Malaysia Today Letters: Muslim Leaders, Denounce The Extremists As Well As Geert Wilders!

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My first letter to Malaysia Today, regarding the same thing I griped about in Protests Against Geert Wilders’ Fitna and What Message Moderate Muslim Leaders Are Sending.

I am suitably proud. Thanks to the e-mail Discussers who finally influenced me to become a Malaysia Today member (you know who you are!).

This other letter-sender notes something along similar lines.


From Malaysia Today Letters/Surat, 2 April 2008:

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Muslim leaders, denounce the extremists as well as Geert Wilders!       

Posted by Vineeth Menon    
Wednesday, 02 April 2008

Recently, Dutch lawmaker Geert Wilders released a controversial film called ‘Fitna’. The film is widely viewed as intentionally insulting and provocative towards Islam.

Muslims worldwide have protested and denounced the film, including Malaysia’s own Dr. Mahathir and the BN Youth. Local stores are boycotting Dutch products, at the behest of the Muslim Consumers Association of Malaysia.

They are saddened by the film’s misportrayal of Islam as inherently violent and intolerant.

I too am saddened to note that even as the Muslim leaders of the world are outraged at Westerners deemed to be mocking Islam, not a peep is uttered about the extremists who call for hate and death against non-Muslims – as captured on video in the Dutch film.

These extremists are the same ones who cause Westerners to view Islam as a violent religion. These extremists are the ones hijacking and ‘rebranding’ Islam as a religion of war and intolerance in the public eye.

Yet none of the moderate Muslim leaders denounce or reject them.

Instead, more calls for boycotts and more protests made are made against Wilders – a man whose image of Islam is coloured by those very extremists.

What image does this portray when every single time, the Muslim leaders of the world attack the messenger (Wilders or newspaper cartoons), but not the message (extremists who are successfully using Islam as a rallying cry for violence and hatred)?

I’ll make an educated guess on the above question: In this post-9/11 world, Westerners will suspect that the moderates secretly support the views of those extremists. If not, then why do the moderates spend so much time denouncing a filmmaker, but spend no time denouncing the extremists?

In fact, I am certain that Wilders is counting on such a knee-jerk reaction from Muslims, with maybe some riots and spontaneous murders of innocent bystanders thrown in (like what happened with the Jyllands-Posten controversy), in order to prove his point to the world.

If his aim is to influence public opinion into seeing all Muslims as violent extremists, then I’m afraid that the prominent Muslim moderates are only aiding his agenda.

Muslims of the world, show the West that the those who preach hate are not the true stewards of your faith – denounce the extremists along with Geert Wilders!


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2 Responses to “Malaysia Today Letters: Muslim Leaders, Denounce The Extremists As Well As Geert Wilders!”

  1. hutchrun Says:

    They are more intent on closing down Lever Brothers and banning palmoil exports to Rotterdam.
    Hope they do so.

  2. hutchrun Says:

    Saudi Arabia’s highest religious authority is denying he invited Israeli religious representatives to attend an interreligious conference in Riyadh, Israel Radio reported Wednesday.

    At least that put a step to all that malarkey.

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