How to Do Hyperlinks in WordPress – Pictorial Guide

The following is a brief step-by-step guide for how to put and edit hyperlinks in WordPress.

In WordPress, you an just copy and paste a link onto the text editor. It will appear as a link.


Then you can just select the middle…


And replace it with any text you want.


For the last letter of the link, you cannot just BACKSPACE to remove it – you must select that letter then BACKSPACE it, or the whole link will become ordinary text.


Remember that you can press Ctrl+Z  on the keyboard to undo any mistakes!

If you want a more precide method, do the following (click on the link to view full post if nothing follows):

Paste your link onto the Visual text editor. It will appear as a link, same as before.


Now click on the Code tab.


This is what you’ll see. I’ve expanded the window so you can see the entire HTML code.


Now select this area, between the two arrows. This is the text your link will show on screen.


Change it to anything you want.


Click the Visual tab to see your results. Easy!


The second method is what I normally use. You can copy and paste the link into Visual, then open up Code, then copy and paste the loooooooooooooong title of the page into the HTML area. Saves a lot of typing.

For commenting however, I recommend you memorise the very easy HTML code so you can just type it out without having to look up the code every time.

Here’s the code:


See? So simple! Just go to the comments, type the first nine characters (including the space), then paste your link, then the next two characters, then your link name, then close with the last three characters.

Much more impressive and easy on the reader than just pasting raw HTML links.

And that last one works for any blog or homepage, so enjoy!

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21 Responses to “How to Do Hyperlinks in WordPress – Pictorial Guide”

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    I hope you don’t mind if I Test this!

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  4. Larry Savage Says:

    (this comment is just testing using anchor/href html tags in a wordpress comment)

  5. Alehkhs Says:

    Good to know…

  6. Jovan Says:

    Thank you very much. Neat explanation.

  7. Nicole Elise Says:

    Great easy-to-follow explanation 🙂 THANKS!!

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  9. Elsie Says:

    Yes, a great, easy-to-do explanation! Thank you so much!

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    Thanks for your useful post!

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    Test comment

  16. Test Says:

    Hope this works.Thanks for letting me test

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    noob test
    Thanks for the how-to!

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  19. Ladw Says:

    This is not a HYPERLINK, but just a plain LINK. Change the title, you’re spamming!

  20. Khushii Says:

    Thank you so much. This was a great help.

  21. Fidel Tortorelli Says:

    This has actually been one of the top articles i have read. It was actually really informative.Looking ahead for more blogs of this in near future

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