Hey Ignorant World – There is PEACE in Iraq!

Victory in Iraq Day! See link for how terrorist and insurgent violence has dropped to the lowest levels ever.

Bush has liberated 50 million thankful people!

See video (via Gateway Pundit) and further postings below for how violence is far, FAR below the levels that were present during Saddam Hussein’s reign.

Reporter Terry Lloyd enters Halabja, Iraq, escorted by Iranian Army officers after the poisonous gas attacks by the Saddam regime in 1988. This is actual footage of the aftermath of Halabja gas attacks back in 1988:
(Warning: Very Graphic)

How could anyone blame Bush for taking down this piece of evil crap?


The mainstream media constantly depicts Iraq as a war-torn, terror-filled, Bush and Americans hating place.

The only news to ever come out of there are deaths of soldiers and civilians.

The narrative is that Iraq is a failed state, a quagmire, a reason to hate the imperiliast, arrogant, inhuman USA.

And you believe them.


This is the MAINSTREAM MEDIA we’re talking about!

Any net-savvy, blogophilic Malaysian should know by now that the MSM cannot be trusted to tell the actual truth!

You want to know the truth? This is the truth:

  • Iraq is regaining peace.
  • The terrorists are killed and driven far away from towns and villages.
  • The economy and infrastructure is being rebuilt.
  • Schools and markets are reopening.
  • People are resuming normals lives.
  • Children play on the streets.
  • The Iraqis love the Marines and hate Al Qaeda, not the other way round.

Yes, they LOVE the Marines and US troops – I kid you not!

In fact, the whole situation is comparable to Malaya during the Malayan Communist Emergency – the British/American troops kill the Communists/terrorists, and their friendly social efforts win the support of the local Malayans/Iraqis.

You want proof?

Chicago Death Toll Double That of Iraq:

An estimated 123 people were shot and killed over the summer. That’s nearly double the number of soldiers killed in Iraq over the same time period.

87% fewer violent deaths annually in Iraq now than under Saddam Hussein:

Iraq, a country approximately the size of California, but with only 2/3rd its population, suffered more than a million violent deaths under Saddam Hussein’s regime. That would average out at about 50,000 deaths a year in a population of 25 million before the Americans got involved. In the two years since the Americans have been fighting in Iraq, 13,650 Iraqis, have been killed, many of them by terrorist attacks by their own countrymen. Others were by military action. That averages out at 6, 825 deaths per year in a population of 25 million.

Compare this list of Saddam’s atrocities that killed thousands. Tell me it was better under him. Tell it to the Iraqis.

And compare how more Iraqis died from Clinton’s sanctions than from W Bush’s war.

And read the blogs of Michael J. Totten and Michael Yon – actual journalists who actually stay in Iraq day and night, unlike the lie-beral MSM reporters (CNN, BBC, Al Jazeera etc) who fly in, do a story based on info from a terrorist conspirator, and fly out the same day.

They have excellent writing, lots of coverage of real-life battles, and tons of photos like the following of happy, cheeky children and safe villages:








Above from Michael J. Totten: The Liberation of Karmah parts 1 & 2, and that’s just two posts!

And how about action-packed battles where market bombing, civilian targeting terrorists get smashed by superior firepower?


The Predator peered down on the terrorists planting the bomb. There were too many targets for one Hellfire missile, and it’s better to conserve the weapon when possible, since the Predator must fly far to reload.

A group of four Kiowa Warrior pilots were only a few minutes away from the enemy, but their helicopters were on the ground and the engines were cold, while the pilots were waiting in a building near the runway, playing Guitar Hero to pass the time.

A soldier interrupted the Guitar Hero session, telling the pilots to get in the air. Orders would come over the radio. The pilots abandoned Guitar Hero and raced out the door into the cold night to their OH-58D Kiowa Warriors, economy-sized helicopters that would make a Ford Pinto seem spacious.

Lopez and Boise could not see the enemy, but the Predator could, and so they set up for a “remote” Hellfire shot, meaning they would fire the weapon “blind” in the direction of the target, and the missile would “lock” onto the laser reflection as it approached.

The Predator was lazing the target, invisibly marking the group of six men. Boise launched the Hellfire…


The Predator was striking the gavel for the Hellfire to deliver justice, but the terrorists apparently realized the verdict a fraction of a second too late. The detonation appeared silently on the Predator thermal, while seconds later the sounds of the explosion rumbled over the base. The remains of the terrorists glowed hot on the infrared imagery.

Total time from playing Guitar Hero to getting airborne and delivering justice was an astounding twelve minutes. Apparently at least five terrorists were killed, while at least one escaped, though he probably needs new eardrums and might ask for a raise before trying that again.

Above from Michael Yon: Guitar Heroes.

See more excerpts at Excerpts From Michael Yon’s and Michael J. Totten’s Articles on the True Situation in Iraq.

I also recommend that you read Michael Yon: The Hands of God, where you can see the immediate contrast between those ‘Great Satan imperialist Americans’ who protect and help the Iraqi civilians, and the ‘holy and just warriors of Al Qaeda’ who intentionally target mosques where no foreign troops are even in sight.

Death, horror and misery in Iraq? YA RITE. You seriously have to be a total blindo ignoramus to ignore the evidence right before your eyes.

More proof – Check out these easy-to-understand graphs and charts with your own eyes.

Do us all a favour – forward this post to your friends and family. Let them know that Iraq is a suceeding state, better off than the past 20 years under Saddam and the Baathists.

Because if we leave it to the MSM, it will be 10 years after Iraq returns to perfect normalcy before we find out that Iraq is finally experiencing peace.

But will you speak the truth? Or are you actually like many of our local and world politicians, who have a vested interest in Iraq… And actually want to see Iraqi civilians dying, Al Qaeda winning, and peace disappearing…

Just to show up Bush and the Americans?

How selfish of them. I honestly hope you are aren’t.

Speak the truth. Spread the word. America is doing for Iraq what it did for South-East Asia during the Vietnam War years and what the Commonwealth soldiers did for Malaya during the Communist Emergency years.

Spending their own money, material and human lives to help bring peace and development to a nation while the rest of the world smears and demonizes them.


See also:

Excerpts From Michael Yon’s and Michael J. Totten’s Articles on the True Situation in Iraq

More Than 23,000 Terrorists Killed for how America’s presence in Iraq has protected all of us from many more Bali bombings, London underground-style attacks and Thai Pattani style beheadings.

Terrorists Getting Pwned Videos, Bomblets Frag Terrorists, Spare Dog, US Forces Drop 40,000 Pounds of Doom on Iraqi Al-Qaeda and US Special Forces Night Vision Firefight for action-packed, explosive videos of terrorists being stopped from killing Iraqi civilians.

Pro General Petraeus, Anti Betray Us Editorial Cartoons for how it is not in the interests of the US Media to tell us the truth of peace in Iraq









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27 Responses to “Hey Ignorant World – There is PEACE in Iraq!”

  1. Amir K Says:

    First of all the two journalists that you quote offer views that are often shared in the main street media because, hmm let’s see, they actually are part of the main street media. They’re writing is featured in the major newspapers and leading magazines. Maybe you’re problem is that you watch too much TV and don’t actually bother to read newspapers, like our great President. But besides that point, Michael Totten describes himself as being part neocon, and Michael Yon is a former special forces soldier who says that he does not consider himself a journalist. While there is some peace in Iraq, you cannot possibly claim that after five years, hundreds of thousands of dead civilians, thousands of dead US soldiers, and hundreds of billions of dollars spent, that Iraq is peaceful and everything is gravy. That would be very stupid.

  2. Scott Thong Says:

    So Amir, what do you suggest? That the US pull out now and leave Iraqi civilians to Al Qaeda’s market bombs and protection rackets?

    What my post is saying is that Iraq is nowhere near the quagmire that the mainstream media paints it as. As I say in my first bullet point:

    Iraq is regaining peace.

    Not that it has perfect peace already, but that it is on the way. Heck, it has a lower violent death rate than South Africa!

    There is actually a chance for success, for peace, for victory – and a chance to be much better than Iraq was under Saddam.

    And btw, the majority of liberal controlled mainstream media is positively ANTI good-news-from-Iraq, contrary to your assertations.

    MSM Iraq war reporting: Good news is no news

    The good news from Iraq is not fit to print


    When Good News is No News

  3. hutchrun Says:

    I`m waiting for Amir`s response eagerly.
    Or is he waiting for Mahdi Obama, before he responds.

  4. hutchrun Says:

    Doha Debates held on March 3 in Doha, where the motion “This house believes that Muslims are failing to combat extremism”, was carried by more than 70% of the audience

  5. Hasten Says:

    History will prove itself.

    It’s hard to see the wisdom of dropping a bomb at Hiroshima. But many decades down the road, people may start to see differently.

    It may be too early to paint a conclusion on whether or not the price paid for Iraq is worth it. History will make that conclusion itself after a few more decades.

  6. kesava Says:

    Decades is too long. The results are already being made manifest.
    But it`s right to say there`ll be violence for time to come, but certainly not on the scale it was esp since Saddam had emptied all the prisons and let the inhabitants lose on the public.
    To add to that were the genuinely holy warriors who filtered in thru Saudi Arabia and Iran who were both intent on controlling Iraq.

  7. jedyoong Says:

    yeah. i dun even follow war coverage anymore.

  8. peterp Says:

    “…..I believe there’s wide agreement that Iraq still needs America’s commitment to the democratic project in the country. Perhaps this belief is more prevalent among ordinary people than it is among politicians,…..”


  9. Amir K Says:

    Scott, first of all I did not suggest “we need to get out of Iraq” so don’t imply that I did. I actually think that we need to stay in Iraq and fix the country, and that just leaving would be a disaster. But just because I believe that does not mean I have to limit myself to only reading news stories that agree with my opinion. Of course it’s bad over there, if it wasn’t we wouldn’t need 150,000 troops on the ground. I just don’t understand how you can cite a couple of blogs and think that the rest of the media professionals are just out to tell lies and only these brave “conservative” bloggers tell the truth.

    Second of all, you once again resorted to showing me irrelevant sources to back up your theories. Do what I initially told you to and read an actual newspaper instead of sifting through online blogs and propaganda machines.

    Third of all, a majority of the “LIBERAL” controlled media is actually owned and operated by Conservatives. From major newspapers to cable news stations, all of them are tilting to a more conservative point-of-view. Want proof? Glenn Beck on CNN, Joe Scarborough on MSNBC, etc.

  10. Scott Thong Says:

    My skepticism of the media comes from a long tradition of their twisting the truth to forward their own agenda.

    1) The Boston Globe doesn’t count as a ‘newspaper’? Then how about the Associated Press?

    2) Why do you assume that traditional media is more trustworthy than new media? I mean, just take a look at some of the 101 documented dishonesties by the mainstream media.

    3) I seriously doubt that news stations other than Fox lean towards the Left. Fox always gets singled out by liberals as being a ‘propaganda machine for the Republican Party.’ Just look at the MoveOn morans protesting Fox’s Conservativeness.

    Which, btw, was deemed the most balanced media by a nonpartisan study.

    So if super-Lefties all view Fox as by far the most Right-leaning media, and an independent study shows that Fox is actually the most balanced media….

    Doesn’t that show that, a few Conservative employees or no, none of the other media are more Right-leaning than Fox? (i.e. They are all more Left-leaning)?

    I suppose that doesn’t really count as a good study, so I shall dig up something more concrete later.

  11. hutchrun Says:

    Re: Glenn Beck on CNN, it is important to note that CNN got him to come in when they began to lose the viewers as they were perceived as ultra-Left.

    The BBC is yet to do its damage control act.

  12. hutchrun Says:

    Ref: Cable Channel Nods to Ratings and Leans Left

    MSNBC has taken off the mask and revealed itself as a lefty network. The NYT dutifully reports this and touts the channel’s ratings results.
    Riding a ratings wave from “Countdown With Keith Olbermann,” a program that takes strong issue with the Bush administration, MSNBC is increasingly seeking to showcase its nighttime lineup as a welcome haven for viewers of a similar mind.
    Lest there be any doubt that the cable channel believes there is ratings gold in shows that criticize the administration with the same vigor with which Fox News’s hosts often champion it, two NBC executives acknowledged yesterday that they were talking to Rosie O’Donnell about a prime-time show on MSNBC.
    Oddly, for a story centered on TV ratings gold, there’s only one mention of any actual ratings. And even that’s vague at best.
    The channel has done so much as Fox News did beginning in 1996, when the president was Bill Clinton, a Democrat. On some nights recently, Mr. Olbermann has even come tantalizingly close to surpassing the ratings of the host he describes as his nemesis, Bill O’Reilly on Fox News, at least among viewers ages 25 to 54, which is the demographic cable news advertisers prefer. Most of the time, though, Mr. O’Reilly outdraws Mr. Olbermann by about 1.5 million viewers over all at the same hour, according to Nielsen Media Research.


  13. Scott Thong Says:

    Double thanks for the proof, hutchrun.

    Any more pwnage is of course appreciated!

  14. Amir K Says:

    hmm, so you’re saying that “countdown with keith olberman”, the most obvious Liberal show on TV is getting good ratings? I wonder what that could mean???? maybe that a lot of people agree with olberman?? that of course would be an example of the evil liberals gaining control of this county!!! I guess the good old days of FOX being the only partisan TV station are over.

  15. Scott Thong Says:

    Well, almost half the country did not vote Bush in 2000. So you might say that a lot of people are liberally inclined.

    Although the anti-Bush voters dropped in 2004, and that was in the midst of the Iraq War, so you might also say that more people support the war over time.

    No? Yes? No?

  16. cmnunis Says:

    I don’t see how these views correspond with the fact that Christian clergy are being killed.

  17. cmnunis Says:

    I apologize for that boo-boo. It was an accident of pressing the “Enter” button. Anyways, while we’re at it, please do pray for the wife and congregation of the late Fr. Adel Youssef, an Assyrian Orthodox priest who was killed recently by an extremist.

  18. Scott Thong Says:

    cmnunis, it is sad that Christians are being targeted by intolerant terrorists in Iraq.

    Yet for decades before the present day, Christians already faced persecution and discrimination.

    If Iraq can make it through the next few years, there is a good chance for it to experience real peace, prosperity and religious tolerance.

    Iraq isn’t there yet – but if we give the Iraqi civilians a chance, they can reach that goal.

    (But chillingly… If Iraq is rebuilt and oil starts to flow while the other oil states are embroiled in conflict (e.g. Iran), then it can eventually become a world-class economic player.

    And Babylon will rise as the End Times approach… Chill~~~…)

  19. cmnunis Says:

    cmnunis is actually my whole name put together… Just stick with Collin… thats my name. God bless!

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  22. shadowmode Says:

    Go Army! Go Marines! & to all my ex colleagues who are still serving in Iraq & Afghanistan, get home in one piece will ya?

  23. simon thong Says:

    The soldiers are the ones who face the greatest risk. I hope that, eventually, the Iraqis themselves will take over the task of peace-keeping. They must find the determination and power for this thankless task. My fear is that the USA might be unwilling to extricate itself from Iraq, regardless of what Obama promises. Wait till he meets reality. All he has done is talk.

  24. We’ve Succeeded In Iraq « Calvinists 4 Conservatism Says:

    […] my friends, the Islamists are now tucking their tails in, because they have been defeated by Real Americans. The liberals tried to defend the dastardly Saddam Hussein and his Al Qaeda ring, but they have been […]

  25. Hope Says:

    Thank you for this and thank you for having faith in this mission even way back in March. My son has been in Iraq just outside of Sadr city since around that time. He is not home yet as of the time I am writing this. He has been there since December of 2007, it is now Late January 2009. A long time, but he is one of many. I am one of many family members going through the same thing.

    For all of you Bush basher’s out there, I didn’t vote for him either time. But when my son went over I was convinced of two things. 1st, that this was a make or break time. 2nd, that he was going there, and was going to contribute with the Iraqi People to the beginning of a new country, that he would help them take control of their country and build. The combat came first.

    My son is an advanced combat medic with a combined armored unit. Within weeks of his arrival he was experiencing things that I know that I will never understand on the level that he will. What I kept trying to tell him, was that what he was doing, though it would certainly be with him for the rest of his life, is worthwhile. Sometimes we never get to see the positive effects that our actions have on others. My son rendered aid to people who were trying to murder him or anyone around him, including innocent civilians, minutes after they were trying to murder, to save their feckless and misguided lives. My son has rendered aid after mass casualties, when those of the mind that I previously mentioned, were successful. He has worked 12 hour days at minimum caring for his men, 3 platoons and because of the shortage of medics at the time, he went out with each platoon, on each of their missions, 4 to 12 hours each. At times, he has been awake for days at a time, in combat, to protect and treat his brothers, to free the Iraqi people from nothing more than emboldened common criminals, who have convinced themselves that cold blooded and random acts of murder are not just justified, but noble. He is now still going out on missions, helping to seize weapons and criminals, treating civilians, training the Iraqi’s that he will leave behind and fighting a battle which can only be considered a noble and a good thing, by those who know what is going on there. He has already stated to me symptoms of PTSD and he is still there. I can only hope to help him reframe the horror that he has lived, to someday see it for the great and noble work that it has been. I’m glad that he is there now, to see the fruits of so much sacrifice. I wish that all who have been there, could see what their sacrifice has built. Soon, the provincial elections will take place, and my son will be there to witness that as well. He will see that the Iraqi’s are very aware of what is good and what is bad, what works and what does not work in their country. That they (according to the current polls) are much more likely to vote for those whose only goal is not religious superiority, they will vote for their county, for their brothers and sisters. This experience will not only stay with my son for the rest of his life, it is an experience that will stay with me for the rest of my life.

    This has been the most isolating experience of my life. Most days I heard from very loud and uninformed people their opinions, of the President, of Iraq and how much damage our military was doing to the Iraqi people. Not one, not one of these people knew that al Sadr “army” were nothing but an extorting, murdering bunch of thugs worse than the worst that roamed the streets of Chicago during the heyday of Al Capone. The same for Al-Qaeda, not one of them knew, that they are just ruthless, randomly murdering criminals. no more, no less. Not one of them knew what I meant by “combat” when I had not heard from my son for weeks, but read the news every day, knew his base position and by the news of activity and the fact that I was not hearing from him for weeks at a time, that he was in the thick of it. Most people who asked during the spring of 08 how “my son was” doing, looked at me blankly and said “what do you mean?” when I said, “I don’t know, he’s in combat.” All that I knew for weeks was that I had not gotten a call from the Army or the Family Readiness Group and that two soldiers had not shown up on my doorstep. But I read, every day multiple times a day to try and figure out what was happening not only for my son, but for all there, American, coalition and Iraqi. I read of deaths, many deaths, at the hand of these same murderers who were being hailed by the American media as something relevant. Al Sadr, who was a poor student, a sham, hiding out in IRAN, because he lacked true power and relevance in Iraq and sending his blood thirsty minion to try to build his significance. Nobody knew the truth. Those who knew the least, were always the ones with the strongest opinion and the biggest mouths and commentary. This has been a disgusting experience for me, not because my son has been serving in Iraq, but because of the shameful, neglectful and ignorant attitude of the general public and the main stream media. So, interested in not being proven wrong, but not interested even remotely in the truth of what has been happening there. This is Iraq, Afghanistan might as well not even exist for the likes of these people. Just disgusting!

    My son is scheduled to leave Iraq in weeks. Soldiers are still being killed in the area that he is in by IED’s, by the weapons that they are not able to capture before they have been constructed or disarmed. I pray that he will make it home to us. I will not begin to breathe and relax until I can give him a hug.

    For those of you who are still looking backward, and Bush bashing, I say, oh! shut up already! You can’t possibly understand where I and so many other military families stand and live every day, and you clearly have no real interest in where our deployed loved ones are standing, sleeping, living every day, or what kind of battles they may fight now or for the rest of their lives, that is just so obvious. You are only really angry because a new country is growing and you could not have been more wrong! I am not the only one, I am certainly not alone by any stretch of the imagination. I have lived through what was only “trying” for me, mailed countless boxes, read countless articles, lived each of these days as though it could have been the last for my son. But I have so far, been spared the most difficult.

    I still pray the dame prayer every day that I have since my son deployed. “Please keep my son safe, help the citizens of Iraq to be bold and turn criminals in, strengthen and embolden the Iraqi security forces to fight for their county and please open the eyes of those who would murder to see the truth of what they are planning. I pray for peace, I pray for freedom for the Iraqi people and more importantly, I believe in them. My Daughter is scheduled to be deployed early nest year. Will she be in Iraq, Kuwait, Afghanistan? I don’t know. But I do know that I have Christmas presents for her whole platoon already, I have boxes, and I will read every day, so that I at least have a small idea of what she might need to help accomplish her mission as well.

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