Olympic Protests: What If It Were Malaysia Instead of Tibet?

Same letter as I sent in to Malaysiakini.


Malaysia Today puts up my counter-official popular view letter the day it is sent. Will the MSM have the testicular fortitude to print it too when The Star’s letters pages is filled with only opponents of Free Tibet protestors?

(And note that my views on Tibet are not the focus on this letter – I just can’t stand blatant two-faced political hypocrisy.)


From Malaysia Today Letters:


Olympic Protests: What if it were Malaysia instead of Tibet?   
Posted by labisman    

Monday, 21 April 2008 

As our nation’s leader warns against Malaysians holding protests against the Beijing Olympics, I feel compelled to ask a pertinent question…  What if Thailand had sent its army and tanks into Malaysia and conquered the entire Peninsula?

And then what if Bangkok were to host the 2020 Olympic Games?

Would Malaysians be all smiley and happy-happy about the Olympic Torch relay while our country remained occupied as a ‘rightful province of historic Greater Siam’?

Would our neighbours keep officially silent about the gradual replacement of Malaysian multi-culture with Thai customs and norms, just to stay on the good side of the Thai economic giant?

Would our mainstream media newspapers only print letters that bash the West for daring to criticize and politicize the Thailand Games?

Heck, what if instead of China Olympics and Tibetan protestors, they were having Israel Olympics and Palestinian protestors? Do you think that the same people calling for the Olympic Games not to be politicized would keep singing the same tune? Do you think that our politicians would call for public restraint, or public protests?

(If you want a hint, just look at the recent hoo-hah over two Israeli members in an English football team who came close to being denied entry to our tolerant nation.)

In my honest opinion, it is totally one’s pregorative to protest whatever you want or to condemn whatever protest is being held.

Just don’t act as if you yourelf are completely just, righteous and fair-minded. Be honest and admit your highly political biases.

I looked at my nation in the mirror, and saw only hypocrisy.

By Scott Thong Yu Yuen

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8 Responses to “Olympic Protests: What If It Were Malaysia Instead of Tibet?”

  1. wits0 Says:

    “I looked at my nation in the mirror, and saw only hypocrisy.”

    Bolehland’s foreign policy has always been so, in case one hasn’t noted since long ago.

  2. Edi神 Says:

    I support china…

    Tibet would have been conquer by others if china didnt !!!

  3. simon thong Says:

    “I support China”…..Many Chinese all over the world and in Malaysia are so proud of China’s might that they accept anything and everything China does. Even the wrong or evil that China does to other countries. Ethnocentrism raises its ugly hydra-head again.

  4. lchxian Says:


  5. hutchrun Says:

    The China chinese may at the moment be revelling in their mishandling of the Tibet situation. But to paraphrase Caesar`s soothsayer: `The Olympics are coming but not` gone.

    Hidden from public knowledge for the moment is that China has already stopped granting, and started cancelling visas granted to Muslims. Muslim businesses in Peking are forced to shut down.

    So how will these same `brave` patriotic Chinese react when the Uighur muslims make a big splash at the Olympics? Can we hope to see them out on the streets of KL waving their red flag?

  6. Jason Says:

    Don’t judge anything before you see both sides of the story…
    Here are some links to the tibet issues from Western sources(Alternative) …

  7. Scott Thong Says:

    Thanks for the links, Jason. Read thru them.

    Actually, I’m not so strong on the Tibet issue as I am on the “Ohh we’re Malaysians we’re so righteous and unbiased GO TO H*LL ISRAEL AND DIE YOU F**KING JEWS ohh let’s hug China” issue.

    Dr M is a prime example of what I’m talking about. He’ll endlessly bash the West on human rights and politicking and call them double-standard, plank-in-the-eye, biased, self-righteous hypocrites without ever realizing or acknowledging that he just described himself.

  8. wits0 Says:

    Scott, that sort of recalcitrant self righteous hypocrites should indeed have a long life so as to be able to taste more fully the fruits of his own actions within this lifetime. That will come, at least in part measure.

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