Is The FAIL Blog Liberal Democrat?

Welcome Michelle Malkin readers! (And thank you, Miss Malkin, for the linkage!)

What can I offer to the conservative Netizen who already has it all? How’s about more Obama mockery? Meticulous collections is what I’m good at, I suppose:

And the entirety of my Obama Sucks category.

That should be enough link-spamming. And now, back to the original post.


Some time back, the highly popular FAIL Blog  included this lol:


But has yet to include this lol I sent in:


Compare the two. Similar joke, except that the personalities being mocked are from different US political parties.

Bush looks a bit dishevelled and distracted, so you might forgive him for grabbing the phone receiver upside down in a hurry. Funny enough.

Whereas Obama is clearly either comfortably posing for a photo op shot, or he’s been confidently talking and taking down notes for several minutes. (And note the time on the clock – could it be three a.m. ?) Either way, much self-aggrandizing funniness there.

So by FAIL Blog’s own standards, it can’t be just because the Obama Phone lol is un-funny, no?

And the Obama one is of clearer quality than the Bush one, recent to boot, and even subjectively funnier if you consider at the upside-down text and Obama’s FAILing to pose for the media.

For context, here are other Bush lols on FAIL Blog:

And one very overtly politically critical one:

Lots of Bush lolling there.

So, a clear demonstration of Liberal Democrat leanings? Just an observation here, I’m no great fan of Lame Duck Bushie myself.

What do you think?

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17 Responses to “Is The FAIL Blog Liberal Democrat?”

  1. mandible claw Says:

    Dude not to split hairs but both the pics are actually photoshopped.

    And it’s practically impossible to pick up a phone the wrong way without noticing.

  2. mandible claw Says:

    Just remembered where I saw the originals, they’re on Snopes in the “Fauxtography” category.

  3. Scott Thong Says:

    Lol thx, true enough:

    Snopes: Obama Phone is photoshopped

    But it’s okay. Failblog accepts slightly modified images… As long as they’re funny!

    Taxonomy Fail

  4. hutchrun Says:

    The Black Liberal Goddess (who`s proud for the ist time of being an amberikan):
    UPDATE at 5/19/08 3:11:37 pm: They’ve deleted the image, but the diary post remains.

  5. Saul Wall Says:

    “And it’s practically impossible to pick up a phone the wrong way without noticing.”

    Forgive my naivety but that’s a joke right? Everyone does that once in a while.

  6. WissyWig Says:

    Its lack of inclusion is probably not so much a “clear demonstration of Liberal Democrat leanings” as it is a product of the fact that failblog gets about a kazillion post suggestions a day. I’m sure they could dig up plenty of FAIL photos of McCain, for crying out loud, if they were leaning so heavily to the left.

    Not that I’d complain if they did.

  7. gb Says:

    obama fails the most

  8. Phrankle Says:

    I can’t believe you wrote an entry this long about whether or not fail blog is liberal.

  9. Scott Thong Says:

    It was fun lol!

  10. bouregard Says:

    who honestly uses corded phones anymore? especially politicians, and though im not a fan of obama at all i will say that both is clearly photoshopped and no real politicain would do that.

  11. Michelle Malkin » Photoshop flashback of the day Says:

    […] and scott t hong, a classic photoshop from last year’s […]

  12. Stem Cells From Embryos, Should Christians Have Voted for Obama? « Riggword Weblog Says:

    […] and scott t hong, a classic photoshop from last year’s […]

  13. James A Black Says:

    Thank you Mr. Thong. Do you LIVE in Malaysia? I LOVE you man. Thank you again for your courage and your commitment to seeking the truth no matter where it leads. Most sincerely! Who IS John Galt? Live Free or Die! Vaya con Dios!

  14. Scott Thong Says:

    I’m Malaysian, as my tagline states.

    If it’s hard for Miss Malkin to be a non-Caucasian supporting Conservative causes in the USA, imagine what it’s like being a Chinese neo-con in a third world Muslim majority country!

  15. gopmom Says:

    Funny. I’m a devoted conservative and yet I LOVE FailBlog. I spent an hour there the other day catching up on pages 100 and up.

    And thanks to the guy that noticed the Bush photo was also a photoshop. Good Lord, Obama is “President” now. Can we drop the Bush-whacking already?

  16. Scott Thong Says:

    If you love Failblog, check out the political version – Pundit Kitchen. The majority of it is Conservative bashing, but as Obama screws up the economy more and more with every passing day, Obama mockery is starting to pick up!

  17. Jessika Says:

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    data from here everyday.

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