Uniting Atheists, Christians and Basically Everyone Else

From Digg.com:


Above comic modified from Dueling Analogs original which I covered before at this post.


This mockery is brought to you courtesy of the High Evil Alien Overlord Xenu, who uses such propaganda against the truth of Scientology to trap your inner thetans in your pathethic fleshling shells forever. Muahaha!

All frivolous lawsuits and clogging the tubes of teh Internets should therefore be directed towards him, thank you.

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6 Responses to “Uniting Atheists, Christians and Basically Everyone Else”

  1. wits0 Says:

    Scientology is possibly the most weird “church”. It’s quite conceivable that even many Wiccans are in better stead. Possibly worse than Akhenatan’ Sun disk monotheism in ancient Egypt during its time.

  2. hutchrun Says:

    But seriously, Ron Hubbard`s books (I got around to reading about 3 or 4) are really side-splitting.
    Starting with `Mission Earth` they are better than much of the astro funnies. My brother and I freaked out over them. Gosh all that back stabbing, and how the back stabber gets undone repeatedly. Makes me laugh writing this 🙂

  3. Scott Thong Says:

    Do share some excerpts from the great Hubologist with us!

  4. hutchrun Says:

    The Voltar Confederacy wishes to conquer the planet Earth, which they regard as an important potential base on the main route of their planned invasion of the galactic centre. The conquest of Earth is scheduled for over 100 years in the future, but the Grand Council of Voltar becomes convinced that it must send a mission to prevent Earth from destroying itself through pollution and possibly war, so as not to disrupt the future timetable of conquest. The mission is assigned to Fleet Combat Engineer Jettero Heller, a character of perfection and incorruptibility. Soon after reaching Earth, he heads to New York City. He investigates why Earth is self-destructing, unaware that he is being tracked and that factions on Voltar want his mission to fail.

    Unknown to Heller, Earth is also the base for a secret plan put into action by the insane, diabolically evil Lombar Hisst to seize the throne of the Empire of Voltar for himself. Hisst has been importing illegal narcotic drugs from Earth and using them to enslave the entire population of aristocratic heads of government on Voltar. By turning the entire government into drug addicts, Hisst plans to take control of the Empire for himself. Because of Earth’s role as a supplier of drugs, Hisst decides that Heller’s mission to save the planet must not succeed.

    Lombar Hisst assigns a cowardly, sadistic, greedy stooge named Soltan Gris to supervise the mission to Earth, in order to sabotage it and destroy Jettero Heller. The majority of the story is told from Gris’ point of view, with an emphasis on the comical situations Gris ends up in as he tries to stop Heller. Over the course of the novel, Gris finds himself in possession of twelve tons of pure gold, which he tries to launder through a Swiss bank account in order to keep it all for himself; he becomes a prisoner of two man-hating lesbians (who end up marrying Gris after he rapes them and thereby “cures” them of their lesbianism, but not before various ingenious tortures, one of which involve a cheese grater and chili powder);…..

  5. shidemn Says:

    I also did a post on scientology. Also used Operation Clambake as a source.
    Also your first image the atheist and christian beating the scientologist, very good find.

  6. Uniting Atheists, Christians and Basically Everyone Else Says:

    […] Scott Thong Blogged something interesting today on scottthong.wordpress.comThe first paragraph is here: […]

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