kindly help us ‘get the facts straight’ what the following Islamic terms mean:

    1) Dhimmi
    2) Jizya
    3) Kaffir
    4) Abed
    5) Shirk
    6) Harbi
    7) Darl-al Harb

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