Don’t Fark With the Jews! – A Brief History of How Israel Kicks Butt

That old Pesach story. The angels are rejoicing because the Egyptians have just drowned in the Red Sea.

And God said to the angels, “Why are you rejoicing? I just killed a multitude of my children.”

The angels respond to God. They say, “God, we are celebrating because when the people hear what happened to The Egyptians, they’ll understand your point.”

“Which was?”

“Don’t f*ck with the Jews.”

– Quote from the film Munich

God is on Israel's Side

God is on Israel's Side


The State of Israel is living testimony of the resilience, skill and stubborn refusal to die of the Jewish people. Israel’s armed forces regularly kick the collective, teamed-up butts of far greater enemy forces. (And this is not even counting the awesome wins of the Jews that are recorded in the Bible!)

Now, you might object that Israel is a war-mongering, apartheid, Nazi, racist, imperialist, Zionist oppressor state that bullies and murders defenceless Palestinians and Lebanese.

But this post is not about whether or not Israel is justified in making innocent terrorist murderers cry at night. This post is about how Israel kicks butt.

So come and take a brief tour of how pwned Israel’s self-designated enemies are (if they weren’t already so self-pwned by their ineptness as it is…)


1948 Israel’s War of Independence (or in Arabic: al Nakba, i.e. the Catastrophe)

In 1948, the U.N. agrees to give Israel and Palestine their own states. Seven Arab nations and a specially-formed anti-Israel force responded by immediately declaring war on and attacking Israel.

Despite a lacking air force, no tanks and a hastily organized, equipped and trained army, Israel’s 29,677 non-professional soldiers completely kicked the butts of 54,000 well-equipped enemy troops, armour and planes. Including in the air against superior Spitfires.

The result was a doubling of Israel’s territory under the rules of ‘whoever wins the war gets the land’. The aftermath that lasts till today is the Arabs whining about Israel’s ‘aggression’ and ‘occupation’ of those lands.

But we all know what those might-makes-right mobbers are really sore about is being such weak loser pussycats to the supposed-to-be-cursed-by-Allah Jews.

Tipped by hutchrun:

Read also a snippet of how, of all people, Stalin was responsible for arming the fledgling state in the midst of global sabotage.

Via Legal Insurrection:

But in what can only be described as one of the greatest fake-outs in military history, a Jewish American pilot and his buddies flew four “junk airplanes” for a country that had no actual air force, managing to convince the Egyptians, encamped only 30 miles south of Tel Aviv, that there was enough “competition in the sky” to warrant aborting their advance.

Describing the Airstrike of Operation Pleshet by 4 measly old planes!


1966 Mossad steals a Soviet MiG from under Iraq’s nose

The omniscient Mossad arranged things so well all the way over in Iraq, that Iraqi fighter pilot and his entire family were safely smuggled to safety in Israel – along with the Soviet-made MiG plane with all its extremely valuable, juicy Cold War tech.

The understanding of the MiG’s capabilities would come into excellent use during the Six Day War, where the Israeli Air Force shot down six Syrian MiG’s with no Israeli plane losses.


1967 Six Day War (or in Arabic: al Naksah, i.e. the Setback)

Egypt, itching for revenge, kicks the U.N. peacekeeping force off the Egypt-Israel border, amasses 1,000 tanks and 1,000,000 soldiers there, and closes the Straits of Tiran to Israeli shipping. Meanwhile, Syria is shelling Israel from the Golan heights. See here for more, including on the aforementioned six MiGs downed.

Egypt invites Syria, Jordan, Lebanon and Iraq to join in the soon-to-be pushing of the Jews into the sea, when Israel lays the smackdown on Egypt – beginning by launching an aerial assault that decimates almost 100% of Egypt’s air force, followed by Syria’s.

Israel’s 264,000 ground troops (of which only 50,000 were full time soldiers) and 800 tanks didn’t slack either, joining the 300 planes in trouncing 547,000 Arab troops along with their 2504 tanks and 957 planes.

The result was Israel finally regaining access to their Holy City of Jerusalem (which is mentioned by its specific name 154 times in the Bible but exactly ZERO times in the Quran), as well as the Gaza Strip, Sinai and West Bank.

It was also in this war that future Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon would make his mark as a military leader, routing and flanking the far larger Egyptian armoured divisions.


1973 Yom Kippur War (aka Ramadan War)

The sneaky and religiously disrespectful Egyptians launch a sneak attack on Israel right on the Jewish holy day of Yom Kippur. Proving their religious hypocrisy, the date of the attack also falls during Ramadan, the Muslim month of holy fasting, prayer and abstaining from sins.

While the Arabs took this war to be a restoration of their multiply-trounced honour, with Egypt’s Anwar Sadat even signing a peace treaty with Israel (an act that would get him assassinated by Egyptians), the reality is as follows:

Israel’s unprepared (i.e. on holiday for Yom Kippur) 415,000 troops, 1500 tanks, 3000 armored carriers, 945 artillery units, 561 planes and 84 helicopters pushed back Egypt, Syria and Iraq’s 1,010,000 troops, 4500 tanks, 3800 armored carriers, 1920 artillery units, 1113 planes and 197 helicopters.

Israel lost 2996 men, 400 tanks and 102 planes. The Arab forces lost at the very least 8528 men, 2250 tanks and 432 planes. And Egypt calls that a victorious vindication?!!

In the air, the Ofira Air Battle saw 20 Egyptian Air Force MiG-17s and their 8 MiG-21 escorts conduct a surprise raid and encounter just 2 (TWO!!!) Israeli Phantoms… Who proceeded to shoot down 7 of them for no losses!

And 3 weeks before the Yom Kippur War, Israel had 12 Phantoms attacked by 16 Syrian MiG 21s who opened fire first – Israel lost 1, Syria lost 9. Syria then sent another 4, which were all shot down. All in all 1 for 13.

As a prelude to this war, see also Operation Rimon 2.0 where Israeli fighter pilots took on 24 MiGs and downed 5 of them, for no losses.

Despite Israel’s slowness to respond to the aggression, it lost no territory at all and instead managed to trap Egypt’s Third Army group just before the U.N. ceasefire took effect!


1972 Operation Wrath of God and 1973 Operation Spring of Youth

These two operations were a response to the cowardly 1972 Munich massacre, where eleven Israeli athletes and coaches and one German policeman were murdered by the Yasser Arafat-linked group Black September (in no small part due to the bungling of the German rescue squad), as dramatized in the Steven Spielberg film Munich.

Wrath of God saw Israeli Mossad agents track down across the world and terminate at least 9 of those responsible for plotting and carrying out the Munich massacre.

Spring of Youth saw the same Mossad team and IDF special forces sneak into Lebanon and kill three heavily guarded culprits, with some unfortunate non-affiliated casualties. Ehud Barak took part in the raid disguised as a brunette woman lol!


1976 Operation Entebbe

Air France flight 139 coming from Athens, Greece was hijacked by two Palestinians affiliated with the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PLFP) and two Germans from German ‘Revolutionary Cells’ (RZ).

It was flown to Entebbe, Uganda, where they were joined by three additional terrorists and were supported by the army forces of Uganda’s pro-Palestinian President, Idi Amin. They demanded the release of 40 Palestinians held in Israel and 13 other detainees elsewhere, or they would start killing the hostages of various nationalities.

Negotiations went on for a week, until suddenly Israeli forces burst into the airport terminal with total surprise and killed all seven hijackers, as well as 45 Ugandan soldiers when the latter opened fire while the hostages were being evacuated.

The rescue and smite-the-unrighteous-foo’s operation went so smoothly in part because of the training the elite Israeli commandos underwent at a highly accurate mock-up of the airport terminal. It turns out that the Jew-haters in Uganda had relied on an Israeli construction firm to build their airport!

The clear message sent: If the crocodile comes looking for appeasement, we’ll feed him a live hand grenade.


1981 Operation Opera

Iraq had been building a nuclear reactor at Osirak which could potentially be used to produce nuclear weapons, or at least radioactive dirty bombs.

Combined with Saddam Hussein’s megalomania (remember, this guy conducted mass killings using poison gas and subscribed to ‘push the Jews into the sea’), this was officially Not A Good Thing.

After exhausting the diplomatic niceties option, Israel launched a surprise air raid and smashed the nuclear reactor, secretly flying 3200 km both ways over Jordanian and Saudi territory.


No one bothered to thank the Israelis for their preemptive anti-nukes foresight when Saddam later invaded Kuwait to start the Gulf War.


1982 Bekaa Valley Turkey Shoot

The Bekaa Valley air battle saw the Israel Air Force destroy 19 Syrian Surface-to-Air Missile (SAM) batteries and 116 Syrian fighter planes… For NO LOSSES.


2007 Operation Orchard

In a similar move, Israeli air forces penetrated Syria’s considerable and state of the art air detection and defense systems to strike a target in Syrian territory.

Circumstantial evidence such as the Syrians’ quick clean up of the entire site, the complex’s similarities with North Korean nuclear reactor design, and nuclear techonology dealings between Syria and North Korea speaks volumes about what was actually housed at that site.

A recent report in April 2008 reveals that the reactor was nearing completion when the IAF blew it to smithereens.


Sattelite imagery of site’s clean-up from New York Times

And how does Syria explain away the traces of uranium the UN Inspectors found at the site? Blame the Jews.

Syria’s foreign minister suggested on Wednesday that Israel Air Force bombs may have been the source of uranium traces diplomats from the United Nations nuclear agency said were found a suspected nuclear site in Syria.

This article purportedly explains how Israel found out about the reactor and even assassinated the top official responsible deep within Syria itself.

That’s twice the Zionists have cut short the nuclear ambitions of nations sworn to Israel’s destruction. Anyone wanna bet Iran (with air defences considered far inferior to Syria’s) won’t suffer the same treatment if it keeps up with its Islamic Bomb to Wipe Israel Off the Map program?


Assassinations that put a stop to enemy weapon programs

Including Egypt’s rockets and Iraq’s supergun, and perhaps Iran’s nukes.



When the Zionists are this omnipotent, no wonder the world’s enemies of the Jews believe them capable of the following:

So remember that time-honoured, very important lesson…

Don’t. Ever. F*ck with. The Jews.


The result from that? Tipped by hutchrun, on Israel’s 63rd anniversary:

Israel has the highest average living standards in the Middle East. The per capita income in 2000 was over $17,500, exceeding that of the UK.

Israel’s $100 billion economy is larger than all of its immediate neighbors combined.

Israel has the third highest rate of entrepreneurship – and the highest rate among women and among people over 55 – in the world.

Israel accomplishments under 63 years of attack and duress.

Israel inventions under 63 years of attack and duress.

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24 Responses to “Don’t Fark With the Jews! – A Brief History of How Israel Kicks Butt”

  1. under armour for woman Says:

    […] I just killed a multitude of my children.??? The angels respond to God. They say, ???God, we…THE BUZZ: Five reasons the Nelson field won’t beat Adam Scott Fort Worth Star-TelegramBy TROY […]

  2. hutchrun Says:

    The person killed was the deputy commander of the Islamic Jihad military wing, according to the Palestinian sources, who said he also served as a school headmaster at a United Nations Relief and Works Agency school.

  3. hutchrun Says:

    The person killed was the deputy commander of the Islamic Jihad military wing, according to the Palestinian sources, who said he also served as a school headmaster at a United Nations Relief and Works Agency school.

  4. hutchrun Says:

    Israel’s newest soldier can see at night, never nods off on sentry duty and can carry 300 kilograms (660 pounds) without complaining.

    The Guardium, an unmanned ground vehicle commissioned by the Israel Defense Forces is essentially a robotic soldier, among the first in the world to be operational. It can replace human soldiers in dangerous roles, cutting casualty rates.

  5. hutchrun Says:

    Over in Europe:

    Sarkozy aims for July 13 launch of Eurabia — oops, “Mediterranean Union”

  6. hutchrun Says:

    May 21, 2008

    AL DURA UPDATE: “Israel Radio’s Paris correspondent Gil Michaeli has just reported that the French Court of Appeals has overturned the libel judgment against Phillipe Karsenty and has determined that Karsenty did not libel France 2 correspondent Charles Enderlin when he reported that the ‘death’ of 12-year old Mohamed Al-Dura at Netzarim in the Gaza Strip in September 2000 may have been staged, and that it was unlikely that the death was caused by IDF soldiers.” Perhaps the Israeli military should start filing foreign libel suits against media outfits that collaborate in fake reporting. There’s likely enough to keep quite a few lawyers busy . . . .
    posted at 08:21 AM by Glenn Reynolds

  7. hutchrun Says:

    Too bad Livni didn’t get the terrorist whose paw she is holding in the picture above. But Livni has nothing on Ehud Barak, who once dressed in drag for an operation in Beirut in which three ‘Palestinian’ terrorists who were responsible for the Munich Olympic massacre were rubbed out.

  8. s-cohen Says:

    It’s a laugh to talk about Israel and its successes ..
    Just try to at night and fir some small fireworks and see how successful is Israel ..
    Half of the population will be in shutters and the other half on plains back to where they came from .. waw what a success..!!
    Israelis should read history and they should know that power shifts between nations and countries, and one day they will be in the other side of the power equation, then will be the payback time. Its known that western does not like Israelis they just fear the anti-Semite stamp, and its known that Jews always ran to hide and live with Arabs when they have problems in the west, but after what they are doing now, there will be nowhere to hide..

  9. John Says:

    ‘waw what a success…’
    ‘should read history’

    I did, and the numbers of peoples and countries that have attempted, unsuccessfully, to wipe out the Jews and take possession of Israel is staggering.

    Such hate for a minuscule population, and a blip of land mass.

    ‘there will be nowhere to hide…’

    You are absolutely right, are you deriving your conclusion from eschatological end-time-events as prophesied in the Scriptures or some other source, perhaps hope?

    ‘but after what they are doing now’

    Oh those Jews, what are the sons of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob doing now?

  10. Fred Says:

    Enjoyed this….As stated to Abraham: Those who bless you will be blessed, those who curse you will be cursed. Nuff said!

  11. PriceLess Says:


    Don’t you sometimes wonder if Krystallnacht happened today would 78% of American Jews even care?

  12. Spapeasselt Says:

    As the fool thinks, so the bell clinks 😛

  13. davidka Says:

    New evidence surfaces of David’s kingdom

    For 3,000 years, the 12-foot high walls of an ancient city have been clearly visible on a hill towering above the Valley of Elah where the Bible says David slew Goliath.

    But no one has ever linked the ruins to the city mentioned in the First Book of Samuel’s famous account of the legendary duel and the victory of the Israelites – until now. On Tuesday, Hebrew University archaeology Professor Yosef Garfinkel will present compelling evidence to scholars at Harvard University that he has found the 10th century biblical city of Sha’arayim, Hebrew for “Two Gates.” Garfinkel, who made his startling discovery at the beginning of this month, will also discuss his findings at the American Schools of Oriental Research conference hosted by Boston University on Thursday.

    Garfinkel believes the city provides evidence that King David ruled a kingdom from his capital of Jerusalem.

  14. simon thong Says:

    Archaeological evidence of how King David kicks butt.

  15. matzav Says:

    The memory of 1967 thus became the basis of an implicit understanding between the regimes and the peoples: the regimes will avert war, and in return the people will stay loyal, even docile. The regimes have upheld their end, by gradually coming to terms with Israel, and by leaving the Palestinians to fight their own fight. Pan-Arabism—which largely meant sacrificing for the Palestinians—faded away because no Arabs were prepared to risk losing a war for them. The skill of rulers in averting war has helped to secure and entrench them.

  16. matzav Says:

    Israel Has Nine Weeks to STOP NUCLEAR IRAN

    In nine short weeks President-elect Barack Obama will be taking the oath of office.Once he takes office appeasement takes the place of preemptive strike in the options to prevent a nuclear Iran. The bottom line is, if Israel is going to stop Iran’s weapons program, they have until the second week of January to get it done:

  17. Tov Says:

    Jerusalem in Jewish and Islamic Culture [Video]

  18. sabra Says:

    Palestinian Authority Chairman Mahmoud Abbas sent a letter to PA Arabs on Saturday saying Israel must retreat to its 1949 borders or face war. “The passage of years… will not force us to abandon or surrender a single inch,” of Judea, Samaria or Jerusalem, Abbas said in the letter, which was published by PA media.

    The letter was sent in honor of PA “Independence Day.” While the PA does not rule an independent country, it celebrates each year in honor of the PA having declared itself an independent entity 20 years ago.

    Meanwhile, Arab calls “for mutual security and peace” come amid Hamas’ and PLO’s refusal to change their charters calling for annihilation of Israel.

    And Obama says that it would be “crazy” for Israel to refuse a deal.

  19. sabra Says:

    Working in secret, Israel and Germany have jointly developed a nuclear missile detection system, according to the Defense News Web site.

    Code-named Project Bluebird, the system is based on the prototype of an aerial infrared sensor designed to identify a nuclear-tipped missile speeding toward a target amid a cluster of decoy missiles.

    Military planners work under the assumption that in a nuclear strike, decoy missiles could be launched along with those carrying nuclear warheads to confuse and overwhelm missile defense shields. According to the sources, Project Bluebird is designed to avert such a scenario.

    On November 3, Defense News published details of the program and cited a German defense official as confirming its existence. According to the Web site, the system’s infrared sensor has already been tested aboard a business jet.

  20. Ashes Says:

    Groups across Iran walked the streets in protest of “crimes of the Zionist regime”, calling “death to Israel” and “death to America” on Friday. Protesters also held pictures of Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, Iran’s supreme leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei and Hizbullah chief Hassan Nasrallah.

    Ahmadinejad took part in one of the mass rallies, in Tehran, and announced that “the Zionist regime will soon be erased from the earth.

    “This regime is trying to influence the elections in Palestine so that its favored candidate is elected,” he said, alluding to Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas.

    Worldwide Goal
    Israel complains to UN of Iranian incitement / Yitzhak Benhorin
    Ambassador Gabriela Shalev launches official letter to UN chief following Iranian VP’s calls to make obliteration of Zionism a worldwide goal. ‘Iranian leadership continues to incite destruction of Israel,’ she writes
    Full Story,7340,L-3637551,00.html

  21. on rats Says:

    “There’s a striking oddity here. This is a president who bows deeply to the king of Saudi Arabia, who’s in a photo-op with the dictator of Venezuela, and will not allow the press in when he has a meeting with the prime minister of the only democracy in the Middle East and the strongest American ally in the Middle East.”

    It is odd, indeed.

    It’s worse than that. Name one other visitor that Obama has treated as shabbily as he treated Netanyahu. The only one I can think of that came close was the Dalai Lama. Even Professor Gates got his photo opportunity.

    If I were Netanyahu, I would not go back to the White House again without assurances that I’d be treated as a head of state. Let Obama see how he can have a Middle East policy without dealing with Israel.

    What happened this week was disgusting.

  22. on rats Says:

    For a head of state to visit the White House and not pose for photographers is rare. For a key ally to be left to his own devices while the President withdraws to have dinner in private was, until this week, unheard of.

    Yet that is how Binyamin Netanyahu was treated by President Obama on Tuesday night, according to Israeli reports on a trip seen in Jerusalem tonight as a disastrous humiliation.

  23. on rats Says:

    “The Prime Minister leaves America disgraced, isolated and altogether weaker than when he came,” the Israeli daily Ha’aretz said.

    But Haaretz is known as Israel’s most Leftist newspaper – just last week they distorted a poll to try to make it show that Israelis love Obama.

  24. on rats Says:

    Will the Jews hold Obama accountable?

    Now that President Obama’s visceral hatred for Israel is out in the open, the real question is whether American Jewry and Jewish organizations will hold the President liable in 2012 (and even in the midterm elections in 2010). Here are a couple of comments addressing that issue.

    Jonathan Tobin:

    This White House’s cold shoulder to Netanyahu may be just an act of symbolism but not even the most shameless Obama apologist can pretend that it was anything but an indication of the president’s hostility. When the first president Bush used the occasion of an AIPAC conference in Washington in 1991 to show his contempt for Israel, even Jewish Republicans were aghast. Many deserted him at the next election — the GOP’s share of the Jewish vote dropped to a record low in 1992. The question for Jewish Democrats and other liberal friends of Israel is whether they are prepared to hold Barack Obama accountable in the same fashion.

    Jennifer Rubin:

    This AP story is headlined “Obama risks alienating Jewish voters?” What’s missing is any evidence that this has yet happened or that Jewish Democrats are prepared to withhold support, financial and otherwise, from Obama. Off-year elections are a poor proxy for foreign-policy sentiments, except in extreme cases. (2006, at the height of the anti-Iraq-war sentiment, was the exception that proves the rule.) But certainly there will be Senate races in which the administration’s policies on Iran and the Palestinian conflict are prominent. However, the definitive answer as to whether American Jews will actually withhold their votes and campaign dollars from Obama will have to await the 2012 election cycle.

    In the meantime, the question remains whether the push back we’ve seen over the last two weeks on the Obami’s Jerusalem housing gambit will continue, and how prominent Jewish organizations will react when, as we suspect will be the case, Obama’s effort on sanctions on Iran proves to be far less robust than advertised. This week AIPAC set the bar fairly high — reminding the administration that “Jerusalem is not a settlement,” making it clear that the bully-boy routine needed to stop, and urging those crippling sanctions. If that is not forthcoming, its members and the larger Jewish community will need to make some choices. The credibility and continued relevance of major Jewish organizations depend on holding the administration accountable.

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